Influence of Deepening Analysis ‘Three Power’ on Emergency Mileage of Electric Vehicles

Influence of Deepening Analysis 'Three Power' on Emergency Mileage of Electric Vehicles

With the development of the electric motor industry, “life mileage” has always been a lot of electric car owners and the most headache of the car owner.. If you want the owner of the electric car, or experience the friend of electric cars, you will definitely pay for the remaining electricity (the number of mileage can continue) when driving.

. When the electricity is less than half or there is not much left, some car owners will not be able to step on the throttle, relieving air conditioning, this behavior is mileage anxiety. And now all electric car cars have no complete solving mileage anxiety, even the best TSLA is currently unssential to run with peace of mind.

. For this question, it is estimated that many friends who have just bought electric cars or is preparing to buy electric cars are also confused..

So today, I will talk about it. Which factors are constraints in the battery life. What is the factor affecting the battery life of the electric car? The continuum mileage of all out of the condition is the concept of rogue comprehensive working conditions.

What is the influencing factor of electric vehicle life? What is the impact on the current electric vehicle life? Bottleneck? Before the specific discussion, first understand that the battery life of the electric car is not an absolute value.. Friends who care about electric cars will pay attention to the manufacturer to indicate the “XXXKM” under the endless manner “,” XXX km from the isometric cruise “.

. Why will a car have two different endurance miles? In fact, this is because the test conditions are different..

NEDC is the abbreviation of New-European driving conditions NewEuropeAndrivingcycle, which contains different start-stop, acceleration, and slow reduction conditions. The numbers tested in NEDC will definitely be small than 60km isometric cruise, but it will be closer to the city. True road of driving.

EPA is an abbreviation of EnvironmentalProtectionagency, US EPA, an electric car listed in North America, will adopt EPA standards. And EPA’s condition simulates urban congestion, highways, and cold weather, it is the most reactive reactive vehicle mileage..

So in general, the endless mileage numbers under EPA are smaller than NEDC, ie EPA

And my country’s battery life-based mileage certification, the standard is based on GB / T18386-2005 “electric vehicle energy consumption rate and renewal mileage test method”. This standard is important to refer to the European NEDC standard and test cycle. Most of my country’s car companies will be marked with NEDC.

. So, all the life-saving miles of all out of the situation are rogue. The selection of the endless mileage is actually the result of the same conditions after the game balance of various factors, and the factors that determine the life of the car itself are also intricate, these complex relationships can be summarized as a word: Balance (Balance).

How many battery life is a head? From the 1990s, the EV1 is 145km, to the 271km of BMW I3, and then go to Roewe ERX5 320km, Tsla500 +, how many battery life is a head? I think I still have to go back to “mileage anxiety”. Discuss. One of the reasons why the electric car will have mileagence is: spending time cost and a certain number of mileage to find a charging station in the case of electricity quantity; more time costs will be taken after looking for charging station Charge.

It is assumed that one day, the number of electric vehicles stay in NEDC500KM, but at that time, the charging pile is more than the gas station. As long as parking, there must be a small charging pile to charge, at this time, the use of electric cars will be closer. mobile phone.

Most of the current mobile phones are one day. The reason why users don’t have anxiety are a lot of charging resources: driving can be charged, go to the company can be charged, even in Outdoors, there is also charging treasure can emergency. There is also a situation, the motor vehicle is still staying in NEDC500KM, but the speed of charging at the time is now the same, and the feeling of electric cars is very similar to the current gasoline cart.

Anyway, charging is fast, and it is a good Han, but this is very small, because it will be very high for charging and battery requirements.. There is also a possibility that the charging speed has been due to various reasons such as R & D stagnation, infrastructure supporting, but life has reached NEDC1000km, perhaps this is also a way to solve mileage anxiety, if this method is taken, even if you make every day Just ran 50km, then you have to make a lot of big batteries do a lot of useless, it is extreme waste.

. And the survey results of the user show that the charging experience is poor, the supporting facilities are not perfect and charging time, it is pressed on three mountains on consumers..

The biggest problem is a public charging pile of the lack of household charging piles and the poor experience.. Then “Qualified” electric cars, what kind of requirements do consumers? 85% of consumers want the electric car’s battery life in 300km, or even more than 400km or more.

Then, under certain technical level restrictions, let consumers pay for the life and charging efficiency, how will consumers choose? The final choice is differentiated. Long-life, long charging time and short-lived, short charging time stand out. Some consumers are willing to accept longer charging time to achieve longer battery life, reduce the frequency of charging; and some consumers believe that the charging speed is fast, and the relative approach is more important, in this case Downstream mileage can compromise.

The Impact of “Three Electric” on the mileage of the battery is concerned that the core of electric vehicle technology is three-electric technology.. The “three electricity” of the electric car refers to the new technology of electric vehicles in traditional cars.

. These three technologies will directly affect the driving mileage of electric vehicles, automotive production costs, etc..

Next, let us use the important impact of three electric technology for electric vehicles on new energy electric vehicles.. Electric car battery divided into two major categories, battery and fuel power cells.

