Industrial turmoil under the Qualifier Lithium Battranship Group

Industrial turmoil under the Qualifier Lithium Battranship Group

In the first half of this year, the automotive industry can be described as ice and fire.. Traditional fuel trucks have multiple leaves, and new energy vehicles have more joy.

. my country’s new energy car companies have begun to pick up, and they will have a certain recognition in the United States, and the US leader TSLA has risen sharply in my country and the European market..

These new changes in new energy vehicles have directly driven the change in the power lithium battery industry in its core.. In the first half of this year, the installed capacity of domestic power lithium battery companies, CATL, LG chemistry and BYD are ranked first in the third.

The first three installed volume accounted for 70.9% of the total assembly machine, the head name CATL accounts for nearly 50%, still stable sitting on the head. However, from the year-on-year rise of the installed volume, Han and laminate lithium battery companies share the rate of progress in the domestic market.

If you look at the global market, CATL has lost the throne of the first 4-year global dynamic lithium battery, which is surpassed by LG chemistry.. Since March this year, LG chemistry exceeds CATL for the first time, this pattern is still not changed.

. According to the results announced by South Korea, as of the end of July, LG chemistry ranked first in 26.8% market share, continued to lead 25.

4% of my country’s powered lithium battery supplier CATL, and further kicked up and accounted for 13% of share of Japanese Panasonic difference. Although LG chemistry and CATL have little gap, LG chemical rising speed has to attract our attention..

What is the cause of the strength qualifying qualifying qualifying in the power lithium battery industry? What varies in my country, South Korea, Japanese companies? How is my country’s powered lithium battery companies face? I believe this is a problem that many people will care.. How is my country’s power lithium battery company leading? According to Gartner’s new technology maturation curve, every new technique will experience a hyperpere during the “Innovation Concept”, then reach the peak of the expected peak, reach “illusion and low valley”, then remove the industrial shuffle A stable development period.

If we look back in my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry in the past few years, we have experienced the ups and downs of “close”, but the causes of this curve have both technology development laws and more External impact of national industrial policies. my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry has a natural and new energy automotive industry’s development..

With 2012, TSLA electric vehicles gradually emerged in our country, and the new energy auto industry has begun to pay attention to national and car companies.. In 2013, my country’s new energy car subsidy policy was officially introduced, and became a shot of the rise in this industry.

. From 2013 to 2016, it is not only a variety of the new forces and local new energy vehicles, and domestic power lithium battery companies have also rapidly rising more than 200 faster..

Because the industries in the policy must be bubble, it will definitely be quickly destroyed because of the steering of policies.. At this stage, the power lithium battery industry has experienced the supply of production from the production, because after a large number of people’s horses, there is a structural output excess.

Even the powerful lithium battery companies have begun to take another approach, thinking that in the field of new energy automobile production, but the results ended in failure. Sure enough, after 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a new government, requiring a company with a powerful lithium battery for the vehicle factory, must have 8GWH production, and most of the annual production threshold of most of the lithium-ion power lithium battery monomer company is only 0.2GWH, this is Raise the threshold for 40 times production.

The intention of this policy is to eliminate and filter the power lithium battery companies in the middle tail, leave the market to this track like CATL, BYD.. On the other hand, for the safety of the power lithium battery, in 2017, after repeated trade-off against the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery route, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology finally selected a higher energy density higher lithium-ion battery technology route, the corresponding choice The dynamic lithium battery company of lithium iron phosphate technology route is caught by passive, and the number of domestic power lithium battery companies has fallen rapidly to 130.

. From 2018 to 2019, as new energy car subsidies have dramatically slide, the subsidies have repeatedly improved the energy density of the dynamic lithium battery, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles continued to decline. The same power lithium battery is also falling, More companies were shipped out, and only 69 in the domestic power lithium battery companies last year, and this trend will continue this year.

. The adjustment of the policy, the changes in the technology route make the power lithium battery market aggregate to the head excellent company, and this is the inherent drivers of my country’s powered lithium battery industry..

Why didn’t the Japanese and Korean company during this period? This is still from the “God Assistance” of my country’s industrial policy.. Originally in 2015, LG Chemical, Panasonic, Samsung SDI and other international power lithium batteries have also begun to lay out in our market.

