In the next 5 to 10 years, the global electric car investment will increase by $ 300 billion in the public and the leader of my country.

In the next 5 to 10 years, the global electric car investment will increase by $ 300 billion in the public and the leader of my country.

According to foreign media reports, global automakers planned to increase $ 300 billion in electric vehicle technology in the next 5 to 10 years, nearly half of funds will invest in my country, accelerate the industry from fossil fuel to Asian batteries and electric vehicles. Technical supplier transformation. The huge investment (German Volkswagen leader) is largely driven by government policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, promote the advancement of electric vehicles (improved power lithium battery costs, endless mileage, and charging time) to make electric vehicles to consume More attractive.

Industry experts said that in decades, my country has been chasing Germany, Japan, and US car manufacturers that lead to internal combustion engine automotive technology; Today, my country has already leading the development of electric vehicles.. Herbertdiese, CEO of Volkswagen Group, “The future will depend on our market.

“The joint ventures established by the Volkswagen and my country’s two major cars and FAWCARs have been established for decades of history. Dice is also said in Beijing earlier this week. “my country will become one of the world’s auto savings.

. We found that our country is indeed a good environment for the development of next-generation cars. We also found appropriate technologies, which are not fully equipped in Europe and elsewhere.

. “Disney supplementary,” my country’s policy policy is very clear, policy makers and regulators are required to transform electric vehicles. “With my country and other countries to increase restrictions on traditional gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles, the automotive industry accelerates the transformation of electricalization.

A year ago, the global car manufacturers said that it plans to invest $ 90 billion in electric vehicle development.. Care manufacturers have investive $ 300 billion in my country, Europe and North America, and invests in economies such as Egypt and Chile.

. Volkswagen Electric Investment accounts for about one-third (about $ 91 billion) of the total amount of electric vehicle expenditure of the global automobile industry..

The public is expected that by 2025, the output of electric vehicles in the three continents will reach 15 million, including 50 pure electric vehicles and 30 hybrid vehicles.. In the end, the public will supply electric version for its 12 brands (including Audi and Porsche).

Volkswagen huge electric car budget makes Daimler and other competitors, Daimler has promised to invest $ 42 billion on electric cars.. In contrast, the United States’s largest automotive manufacturer General Motors said that it is planned to invest 8 billion US dollars in electric vehicles and automatic driving vehicles.

. There are about 45% of the investment and purchase amount of electric vehicles, more than $ 135 billion) will come from our country..

my country is driving through the government authorized quota, credit and incentive mechanism, vigorously promoting the production and sales of electric vehicles.. Therefore, the electric vehicle spending of China’s important automobile manufacturers, such as my country, Dai Dai and General Multi-Hong Kong, but with the great expansion of these foreign car companies in China’s electric car investment portfolio, and increase from my country’s supplier purchase battery strength, their electric car spending or will exceed our country.

Reuters analyze the electric vehicle investment and procurement budget published by 29 excellent automakers in the past two years (important is the United States, my country, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany and France), and discovery that car manufacturers are R & D, project , Actual expenditures in production tools and procurement may be much higher than budget. This analysis does not include relevant expenditures of large companies that have automotive suppliers, technology companies and other industries (energy, aerospace, electronic and telecommunications). Alexandremarian, general manager of Ai Rui Platinum (AlixPartners), said that there have been investment boom in electric vehicles and battery sectors.

. The company’s previous research predicts that in 2023, the global car manufacturer and supplier’s expenditure of electric vehicles will reach 255 billion US dollars..

Marian said that the automotive industry has added a budget for electric vehicles and batteries, and seeking to create more alliances and partnerships to help share high investment costs.. Alliance between the public and its partners, will become one of the biggest motivities to promote innovation (especially in electric vehicles).


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