Electric vehicle motor refers to a direct current motor and AC motor according to the type of work power supply.. The electric vehicle electronics is the brain of electric vehicles.

It consists of each subsystem. Each subsystem is generally consisting of sensors, signal processing circuits, electrical control units, control strategies, actuators, self-diagnostic circuits, and indicators..

The battery’s influence of the battery is electric car or a four-wheel drive. As long as it is driven by electric car, it follows a truth: other conditions unchanged, the higher the battery capacity, the longer the single battery life is naturally. Battery about electric cars, like a fuel tank for traditional fuel cars.

The fuel tank is big, the fuel is loaded, and naturally go further.. That may have some friends who will feel strange.

Since the battery is a “more and better” thing, why no longer add a double battery? In this way, the mileage of the vehicle will not double the mileage. In theory, this idea is feasible, but in fact, there is a “reasonable value”, the battery is like this..

In order to add a new life mileage, the simplest violence is to put more battery. Tsla’s first household car models made the wheelbase of 2960mm, width to 1964mm (D-class car size), part of the reason can be simply understood in order to “stuff” more battery. Examples of learning beans D2, Jianghuai IEv7 and Tslamodels, their car is 2809mm, 4320mm, 4970mm, respectively.

If the thickness and width is temporarily ignored, the busleman also represents the ability of their loading batteries.. So in general, the Changzou D2 contingent is only 155 kilometers, and the river IEv7 has 280 kilometers, while Tslamodels (75D) is 469 kilometers, which is also positively related to the above-mentioned car length size.

. If the size is bigger, beyond the size of the D-class car, the consumer group of the target will grow rapidly, and it is also exceeded the traditional aesthetic category..

The first car of the 蔚 来 NIO is 7 SUVs, and the wheelbase is more than 3 meters. In fact, when carses the second child to have 7 seats, “stuff” more battery gets a good endless mileage, I want to be one of the considerations..

From a space point of view, electric vehicles sold on the current market have basically been installed as much battery as possible within their respective vehicle sizes to ensure the battery life and vehicle volume in a balanced range.. In addition to the volume, the weight is also an important reason for the battery capacity.

. This is also why my country’s power lithium battery manufacturers in China are intensifying batteries that study energy density than higher..

When the car company has a “space” on the battery, it can start technical iteration from the battery itself.. In the case where the battery size is constant, increase the end of the battery by lifting the energy density of the battery.

. But at this time, it is necessary to introduce a “cost” dimension..

The more battery, the higher the battery energy density, the higher the higher cost. And, even if the battery current energy density is used, it is not only possible to reduce the battery life of the electric car, but also make the manufacturing cost of electric vehicles high to even if the subsidy is finished..

So this is a size arrangement, an additional endurance mileage, Balance between the cost. The battery is like a fuel tank volume of the fuel vehicle, and the large-capacity fuel tank is longer, so the capacity of the power lithium battery is the most important part of the new energy vehicle life, which is currently put in the new energy car in the market. TSLA is a leader, the battery capacity of the P100D model is 100KW / h, the standard of the calibration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 613km, and the actual battery life may be reduced on this basis.

. Because the energy density increase means that the battery capacity is added to the battery capacity under the condition of volume and weight..

However, the higher the energy density, it means that the higher the cost of the battery.. Therefore, under the constraints of these three major conditions, electric car engineers only find balanced points between the three.

. Only in this way can the vehicle’s battery life, body size, and selling prices are within the acceporay of consumers..

Electronic control on electric vehicle battery life In addition to the performance and quality of the battery itself, electric control is an important factor affecting the battery life.. Electric control is the BMS (BatteryManagementSystem), which is responsible for safe monitoring and effective management of electric vehicle power lithium batteries, allowing power lithium batteries to work in the best state, improve the efficiency and reliability of the power lithium battery And extend its service life.

The efficiency of electric control will also greatly affect the endless mileage. Battery management system (which is the most important three-power system in new energy vehicles), important responsibility for real-time monitoring of battery physical parameters; battery status estimation; online diagnosis and early warning; charge, discharge and precharge control; balance management and heat Management, etc..

This system is a bit similar to car OBD and engine ECU control, and control engine fuel injection also has a vehicle electronic system. Tsla’s most core modules are also advanced battery management systems, which can clearly identify battery capacity / charge and discharge management. So TSLA shows the reliable process credibility is still very high.

This is a domain for many new energy automakers.. Simply, BMS’s work includes: preventing excessive charging, over-discharging, controlling power lithium battery pack temperature, controlling power lithium battery pack charge balance, monitoring battery pack abnormal battery, etc.

. Among them, the factors affecting the mechanical life of electric vehicles are “the temperature of the battery”. Electric vehicle power lithium battery discharge efficiency will be affected by ambient temperature.

The temperature is too low or the temperature is too high, and the power lithium battery is discharged is not complete, and it directly affects the endless mileage.. Therefore, an excellent BMS can not only detect the current working temperature of the battery at any time, but also adjust the temperature of the battery, so that the power lithium battery pack has been in a relatively suitable working temperature, as far as possible to achieve optimal discharge effectiveness.

