Industry Supply and Demand Pattern Contains Tight Balance State Cobalt Variety is expected to open

Industry Supply and Demand Pattern Contains Tight Balance State Cobalt Variety is expected to open

Recently, the non-ferrous metal index has led to the two cities, and it is important to drive the lithium-ion battery sector, especially the cobalt.. Analysts pointed out that the current cobalt mine supply is basically locked by the middle and lower reaches, the market can be circulated, and the industry supply and demand pattern remains a tight balance state.

. After nearly 2 months of adjustment, the cobalt plate is adjusted again, and the value of investment is displayed..

Legitor City’s share increase in 2017 is a year in which the competition in lithium-ion batteries is intensified. In addition to the overall prices of the positive material outside the material, the shipments of the leading company have increased significantly, and the market accounting is gradually improved..

In 2017, the powerful lithium-electric shipments increased by more than 30%, and the increase in shipments such as the leader CATL, Guoxuan high-tech, and hundreds of lithium can be more than 50%, but due to the decline in price, there is an increasing situation, from In the first quarter of 2018, this situation is still continuing.. The three-yuan positive shipments increased by 56%, and the prices of stacking raw materials, especially the rising price of cobalt, and the positive material company generally realized the quantity and price, and the results of the promotion of science and technology, Shanfu shares have doubled.

From the 2018 quarter quarter, the price and price of Qi Sheng continues. Regarding the diaphragm industry, 2017 is also extremely fierce year, especially the dry diaphragm, the price war is more fierce, but the wet diaphragm company leading company has achieved rapid rising market with performance advantages. The volume of the volume is doubled, and the performance is also extremely bright.

. In this regard, Guotai Junan analyst said that in 2017, the lithium-electric lithium battery demand is expensive, but the competition is intensified. In 2018, the overall situation will also maintain competition, but the leading company with technology The cost advantage will further improve the market share.

The hotstone of the waters of the cobalt sector is the hotter of the lithium-ion battery, and the most dazzling non-cobalt in the lithium-ion battery industry is. The cobalt plate has been incense this year, and the trend of roller coaster has been present..

Combined with the industry fundamentals, how do you treat the strong rebound to the cobalt sector? Changjiang Securities believes that with the peak season in the third quarter, lithium cobaltate needs is expected to repair monthly.. Dynamic lithium battery sector, high nickel refurbishment 2018 – 2025 Dynamic cobalt high rise, and high-nickel itself due to battery safety and consistency, promotion needs necessary process.

Based on good demand prospects and resource scarcity, continue to optimize the global new energy industry chain about cobalt raw materials in 2018. Based on the above logic, the May cobalt industry is expected to usher in a good layout opportunity..

In addition, since 2016, the demand for domestic lithium electrical equipment has continued to exceed expectations. It is important from the production competition of downstream battery companies;. Since the second half of 2017, international car companies have intervened in new energy supplementary car plans, re-implicit industrial borders, and promote industrial demand more affected by the purchase plan of the vehicle factory, new car release, and equipment industry demand began to affect the terminal.

. Guangfa Securities Analyst said that from the long-term perspective, the double drive of the market and policy gives a longer boom cycle, and the high rise in the lithium-ion battery equipment industry continues in the first quarter of this year, but the growth rate of each company began to appear. Differentiation, order delivery and confirmation rhythm worth paying attention.

As the production has a structural excess structure, the battery company has entered the stock competition stage. From 2018, it will slow down, and the structural changes: soft bag form, lithium battery recovery, etc. will form incremental demand.

. As the whole vehicle giants have announced new energy models, the huge investment scale re-implicit battery and equipment market space, and the industrial demand begins more by terminal traction, production preparation and terminal consumption. Re-match.

. It is recommended to continue to pay attention to the product competitiveness, and the customer’s structure is perfect listed company.

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