Independent joint venture Qi Dynasty, new energy auto industry is now new

Independent joint venture Qi Dynasty, new energy auto industry is now new

Recently, the 15th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Auto Show”) officially opened in my country International Exhibition Center. This year’s Beijing Auto Show and the biggest difference in the previous year are that new energy vehicles have become one of the main force of this year..

The organizer of the Auto Show shows that the Beijing Auto Show attracted more than 1,200 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions around the world, and there are 1022 car ginseng and exhibitions from 105 global first, and 64 concept cars. 174 new energy cars have become the focus of this Beijing Auto Show. It is understood that 124 of the 174 new energy vehicles exhibited by this year’s auto show are essentially independent brands in the top ten of the new energy car list.

. In this context, the foreign-owned brand and joint venture brands that have been released slowly in my country’s new energy automotive field, and they have begun to whip, catching up to 10% before the “Double Points” policy. Market; emerging product forces is also an awkward, in the new energy vehicle market, the new energy car market is not lively.

Wang Bing, director of expert group of national new energy automotive innovation project, said in an interview with “my country’s Business News” reporter: “Our country’s new energy vehicle development is good, has formed a very good market development situation, and further encouragement of national policies , Car companies in the new energy automotive market development is clear. However, the current new energy automotive industry still has some problems needed to solve, and there is still a lot of work to do. “The market is hot in my country’s new energy auto market, the players who have already entered the bureau are ready to increase the chips, and the players who have never dare to go slowly.

. In addition to the routine boket of each car show, the organizers also set up an independent pavilion for new energy vehicles, and they are visible to the degree of attention..

The auto show media day, ranked by BYD in the world’s new energy auto market (including plug-in mixing model) with a new generation of Qin, Song Maxdm version, Yuan EV360 and a new generation of Tang Dynasty; as a pure electric car sales global champion New energy has also launched a new A-level pure electric car EU5 and new energy concept vehicles. The product announcement site, the chairman of the North Automobile Group, Xu Heyi, also revealed that Beiqi Xin Energy will be listed in the third quarter of this year..

As a self-owned brand, the leader (00175.HK), Changan Automobile (000625.SZ) and Great Wall Motor (601622.

SH, 02333.HK) also revealed that all home auto markets have been revealed at this Beijing Auto Show. Strategic plan.

Geely New Bobi GE’s global first means Geely Automobiles into new energy car age. At the same time, Changan Automobile announced the “Third Entrepreneurship – Innovation Entrepreneur Strategy”, also announced mobile EV460, and said that Changan Automobile will also start the development of large and medium-sized three new energy vehicles at the same time, and plan to complete 1 2020 Building car control system platform, 3 battery platform, 3 electric drive platform. The Great Wall car is an announcement of New Energy Car Brand, and revealing the first model of the road will be listed in the second half of the year.

. In addition, foreign car companies prepared to join the new energy vehicle market “Muscle Competition” also show full of sincerity at the Beijing Auto Show..

Nissan car, the first electric car type, the first electric car of my country, the first electric car type, the pure electric Sylphyzeroemission debut, the first car show; Toyota Motor further promoted the TNGA Fengchao concept, first, Calorola / Lei Ling plugged over; Honda car at Beijing Auto Show First launch pure electric concept car “idea evconcept”. The prospects show that in 2017, my country’s new energy automotive production and sales were close to 800,000 units. The annual output reached 7.

94 million, up 53.8% year-on-year; the total sales of 777,000 vehicles were all over the year, up 53.3% year-on-year, my country’s new energy car The production and sales volume has accounted for 2.

7% of the overall car market. In the first quarter of this year, my country’s new energy vehicle output was 150,000, up 160% from the same period last year; the total sales volume of 143,000 in the first quarter, up 155% from the same period last year, and the new energy vehicle market sales performance is eye-catching. From the perspective of policy level, the development of my country’s new energy car is full support.

Previously, in order to promote the development of new energy auto industries, the national implementation of subsidy policies, last year “Double Points” policy landed, also prompted the company to increase the layout of new energy vehicles. According to the Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Conference, Cui Dongshu is calculated: “The proportion of new energy vehicle points in January this year will reach 6.5%, and 2.

4 percentage points from 1 to March 2017.. “From the perspective of the industry, whether it is a self-owned brand or a joint venture brand, they can be made in the new energy vehicle area.

. In the large environment of the overall environment, the autonomy of the car enterprises is high, and the blue sea running in the new energy vehicle field, seizes the market advanced. Industry analysis believes that the active layout in the new energy vehicle area is conducive to the development of independent brands, and it is also conducive to promoting the accelerated advancement of new energy automotive related technologies.

. Market level, consumer acceptance is constantly improving, the expansion of private cars and sharing cars also supply good distribution channels for new energy vehicles..

“Consumers’ recognition and acceptance is one of the important reasons for promoting new energy vehicles. If it is not accepted by the market, it is equivalent to this product..

“Cui Dongshu said. In addition, the restrictions on new energy automotive foreign shares will be canceled in 2018, and the industry analysis believes that the release of joint ventures can attract more foreign car companies to increase investment in my country’s new energy fields, which is conducive to my country’s new The energy automobile market has formed a benign competition, under the active guidance and support of the policy, promoted the rapid development of my country’s new energy automotive industry..

Although the new energy auto market has become the world’s largest new energy automobile market, there are still many problems in my country’s new energy automotive industry in the development process. In addition to the short battery, the battery is low, and the charging pile facilities are lacking. In addition to the basic problem, how to maintain the continuous development after the subsidiar, how to face further open conditions, how to achieve smooth sales of fuel-saving products, still should be carefully considered.

In this regard, Wang Binggang said that if a industry leaves subsidies, it will not be possible, indicating that the development of the industry is not mature.. However, some industry insiders believe that a emerging industry will develop from prototypes to maturity, and it must have passed this process.

It will naturally face a variety of problems in development. This is the inevitable industry..

In the case of my country’s new energy vehicle supporting facilities are not perfect, the number of charging piles is less, and it is impossible to meet the changing demand for consumers; how to reduce costs, improve electric power and other related technologies, shorten the charging time, and extend the battery life question. However, the most important thing is the saturation problem of the market. At present, the market has some brands.

At the same time, there is also a brand from all over-sides in this market. Although the initial period can guarantee the activity of the market, the market is limited. A senior investor in an automotive industry believes that “New Energy Auto Market must experience a fierce killing, at least half of the company will disappear in this process, and this time is two to three years.

“” New Energy Motors are the inheritors of the new era of automobile development, in the current battery technology, the traditional car companies are still trapped in the bottleneck, plugging the mixing model or the development trend of the next time, it is Enjoy subsidies and does not have endurance problems. “Huang Heng, Director of Wilsen,” In fact, the development of new energy vehicles will follow technology progress S-type curve theory, 2021 will be an important node, and there will be new energy auto markets will enter the outbreak period..


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