Impact first ladder Yipi lithium can propose investment not exceeding 3.5 billion yuan expansion power lithium battery

Impact first ladder Yipi lithium can propose investment not exceeding 3.5 billion yuan expansion power lithium battery

On May 15th, Yi Qi Lithium (300014) announced that in order to actively promote the development of the company in the new energy battery, the company intends to expand the production scale of power lithium battery in my country.. This investment scale is not more than RMB 3.

5 billion. At the same time, in order to protect the company’s new powerful lithium battery projects smoothly, according to relevant laws and regulations, the board of directors shall be issued on the relevant laws and regulations for the relevant laws and regulations, and the authorization matters are the project due to the project. Sexual research, consultation and signing related contracts, handling various compliance procedures.

The validity period of this authorization is 6 months from the date of approved by the company’s board of directors.. It is understood that Yi Lithium can focus on the focus of focusing in 2015, and after four years of rapid development.

At present, Yi Lithium can have a tenth dollar, a soft bag territory, a square phosphate ion battery, a plurality of technical route products, and a total of powerful lithium batteries have formed a new energy source. Special vehicles, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, etc..

In 2018, Yi Qi lithium can achieve operational income of 4.351 billion yuan, up 45.90% year-on-year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, up to 41.

49% year-on-year; net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies 4.96 billion yuan, up 81.02% year-on-year.

During the reporting period, the company’s lithium original battery business achieved operating income of 120,044.31 million yuan, up 10.01% compared with the same period of the previous year; the lithium-ion battery business achieved operating income of 315,07.

384 million yuan, with an increase of 126.61% compared with the same period last year..

From the 2018 moving lithium battery company installed data, Yi Qi lithium can rank first, ranked seventh in the total amount of 1.2GWH, is expected to impact the first echelon, become my country’s third largest power lithium battery manufacturer has strong compelling. On May 6, Yi Qi Lithium Mint, the director of the secretin, introduced to the investor question, in the power storage battery, the company became the supplier of many international first-class car companies or recognition of first-class car companies, the company is developing into the first One main energy storage battery manufacturer.

In fact, in addition to the two CATLs in the industry, BYD, including Guoxuan High-tech, Tianjin Zhizhen, Fu Can Technology and other dynamic lithium battery companies have a good strength. From now on, the installed capacity of several companies The gap is not very large, and the installed volume is often changed..

Who can be the “three brothers” in the power lithium battery industry? The relevant Weibo is also a discussion of netizens.. The following is a commentary by netizens: In addition, in the start of the 6GWH project of the C-area C-area C-zone C-zone, March this year, according to Liu Jincheng, Chairman of Yixi Lithium, and our first soft package factory has begun to supply customers.

The second factory service object of the foundation is also the most innovative and energetic product for international companies and the country.. “In fact, many of our projects are already finalized, but they have not yet determined that the specific implementation is.

“From the early news, the company’s soft bag lithium battery has been entered in Daimler and South Korea. In March and South Korea’s modern Kia Group signed an agreement. It is expected that the lithium-ion battery is 13.

48GWH, more than 10 billion in the next year.. With orders, billions of lithium can be accelerated, and the power lithium battery production is built.

. With the continuous intensification of industry competition, the competition between the second echelon company in the head company is very fierce, who can use the new energy car rapidly developed by succession? We will continue to pay attention. .

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