In order to meet the TSLA demand LG chemistry will double the production of China’s battery

In order to meet the TSLA demand LG chemistry will double the production of China's battery

According to foreign media reports, sources revealed that South Korea’s LG Chemical Plan will increase its battery production in my country next year to keep up with its US customer TSLA in my country’s market.. This year, LG chemistry has added battery production lines in South Korea, which is important to meet the needs of TSLA US Factory.

. According to sources, LG chemistry has also supplied TSLA in Germany and the United States in our Germany and the United States. This is also an increasingly important importance of this world’s leading electric motor vehicle battery provider.

character of. LG chemical spokesperson said, “We will continue to expand the yield of cylindrical batteries to respond to car manufacturers to rising battery needs, but we cannot review specific customers..

“October this year, LG Chemistry has said that by 2023, the yield of its cylindrical battery will be increased by 2 times, until 60 gigably, but the company has not disclosed TSLA’s name, and has not reveased other details.. Nanjing local government said last week that LG chemistry will invest $ 500 million next year, increase the annual output of 21700 cylindrical batteries in Nanjing, increased by 8 giga.

. According to sources, the plan includes the Nanjing battery production line from 8 to at least 17. LG Chemical This plan is issued, and it is impurving that its important customer TSL is eager to ensure battery supply to support the company’s planning of electric vehicles globally.

. At present, governments have vigorously promote electric vehicles to curb air pollution, and promote the demand for TSLA vehicles..

Model (: TSLA) Currently, LG Chemical and my country Battery Supplier CATL works with Model3 supplied by TSLA Shanghai Factory. TSLA Shanghai Factory began to put production last year, currently from 250,000 years. According to Morning Star Agency, TSLA plans to produce modely in Shanghai next year, by 2022, the annual output of Model will also reach 250,000 vehicles.

. It is reported that each model of TSLA uses 4416 batteries, while each battery production line of LG chemistry can produce 7 million batteries per month, which means that 17 production lines of LG chemistry in Nanjing Plant will meet 323,000 cars. need.

It has been reported that the initial period of LG chemistry will be the exclusive battery supplier of Model, Shanghai.. However, another newspaper revealed that TSLA has also requested Japanese Panasonic Company, which is supplied to its US factory, is also available for its Shanghai factory.

. Tsla did not immediately post a comment, Panasonic also refused to review. The development of TSLA is a good news for LG Chemistry, Japan, and my country CATL.

. In September this year, TSLA CEO Elon Maske once expressed the purchase of new battery purchases, but Mask said that the battery supply was still underneurum, and announced that it will produce batteries, and the battery price will be cheaper. This will damage Other battery suppliers pricing.


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