Imported dynamic lithium battery monomer tariffs cancel electric vehicle price reduction and technology upgrade period!

Imported dynamic lithium battery monomer tariffs cancel electric vehicle price reduction and technology upgrade period!

On December 24, the Ministry of Finance announced the news: from January 1, 2019, the import and export tariffs of some goods were adjusted.. One of the information is: cancel the import tipgs of the new energy vehicle for lithium-ion battery monomers, and restore the implementation of the Mandari-registered tax rate.

. Since 2018, Watema is deadly crisis, and the slight lion technology has exposed the cash flow, and a group of power lithium battery companies such as Miaosheng and Zhhang have encountered a downtime. From the production of excessive structural, it is not enough to go to the company.

Discontinued, the power lithium battery is encountering a new round of shuffling. my country’s powered lithium battery support company has dropped from about 150 in 2017 to about 100 in 2017. One-third of the company has been eliminated.

In 2018, there will be a large number of batteries to join the team being eliminated.. Organization predicts that by 2020, all power lithium battery companies can only leave 20-30, and there will be more than 80% of the stage will be eliminated.

. With the continuous resumption of new energy auto national subsidies, the decline in manufacturing cost of industry companies is further enhanced, and at the same time, the trend of quality products and domestic market competition will also be more obvious..

With the gradual introduction of foreign brand lithium-ion batteries, it is expected that the price of lithium-ion batteries will further explore more than prices in the next two years.. Domestic power lithium battery companies that have been very difficult now is undoubtedly snow.

In 2020, the new energy car subsidies were formally resurrected, and the cost of raw material was increasing. Domestic power lithium battery companies will be returned to the same starting line, and even Japanese and Korean dynamic lithium batteries may also set up a sole proprietorship company. It is conceivable that the domestic power lithium battery company represented by CATL, BYD, facing the unprecedented pressure.

With the European and American Japanese-Korean car companies, based on the (my country Market) policy requirements, the global dynamic lithium battery demand rises rapidly, and the changes in battery-related policies in my country have made the Japanese and Korean batteries that have been refused to return to my country. Market, global dynamic lithium battery industry pattern is changing. Under the influence of China-South Korea political relationship, my country’s new energy vehicle subsidy restroom, with Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, Skin-Novation, Korea, three major battery companies, has gradually restarted in China.

business. A few days ago, some media said that Samsung SDI is located in Xi’an Samsung’s New Power Lithium Battery Phase II project again “reborn” again on November 29. After the completion of the project will form 5 60AH lithium ion power lithium battery production line, and the output is up to date.

Annual production of 60 million, it is expected to add sales income after delivery of 12 billion yuan. With the slowdown in policy, the Korean battery company has developed in China to welcome the new opportunity. Battery costs have almost occupy half cost of electric vehicles.

. After the battery monomer cancels the import tax, the purchase cost of the battery cell and the battery pack will decrease, thereby reducing the total cost of electric vehicles..

Then the problem is coming, what is the impact on the electric motor market after the battery monomer import tax cancels? Is the electric car cut prices? At present, the policy welfare of electric vehicles enjoying in China includes: national subsidies, local subsidies, free purchase tax, free ships. In some cities, you can also enjoy new energy licenses, no restrictions, no restrictions such as welfare. Next, we gradually analyze from the above indicators, cancel the battery cell import tax will not trigger electric vehicle price cuts.

First of all, electric cars must get national subsidies and local subsidies, you need to enter the battery directory first.. At present, the brand entering the battery directory is important for domestic battery brands.

. No foreign battery brand that does not enter the battery directory, you cannot enjoy national subsidies and local subsidies. Therefore, there are currently domestic electric vehicles in China, mostly used domestic batches, such as CATL, BYD, Guoxuan, Lishen, etc.

. In this case, the imported battery monomer cancels the tariff and does not reduce the cost of such electric vehicles..

Therefore, it will not cut prices.. At present, a few electric vehicles are imported models of vehicle, and they have been imported according to the vehicle.

. The battery monomer cancels the tariff, can it make the imported electric vehicle reduce the price of the car, and still to be observed. There is currently no price reduction message.

In the long run, the price cut is certain. In these two years, under the wing guard of the battery directory, domestic battery brands have developed rapidly, especially the unicorn companies like CATL..

However, my country’s auto industry is further open, and the stock is a typical signal.. It is expected that the future, foreign battery brands enter the battery directory will be a big probability event.

. Cancel the battery cell import tax, or it can be seen as a signal. When the foreign battery brand enters, the competition will be more intense.

. The benefits of competition are: battery costs continue to decline in competition, battery technology will further improve in competition. At that time, the price of electric cars will naturally decrease.

Therefore, in the long run, the price drop and technical upgrade of electric vehicles are sect, but in a short period of time, the output of battery monomers is canceled, and the price of electric vehicles is very affected.

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