In the face of many challenges, how to avoid homogenization competition

In the face of many challenges, how to avoid homogenization competition

After the market value of TSLA exceeds $ 500 billion, it still continues to rise on the wind.. Thanks to the “thermal effect” of TSLA electric cars, the new power of autonomous car, etc.

, the city value since this year has also been innocent.. Traditional car companies that are threatened by threats have adjusted strategies, SAIC, Dongfeng, Chang’an, and Guangzhou Automobile and other traditional car companies began to force high-end intelligent electric car brands, and new brands such as self-ended, 图, Y’an.

. However, with the increasing competitors on the electric car track, the electric car company faces the common problem how to avoid homogenization..

And the power assembly of the fuel carriage, the power assembly of the gearbox, and the electric vehicle composed of the core components such as batteries, electronics and motors, which are relatively low, which is also a new forces. One of the reasons for rapid rise. However, the entry of electric vehicles is easy, and the challenge in the future development is very difficult.

. At present, the battery suppliers on the market are limited. The battery of many models is important from several suppliers such as CATL.

The same level of electric vehicles on the market is difficult to compete. This problem is trigging to rethink and look for countermeasures..

At present, in addition to the very few electric car brands such as BYD, most electric car brands are privileged as “new energy car heart” power lithium battery.. Due to the large investment in battery technology, the electric vehicle enterprises including TSLA have adopted a way of industrial chain integration in the initial stage of development.

. However, this model will gradually change, and the main plant will not have to pass the “life pulse” to the power lithium battery company, but have tried to take a self-producing battery..

While having three battery suppliers with Panasonic, LG Chemistry and CATL, Tsla also passed the acquisition of battery manufacturing and R & D, Hibar and Maxwell, and officially launched “RoadRunner” powerful production plan this year.. While the public is purchasing batteries to CATL, it also invests nearly 1 billion euros to build a battery factory in Germany.

. While purchasing CATL power lithium batteries, Guangzhou Auto is also accelerating the development of graphene super fast charging technology..

The dispute between electric cars is only the upper half, and the electric car hardware itself has a relatively limited space. More value-added spaces are the intelligent dispute in the second half..

Tsla’s innovation, not only in hardware, but also new breakthroughs in software and business models, but its OTA (air download technology) continues to implement data capabilities, map capabilities, etc., which becomes it avoids homogenization competition. One of the killers.

While doing hardware, the smart electric car begins to fight in software new battlefield.. More and more traditional car companies have also jumped out of the original car circle while maintaining hardware advantages, transforming technology companies, and began to explore “software meaning car”.

Recently, the high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle project “Zhishao Automobile”, which is jointly created by the SAIC Group, Pudong New Area and Alibaba Group, officially launched, the founding wheel financing of the project reached 10 billion yuan, hoping to enhance this brand through a large innovation software ability Core competitiveness. Really, I just realized the brand independent Guangqi Yan, but also accelerating the transformation of electricization, intelligence, netization and sharing, not only in EV (pure electric vehicle) technology, but also in ICV (intelligent network) The field seeks new breakthroughs, and constantly iterations through software, it is possible to advance in the automatic driving track..

However, compared to companies such as “Technology” from the company, TSLA, which are directly positioned as “technology company”, is not dominant from the “software”.. Therefore, the traditional car company is currently building a new high-end intelligent electric car brand, and the form of alliances is generally adopted, and the SAIC holds Huan Ali, Guangqi and Huawei, Tencent and other groups, Chang’an is also a companion, together in hardware and software Looking for new breakthroughs.

In addition to the product itself, traditional car companies have formed a new smart electric car brand, they also face many challenges.. GA Hui Nan, General Manager, said that the reason why Guangqi Group is independent of the ENA brand and has become a two independent brands in parallel with Chuanqi, but it is because new energy vehicles are not only different from the product and fuel trucks, in the channel, customer , Technology, service, etc.

are different, the consumer groups and applications are different, and the ENA brand can make their own full-time things better after independence.. After the Indian brand is independent, including R & D, manufacturing, marketing, service, etc.

may be adjusted.. Among them, the Ean brand plan promotes large-scale customized production by digitization, allowing customization throughout the process of research and development to production and manufacturing to marketing services, which is one of the response measures to avoid homogenization competition in the electric vehicle market.

. In the face of the change period of the automotive industry and the new power of the car, it is not only a pressure on the brand, but also threatened the joint venture brand. While accelerating the “new four-generation” transformation, it is also thinking about how to break the electric Car homogenization competition.

Liu Zeli, director of the first business of Guangqi Honda, believes that the market value of electric vehicle enterprises such as TSLA has soared, but it is recognized not only the product level, but also the user experience.. To avoid the competition of homogenization, in addition to the importance of the product, we must strengthen our customers’ experience in brand, use cars, and promote the change of marketing models, it is necessary to win.

With the continuous improvement of technology, the automotive industry is gradually forming a new ecological circle, how to avoid electric vehicles with quality competition and how to integrate the industrial chain, and the vehicle enterprises are opening a multi-faceted exploration.

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