In terms of small, from lithium iron phosphate, three yuan battery

In terms of small, from lithium iron phosphate, three yuan battery

New energy car subsidies issued at the end of 2016 clearly hook subsidies and battery energy density, the higher the energy density, the more subsidies. To this end, many power lithium-ion batteries have adjusted technology routes, reduce the investment of lithium iron phosphate, and transfer the three-yuan battery..

Then, a large amount of funds flock to the three-yuan battery industry chain, directly caused the price of raw materials such as cobalt prices to rise significantly.. It is not difficult to see that during the “transition” process, the lithium iron phosphate and the three-yuan battery will undoubtedly become a “heart disease” of many battery companies.

. At this stage, the powerful lithium battery material technology line is important to: Lithium: Representing the company to Drang energy, Bike, Yipi lithium energy, etc..

So why is the mainstream company choose in actual production? Waterma: Adhere to the lithium iron phosphate does not give up Watma, which is established in 2002, is one of the earliest research and development of lithium iron phosphate and lithium battery, car start power supply, energy storage system solutions. A few years ago, Watma also focused on the ternary battery..

However, in the process of policy adjustment and company development, Watma discovered that despite the slightly wins from energy density, the control of cobalt materials is not in my country.. With the gradual expansion of my country’s new energy auto market, the demand for dynamic lithium batteries will also increase.

If the power lithium battery in the country takes three yuan route, the future will be subject to other countries in the raw materials, and the development of the dynamic lithium battery industry will be in passive situation.. In order to be more effective, quickly stood out in the industry, and the Japanese and Korean batteries “a final female”, Watma resolutely adjust the route, and vigorously develop lithium iron phosphate.

. Today, carbonate ion battery monomer has reached 145WH / kg. The relevant person in charge said that in the future, Watma will still adhere to the lithium iron phosphate system, and plan to further improve the lithium iron phosphate system through the adjustment of materials and structures, to use as a technical reserve.

BYD: The goal is that Safety First BYD is the world’s largest and domestic power lithium battery manufacturer, and has always adhered to the technical route of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, which is the leader of global lithium iron phosphate ion battery technology.. In 2017, BYD still chooses a lithium iron phosphate ion battery in BYD in the bus, special car; and in pure electric movement, it may be lithium iron phosphate and three yuan.

. E6 mounted on the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is 400 kilometers, the future goal is to achieve more than 500 kilometers. BYD is firmly important as “security”.

There are too many unsafe factors in the battery. For the three-yuan battery, lithium iron phosphate is safer, more suitable for new energy vehicles, because new energy vehicles are in “development period”, once there is a safety accident, will cause the entire industry Severe blow. In the future, BYD will carry out the research and development of high-energy density ternary batteries while developing a lithium iron phosphate ion battery.

. “Single side focus”, more suitable for Swanta and BYD’s benchmark company, most companies still stick to the principles of ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate “two hands, both hands must be hard”, As much as possible in the overall market, “divide a cup”. Yi Qi lithium: two hands from the semenesis.

Yi Qi lithium can indicate that there is a characteristic of lithium iron phosphate and three-yuan two systems, and lithium iron phosphate is well safe, and lithium iron phosphate will be selected in applications in some buses and taxi.. The three-yuan battery is higher than the energy and the rise is fast.

. The two material technology routes have their own strengths and should grow in the competition..

In the next five years, Yi Qi lithium will be investigated and produced on both systems, so that both. But on the other hand, Yi Lithium can be planned to plan the three-yuan material power lithium-ion battery production line, and the automation is very high..

This initiative is not difficult to indicate that Li Lithium can still be hoped for three yuan.. Bike: Three-yuan battery leader in the industry is one of the earliest layout of lithium battery in China.

As early as 2004, the world’s first power lithium battery was jointly developed with the US A123, i.e., lithium iron phosphate 26650 battery, but because both parties have inconsistent with the judgment of technology routes, the Bike prioritizes high energy density of the three-yuan material system.

Ion battery, abandon the lithium battery products. The relevant person in charge of Bike said that the three-yuan battery uses a company that is close to 5 years in the car, only Bike family. Bike combines customer terminal applications, firm confidence, judge the three-yuan cylindrical battery is the future direction of next-generation car power lithium battery.

In the face of “lithium iron phosphate” and “three yuan battery”, “hundreds of pairs” is a general trend, but it is difficult to “persist”, “Yingsheng Face” is the ultimate orientation of the market development.. However, the battery industry must be in this process, the market will be this link.

Power lithium battery technology is still growing and progress. The lithium phosphate ion battery has been popular because of the long life and good safety, but as the three-yuan lithium-ion battery safety problem is constantly improving, solving, energy density is expected to play, more and more companies Three-dimensional lithium ion battery. In the future, such as graphene batteries, aluminum air battery put into use, power lithium batteries and electric vehicle vehicle areas will face change.

It can be seen that the advantages and disadvantages of technology routes are different, and “profit” is unlimited, and it is also accompanied by “disadvantages” that cannot be cut in a short time.. On the other hand, the company’s foundation, technical level, and even policy factors, it is crucial to “development”.

. Battery companies should scientifically look at the energy density, recognize their actual situation, clear their key technical direction, and promote weaknesses, don’t follow the wind, and you can’t be misleaded by the side view.

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