In the next 10, the amount of lithium battery is reached as high as 463GWH, and the ladder is worth 100 billion.

In the next 10, the amount of lithium battery is reached as high as 463GWH, and the ladder is worth 100 billion.

On October 29, 2020, the International Environmental Organization Green Peace and the China Environmental Protection Federation announced “the resource battery life: 2030 new energy vehicle battery circular economy potential research report”. According to the estimation of the report team, by 2030, the power lithium battery of the global passenger car will face a large-scale retirement of total power supply 463GWH. If the retired battery is used, it can cover the electricity demand and total value of global energy storage.

It will reach 100 billion yuan, approximately 25 times in 2019.. “Report” also pointed out that the retired battery of new energy vehicles on my country in 2025 will have approximately 32GWH to carry out the tradder, which is enough to cover the reserve power requirements of the national 5G communication base station.

. Due to the power lithium battery is a high-consuming resource type product, the circular economy of driving lithium batteries is also expected to slow down the import dependence of key metal, stable strategic metal resources..

The power lithium battery retired from the automotive industry may be generous energy carriers, or it may cause heavy environmental burdens.. “Report” further recommendations, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, and major new energy automobile companies, powerful lithium battery manufacturers, need to establish 100% life cycle traceability for power lithium batteries as soon as possible, clear retired battery ladder Using the unified standard, the establishment and implementation of the producer responsibility organization (PRO) into the company’s production assessment criteria.

Dynamic lithium battery three countries, circular economy billion market my country as the first producer of power lithium batteries, from 2016 to 2019, 6-year lithium battery shipments occupied more than 40% of the market share of more than 40% of the world, in which the accumulated shipments are globally Three of the previous five companies from my country, is a veritable “world charging treasure”. In 2019, more than 85% of the global dynamic lithium battery is concentrated in my country, Japan, South Korea, forming the market layout of East Asia “Three Kingdoms”. At present, the first echelon of the powerful lithium battery manufacturer is covered by companies such as CATL (my country), Matsushita Electric (Japan), LG Chemical (South Korea).

. my country’s new energy automobile manufacturing industry has been in the thrive of ten years, and it is about to usher in the first wave of lithium battery retirement climax..

At present, my country’s new energy vehicle guarantee reaches 4.17 million units. The research team is calculated by the decommissioning conditions in 5-8 years of service period.

It is expected that my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery will be retired during 2021 to 2030. The total amount will reach 7.05 million tons, accumulated retirement power reaches 708GWH.

A battery eight minerals, native resource relying on imported “report” shows that due to each of the production of a lithium-ion battery, at least eight metal minerals, power lithium batteries are high-consuming resources. It is expected that in 2021 to 2030, there will be a total of 10.35 million tons sold in a global vehicle power lithium battery, lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese, and manganese.

The cumulative use of cobalt is expected to exceed 2050,000 tons. Compared to 30% of the global proven cobalt ore. The most important metal cobalt and lithium producing land of the production of power lithium batteries, the most important producing countries and reserves of cobalt are all Congo (gold); the important country and reserves of lithium are Australia and Chile.

At present, my country’s 96% of cobalt resources must rely on imports. It is expected that my country will have 980,000 tons of cobalt metal for powerful lithium batteries in the next decade. It is 17 times that of my country’s local cobalt mine production in 2010-2019.

. Therefore, the circular economy of the development of the power lithium battery is expected to slow down on the import dependence of key metals, and there is an extremely important strategic significance about stabilizing my country’s metal resources..

The overall policy is good, but the latest “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan” in the lack of supervision and the State Council on Nomth, October 9, in 2025, my country’s new energy car new car sales accounts for about 25%, which means new energy vehicles The sales of the power lithium battery will also be synchronized. The “Report” research team adopts the common 80% battery energy storage to carry out the calculation, and the ladder of my country’s new energy vehicle market will reach 32GWH in 2025, which will cover the spare power requirements of the country’s 5G communication base station..

According to the public information, when my country Tower Company has accumulated more than 4.5GWH ladder dynamic lithium batteries in 350,000 communication base stations. Not only that, my country Tower also plans to replace the lead-acid battery of 70-800,000 communication base stations to a lithium-ion battery within 2020.

It can be seen that it is already a feasible mode for the use of retired dynamic lithium batteries to the communication base station.. As 5G popularization triggered communication base stations doubled, and the cloud computing industry’s more demand for data centers, the ladder of the power lithium battery will usher in the opportunity of flourishing.

. Zheng Chengyang, director of the Green Peace Project, said: “According to the research team, the economic value of my country’s dynamic lithium battery ladder is about 43 billion yuan in 2030, according to my country’s power lithium battery market share, CATL and BYD are close to 7 become. It means that most of the retired batteries on the market will also come from these two companies.

. Therefore, these two companies have reason to take responsibility for producers, properly handle retired batteries and maximize their value..

“The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on October 10th,” Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Battery “(Draft) to the public asking for views to November 8, the document proposes the management requirements for the driving powerful tradder, reflect the government Economic and environmental benefits that have been realized by dynamic lithium battery ladder. Dynamic lithium battery ladder is a ring that will inevitably develop in the new energy automotive industry. In the process of realizing the ladder, the profit of the main lithium battery is still facing, the policies and regulations are not perfected, the lack of unified technical standards, low battery collection rate, etc.

, “Report” suggestions: Government should perfect producers responsibilities Extension system related regulations, construction of battery industry circular economy; automotive production and battery manufacturing industry organizations should establish technical standards for internationally recognized dynamic lithium batteries; the government and industry should also support the development of industrial development as soon as possible, so as to achieve and production links Correspondence. .

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