Import alternative prospects optimistic about listed companies to take a tree

Import alternative prospects optimistic about listed companies to take a tree

On July 18, Zhangzhou Pearl announced the announcement, the company’s three-year construction of the “annual production of 10, 5 million square meters of wet lithium-ion battery diaphragm project” completed three production lines, officially put into production. Soon, there have been innovation shares, and the names such as Sanyai will announce the announcement of the announcement, indicating that we must enter the field of lithium-ion battery diaphragm..

This reflects the increasing maturity of the diaphragm industry and is attracting more and more companies, and it is also indicating that the industry competition will be increasingly fierce.. Zhangzhou Pearl grabbed the first time when Zhangzhou Pearl announced that it is necessary to invest 592 million yuan to build 3 wet diaphragm production lines, no two years later, this industry will become such a seductive big cake.

. According to the company’s notice, in July last year, the first production line in the project was officially put into production. Today, the remaining two production line related equipment are completed, and the test production is completed, and it has also been officially put into production.

. According to the company, it is necessary to operate from the production and running to comprehensively..

With the put of the new project, Zhangzhou Pearl completed the initial layout in the lithium-ion battery diaphragm, and occupied a chance in the industry competition.. According to statistics, the company’s wet separator production will reach 190 million square meters; dry diaphragm production is 50 million square meters, and the new 50 million square meters of dry diaphragm project will be put into production in 2018.

At that time, the production of dry separators will reach 1 billion square meters. From a last year’s annual report, the company’s sales revenue in lithium electrical separators last year reached 430 million yuan, gross profit margin as high as 47.75%.

. The company’s diaphragm products have entered the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers, such as BYD, CATL, etc..

According to Zhangzhou Pearl Related people, the lithium electrical diaphragm has grown into a completely competitive mature industry, and the recognition of downstream battery manufacturers is a decisive factor, which is very testing the company’s cost control capabilities.. The project of the project will increase the production of the company’s wet lithium-ion battery diaphragm products, enhance the company’s profitability and market competitiveness.

. In recent years, with the continuous spread of the global digital products, and the explosive rise in the dynamic application terminals such as new energy vehicles, the rapid development of the lithium electrical diaphragm industry has strongly promoted. From the current market, the price of wet diaphragm is slightly higher than the dry diaphragm.

After the decline in the first two years, it has been kept at 2 yuan / square meter this year.. Listed companies have involved in the membranes, one of the key components of lithium-ion batteries.

The quality of the diaphragm directly affects battery capacity, charge and discharge cycle life, flame retardant thermal safety performance.. At present, in the four core materials of lithium ion batteries, the negative electrode materials and the electrolyte have realized localization, but the high-end lithium-ion battery diaphragm is still technical shortboard, and the high-end diaphragm still has nearly 50% to import.

. The rich profit in the high-end membrane market has attracted many listed companies, and domestic alternative imports are becoming a reality..

On July 4, SMB Corporation Innovative Shares said that it is planned to implement Wuxi Enji New Material Industry Base Project in Jiangsu Wuxi. The first phase of the project investment is as high as 2.2 billion, and it is important to carry out the manufacture, sales of lithium-ion battery wet base membranes, functional coating separators and aluminum plastic films.

. It is expected to be put into production in the second half of 2019, and the new moisturizing method is 1.5 billion square meters, and the aluminum-plastic film production is 150 million square meters.

. On July 3rd, Shi Thai came to announce the notice, intended to acquire 66.67% equity, layout lithium-ion battery wet separator business in Ningbo Pengfeng held by 262 million yuan.

. As a leading tap in the field of domestic lithium electric separators, the GEM is disclosed in June 17th, and the total amount of funds to be raised is not more than 2 billion yuan, which is used to build a super coating plant..

After the project is reached, the annual output of lithium-ion battery dry separators will be 400 million square meters. High-performance lithium-ion battery coated membrane annual processing capacity is 1 billion square meters..

“Energy Saving and New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan” (2011-2020) “issued by the Ministry of Industry and China displayed that in 2020, my country’s pure electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle production power will reach 2 million units.. Battery Industry Association is estimated, my country’s high-quality vehicle power lithium battery diaphragm material in China will reach hundreds of square meters.


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