However, after the “Standard Conditions of Automobile Power Battery Industry” document this year, the three batchs of powerful lithium batteries companies released in 2016 were in the list of powertrain batteries, these three “powered lithium batteries”. This means that the vehicle is in use, such as using these three power lithium battery products, you can’t get new energy car subsidies..

This policy directly leads to Japan and South Korea’s collective “dumb flash” in my country’s powered lithium battery industry, and also gave my country’s three-year window period in China.. Last year, with the sharp resumption of new energy subsidies and “white list” cancellation, Japan and South Korea power lithium battery companies and our company stood in the same running line, starting the same competitive.

And this is an important reason why LG chemistry and Panasonic in the domestic market is rapidly increased this year.. However, the domestic dynamic lithium battery industry will only be the local battlefield of the Chinese and Korean Japanese qualifying.

. If you want to see the cause of LG chemical counterparts, you must look at the new changes in the global market..

How does LG chemistry in South Korea really catch up? Affected by this year’s epidemic, the first quarter of this year has fallen sharply, and the first time the LG chemistry exceeds CATL with 27.1% global market share, and the same period is 25.7% more than CATL 17.

4. %. Although CATL disappears with the domestic epidemic, the installed volume rebound quickly, soon, it has not exceeded the Panasonic, but it has not yet more than LG chemistry.

This will weigh such a temporary factor such as the epidemic to investigate the reasons for the deep level.. To learn that LG chemistry is under the influence of global epidemic, it is not only a counterweight rise, but the market share has been rising than 1.

5 times.. The key to LG chemical transcendence CATL is the changes in European and American markets.

. From a specific market change, the largest variable of the new energy vehicle industry is the scale mass production and global selling of Tslamodel3, and the rise of European new energy vehicles..

The reason why LG chemical rapid increase is due to the good market performance of Tslamodel3, Renault Zoeev and Audi E-TRON, and they use LG chemical power lithium batteries without exception.. In addition, domestic Model3 is also important from LG chemical supply, and TSLA sold 46,000 in my country in the first half of this year, which explains the cause of LG chemistry rapidly rising in China.

. Although the outbreak of the epidemic has limited people’s travel and consumption in the beginning, the production and shipments of the power lithium battery company are also limited, but the normalization of the epidemic, but in the promotion of the consumption of new energy vehicles..

On the one hand, more people are afraid of the infection of public transportation and choose to purchase private cars, but also because of the policy support and people of New Energy Vehicles on new energy vehicles, I will usher in the European and American markets in Europe and the United States. Waves rise. According to data, only the sales volume of European electric vehicles reached 401,000 in the first half of this year, and my country’s sales of electric vehicles in the first half of the year is less than 400,000, and the European market has begun to overtake the market.

. LG chemistry that obtained an important new energy vehicle manufacturer order for Europe and the United States has become the direct beneficiary of this wave of rise..

Confused CATL, the first quarter was obviously dragged down, and the second quarter suggested for a longer period, in fact, it was subject to domestic new energy car sales slowdown, and did not get the big variable of the head order of Tslamodel3.. But in the final analysis, my country’s company and Japanese and Korean foreign companies have different strategies and strengths in the global market layout.

. CATL is over-relying on the domestic market, 95% of the battery production is supplied to domestic customers, only 5% of the share is used for exports..

Corresponding, LG, Panasonic is not only limited to domestic (of course, there is also an advantage in China), but has already fully launched the European and American markets, and it is enough to be deep enough, not only it is TSLA supplier, but also has become Korean modern , Kia, Japan Toyota, US General, Ford, Chryicester, Europe, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, etc. Important supplier. This has to mention that my country promulgated “White List” in 2016.

The original policy is to support domestic local companies. Of course, it is also used to use, but it also makes domestic companies too comfortable in the local market..

Without the competition of Han Day, there is no crisis awareness in advance in advance.. As pure electric vehicles become the mainstream direction of the future automobile industry, gaining more people in the world, will receive a larger market share, while CATL must not only keep the old customers in China, but also actively explore the European and American car companies.

“Friend Circle”. In the future, in the face of new energy car companies rapidly rising installed installed, two will deploy multi-wheel production competition and technology competition around the global market..

