In order to support the Asian counter-strength to invest 1 billion Europe support electric vehicle battery companies

In order to support the Asian counter-strength to invest 1 billion Europe support electric vehicle battery companies

According to the Reuters website, the three sources have recently been revealed to Reuters reporters that the German government has arranged 1 billion euros (about 1.2 billion US dollars) funds to support a consortium for investmenting electric vehicle battery cells..

At the same time, Berlin also plans to fund R & D institutions in R & D next-generation solid batteries.. The above decision is expected to be announced in this week, the above initiatives are designed to reduce the dependence of German automotive manufacturers to the suppliers of Asian electric vehicle battery cells, while in the process of internal combustion engine production transformation, Germany’s domestic relevant jobs.

There is a point of view, usually the German government’s related decisions will put “no intervention” attitude, and this time the government promotes the development of the industry policy is “broken”. On the other hand, Berlin’s decision is also one of the strategies of the entire European Create Battery Production Alliance. The purpose of the above-mentioned alliance is to compete with my country, Japan and South Korea and other industries.

. About Germany, ensuring that local companies can involve electric vehicles, especially important, from economic perspectives, they also depend on the success of German auto industry. However, the German government is too late to promote the driving initiative of the automotive battery industry.

. To understand the leadership of the Asian market, they are constantly expanding production, and some experts point out that the automotive battery market has faced the risk of greater than seeking, or will become a large-scale investment in the battery of European new market gongs..

From the perspective of German Prime Minister Merkel, there is no shortage of “pull the ticket” at this time.. In the eyes of the ruling alliance led by Merkel, it will surf in the eastern part of Germany, and will usher in three elections.

. Merkel, of course, hopes to set the power of all parties to help Germany survive in the electric car era..

Christian Hartty in Germany said in an interview with Reuters report: “We are facing more concentrated risks in the automotive field.. The German auto industry is too dependent on the internal combustion engine, so the government wants to help the industry have more significant diversity.

. “He before, said that the German government is discussing a multi-car company and other national governments to supply support from a battery unit factory..

Christian Harty also said: “There is a possibility to transform into a reality in the Laoscitz region of Germany, which may have to cooperate with Germany and Poland.. “It is worth mentioning that Christian Harty is a coordinator for the current German government East German affairs and small and medium-sized company policies.

. He pointed out: “One thing is very clear, that is, if it plans such a grand plan, then the German government cannot ignore the use of Dongde in it..

The people in the East German region on the German government have a considerable acceptance of the policy of electric vehot battery development and production.. “Informed people revealed that the company with the German Economic Minister Peter Altemir discussed the construction of electric car battery manufacturers, including German battery manufacturer Valta, Chemical giants BASF and Ford in Dezi Company Ford-WerkegmbH.

A spokeswoman in BASF said that the company will participate in the meeting held by Peter Altmay next week, and Walta and Ford said not to comment.. The battery produced by Valta is important for hearing aids and in large energy storage systems involving solar energy.

. Valta said in the previous month, it is studying a large-scale lithium-ion battery, and it is also an intense discussion with relevant market gongs..

Tain too late? On November 16, local time, the Volkswagen Group Board will discuss electric vehicles and battery unit strategies at a meeting.. Previously, the public said that it is studying the battery unit in the factory in Salzkit.

. A source said on Thursday (November 8, November 8), said to Reuters, members of the mass Board of Volkswagen will discuss the public with the Korean battery unit manufacturer Skinnovation..

Some analysts pointed out that in the electric vehicle battery, Europe has been far behind Asian companies, at least the latter has a sharp lead in Europe. For example, the Boston Consultation Group is expected that global battery cell production will be more than 40% of the market demand in 2021, which will enable practitioners to face huge pressure in product pricing, and market new people want to achieve profitability It is very difficult. LG chemistry from South Korea has decided to supply electric car batteries produced in Poland to some German car companies, while Samsung SDI and Skinnovation plan to set up a factory in Hungary.

. The world’s largest electric car battery manufacturer – Catl will build its first European plant in eastern German, and at the same time CATL also sign the supply agreement with BMW, and the cooperation between the two parties is also welcomed by the German government..

However, Merkel also told the German company’s leaders, Germans develop their battery units on ensuring that the status of Germany in the automotive industry is extremely important.. For many years, the leaders of the German auto industry have been ambiguous, and they would rather focus on the research and development of diesel engines.

. But when the diesel engine satisfies more stringent emission standards, German automobile companies face huge challenges. Although the Boston Consultation Group’s view is that the electric car battery market will have more asking, but the analyst of the McKinsey and Germany Fraun Hovian Institute believe that the market has left the European participants, as a car company When upgrading electric vehicle production, the market about the battery will exceed the supply.

German car companies have announced warning that some employment positions in the industry will disappear. The reason is that the production time of electric vehicles has been shortened, and the production position in the other hand will transfer overseas battery manufacturer..

The German Automotive Industry Association has previously stated that the ban on internal combustion engine models effective in 2030 will threaten 436,000 jobs in automotive companies and their suppliers.. Established the European Battery Alliance in realizing the importance of developing the self-commissioning industry for employment and company profit, the European Commission launched its own European Battery Alliance (EBA) in 2017, but now there is only one from Sweden Northvolt to be the only one.

Serious competitors. As one of the German government boost measures, Peter Altemier, Germany, is discussed with Germany and European companies and adjacent countries..

He also coordinated any national subsidies and anti-monopoly problems between Germany and the European Union.. Peter Altemir is expected to announce more details about his battery cell planning in the meeting that will begin on November 12, November 12.

. This meeting will last for two days, and the EU EN EN EU ENEASE SXEFKo has also gone to the meeting..

There are two sources that are familiar with the above-mentioned planning, the German government’s 1 billion euros funding plan will help build the first battery unit production plant in Germany. The plant is likely to be located in Western Germany..

Berlin intends to support the construction of the second factory, which is likely to settle in the Laoscitz region near Germany and Poland border.. A female spokesperson in the German Economic Department said Peter Altemir is discussing with all relevant aspects, but no decision has been made.

. Another source said to Reuters. In addition, the German government intends to fund the highest 500 million euros to jointly fund the construction of a R & D factory, which is aimed at helping Germany’s company will take a priority when the company is willing to put a large number of markets.

. In the next few years, the lithium-ion battery may be replaced by a solid battery, and the latter is considered to have a larger energy density and a lower cost..

Informed people said that the location of the above-mentioned R & D Factory has not decided that the German government is about to start the site selection bidding process.. The spokesperson of the German Science Department pointed out that the German government intends to combine leading R & D institutions with the private sector to promote the development of solid state batteries.

. The spokesperson said that companies currently and to the above-mentioned R & D network (known as FestBatt) include Valta, BASF, Volkswagen, BMW, Mainland Group, Tyssen Krupp, Carbon fiber SGLCarbon and Belgian Material Company Umicore , Coperion and Heraeus. At present, the battery unit used by German car companies is imported from CATL, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI.

. As the world’s largest automotive supplier, German Bosch’s decision or reflects the difficulties that German companies will face during the development of electric vehicles..

Bosch has chosen to produce lithium-ion battery cells, which indicates that the product is too high.. Hans Martin Huning’s attitude of Hans Martin Huning, Flankhof Research Institute, Germany, is not so pessimistic.

He pointed out that the transition from the lithium ion battery to the solid state battery or makes European suppliers no longer depend on rare earth resources.

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