For example, the same 240kW single motor, can do 7 seconds hundred kilometers, or can do 100 kilometers to accelerate 15 seconds, as long as it does not exceed its theoretical limit, these parameters can be controlled by electric control logic.. At present, there is an electric car in China and even foreign traditional car companies, even with a battery than TSLA energy density, but life is still not as good as TSLA, have to say that TSLA is still a technological reserve for electronically controlled this.

. The effect of motor on electric vehicle battery life is also a tool that converts energy (fuel) into power. The status of the motor is probably equivalent to the engine in traditional fuel cars.

. Many people think that the motor is just a tool for driving the vehicle, which only affects performance indicators such as speed and limit speed, and has no relationship with the endless mileage..

However, in general, the power of the motor should be negatively related to the battery life of the vehicle.. This is like the same two-section No.

5 dry battery, which can continue to work for several years in the electronic watch, but put it in the four-wheel drive but run for a few hours.. When the electric car manufacturer is developing an electric car, it is actually in the same way.

. If the 500kW high-power motor is used, the performance indicator of the vehicle is naturally not, but it may be affected by the limited mileage; however, if the 150kW small motor, the life will definitely make a better improvement, just want to be from still Accelerated to 100km / h, it is estimated that it takes about 10 seconds..

Therefore, how to match a suitable motor based on the target customers of the current model, it is a problem that each electric car manufacturer must think. In a sense, the motor replaces the engine of the gasoline vehicle..

Therefore, the number of electric motors (is a single motor or two-motor) and power, it determines how many “fierce” this car is. In daily life, everyone hopes that they or the other half is still lasting, electric car manufacturers think so..

When only the design of the car is still long, it can be “he (consumer) is good, I (vendor) is also”. But what is wrong. This is like a 100-meter run and a walk after a meal.

You can sprint can be strong enough to run 100 meters, and my girlfriend is hand drawn by the stars, watching the moon, talking about life philosophy from poetry, can take a 10,000 Step, you can also help me show your face in the WeChat sports list, why not? So those who are still long-lasting, still stay in the small movie.. How is the manufacturer chooses between “Fight” and “lasting”? Hold a chestnut, if a manufacturer has two motors to choose from, the power is 150kw, 300kw: If you choose a single motor 150kw.

Then, go shopping after the meal, NEDC can reach 500km battery life, but the hundred kilometers can speed up 15 seconds. If you choose to choose the double 300kW motor. That 100 kilometers accelerated quickly, you can enter the 3 second club, but the battery life under NEDC may only be 450km.

At this time, the vendor will make the most cool Balance of the target consumers from “Fun” and “lasting”.. If the target consumers are playing 0-100 acceleration.

Then there is no doubt to choose a double motor 300kw. If the target consumer group is the top and off work. Of course, can be 150KW single motor; if the target consumer group is a high-end income population.

For example, TSLA’s consumer group, then the manufacturer’s product planning department will be built well, in order to support the price of the target consumer group, there must be considerable power, at least M Series, AMG, RS war, At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the good endurance, enough for them to get to get off work, pick up a girlfriend, go to the nightclub at night, send the girl home, maybe the first 150kw, 300kW, 100 kilometers to accelerate 5 seconds, is a relatively perfect Balance. If your target audience likes intense driving, then appropriate sacrifices to meet their needs is obviously more cost-effective; but if they prefer a single life 500 kilometers, the weekly commuter is only charged once a long-range product, Appropriate reduction of motor power can also help vehicles extend the endless mileage. Of course, the driving habits of the consumer itself directly determines the daily work power of the motor, so if you want your electric car to make a long-distance mileage, keep a good driving habit, try to prevent long-running driving is the most Effective way.

Conclusion In fact, in addition to battery, electric control, motor, there are many thinner factors in the influence of the long-term ending mileage, but because the impact is too small, it will not be described.. All in all, when the vehicle enterprise is designed and manufactured in an electric car, although the endless mileage is absolutely one of the important measurements, it is not the only standard.

. In addition to battery life, an excellent car product also pays attention to many other aspects, such as comfort, luxurious, safety, etc..

Therefore, whether it is for the endless mileage itself, or about a comprehensive dimension of a car, the car engineers seek a balance in these different conditions.. In the case where there is no problem in various aspects of the vehicle, we can meet the needs of consumers about the renewal mileage.

. In other words, if there is any electric car who can run, can you create a very far-reaching electric car? It must be ok, but this car may have no good ideas..

For example, its volume is like a tank, in addition to a driver’s seat without any seat, does not have air conditioning, sound, or even no seat belt, there is no comfort, the only thing is satisfactory is It has a 2,000-kilometer long battery life. If there is such a long-term battery electric car, would you like? We believe that with the introduction of national policies and the popularity of electric vehicles, the charging station layout, charging speed, and the NEDC score of the car itself are spiral rise The three will rise at different frequencies, different slopes, but the last three will find a better fit point to solve mileage anxiety. Perhaps, in the future, the electric car ends are long than the fuel wagon, the speed is fast than the fuel car, and the charging is cheaper than the cheapness.

If there is one day, electric cars can stand to the world’s stage, proudly: “Welcome to electric era”!.

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