Breaking difficulty in power lithium battery variations, there is a change in powerful lithium battery global market, in the eyes of our ordinary people, it is actually a slight boring. It is just a few share, which seems to be in the head. The position of the first echelon of the power lithium battery industry is no longer moving.

. But the problem is not simple, the changes in the new energy car market pattern also brings new dilemmas and challenges to my country’s powered lithium batteries..

Overall, my country can only be a big country of a power lithium battery, and it is still not possible to make a powerful country of a powerful lithium battery.. Due to the repetitive construction of the previous year, my country’s power lithium battery industry is still full of large numbers of low-end production and excess structure.

. By the end of 2019, 150 power lithium batteries that have disappeared in my country are the huge cost of this madness..

In these failure cases, the old powered lithium battery company originally able to be with BYD, but I ignored the new technical route because of the sweetness of new energy subsidies, and continued to blindly expand the lithium iron phosphate ion battery. Yield, “big and fast” burial, the future. Now, this problem is still in front of CATL.

. NCM811 who used to help CATL to move to the king’s position. The cause is equipped with the NCM811 battery, which continues to appear three fire events within 4 months this year.

Although CATL and Guangqi have not consensced on the cause of the fire, the question of the security of NCM811 has been very stunned.. Recently, even once, CATL has already given up the rumors of the NCM811 technology route, but soon, they will be officially rumored, and CATL will not give up 811 batteries.

. Regardless of whether NCM811 battery technology has problems, new alternative methods are indeed appearing. For example, this year, BYD launched the phosphate blade battery, which made BYDan’s battery life more than 600km, and in May, the honeycomb energy source launched the “cobalt-free laminated battery”, which can be based on maintaining the performance.

Large reduction of battery costs. LG Chemical has introduced the latest NCMA tether lithium-ion battery this year, ie, to NCM ternary lithium positive electrode materials, mixed into a small amount of aluminum elements, so that the original nature active high-nickel ternary positive electrode material is maintained while maintaining high energy density. Also maintain a more stable state.

The emergence of these new technology routes makes more variables for future powered lithium battery industries. However, from the current point of view, NCM811 is still the first choice for high-end electric vehicles, CATL and LG chemistry are still increased from NCM811 batteries..

Of course, CATL is not completely refined, and also in betting the R & D of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries and cobalt-free batteries, and CATL leading CTP packaging technology, while reducing costs can also significantly increase the battery life.. And these are CATLs that may prevent the advantages of repeating Waterma.

. In addition to the cautious choice of the above technical route, and to prevent the challenge of repeated construction of the production line, my country’s power lithium battery companies also face new energy automotive manufacturers on the entry of the power lithium battery industry..

For example, TSLA has vigorously advanced the layout of new power lithium battery technology, such as the upcoming dry electrode technology, silicon nanowire technology, and millions of kilometers and cobalt-free batteries that are developing with CATL.. At the same time, TSLA is also preparing for the US self-built plant, which is in advance for the new technology route.

. It is also a battery factory that is active and LG chemical cooperation to jointly establish a joint venture..

In the future, the whole vehicle manufacturing company’s investment, technical layout, and even directly to the power lithium battery industry will bring new competition changes to the entire industry.. First, Han, and the Lithium Battery Company will still maintain a leading advantage in future industrial competition, and obtain more international mainstream new energy car companies orders, and even more technical cooperation, joint venture production.

. Especially the multi-year technology accumulation of LG chemistry in Korea and the global full layout will become a strong competitor of our company..

Secondly, my country’s power lithium battery company will also sell it, and there may be only a dozen companies in the future, and the industry will continue to gather to the head company.. However, for the head company, 2020 can be described as the technology change of the power lithium battery industry, how to accurately find the new technology route, and do a good layout, become a major challenge to test the future survival of these companies.

. In addition, there is a dramatic change in the entire industrial pattern. Downstream car companies have entered the game, the “strength range” combined with a significant impact on my country’s power lithium battery companies.

. Finally, we can see that in the past seven years, the “technical mature curve” experienced by my country’s motivational lithium battery company is because the imperative preview occurred in policy impact, and now integrates into the global technology and industry competition. The company really entered a longer period of technology curve, now we are still in the halving period of the dynamic lithium battery technology, the peak is not until the peak, the real trough is not coming, everything is still on the road.

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