If you have money, you can have a technology ‘small and scattered’ battery company can have a living

If you have money, you can have a technology 'small and scattered' battery company can have a living

The high-yield sales of new energy vehicles in my country have driven the rapid development of the dynamic lithium battery industry, but the “cake” of the small and medium-sized power lithium battery company is increasingly shrinking.. Recently, my country’s Automotive Industry Association announced that new energy automotive production and sales volume shows that the total output of 7.

35,000 in June 2018, and a month in September is 127,000.. According to the practice, the fourth quarter is a sprint phase of the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles.

It is speculated that in 2018, my country’s new energy vehicle production and sales will probably exceed 11 million vehicles.. However, with the large rise in new energy vehicles, the battery companies selected by the car enterprises are increasingly concentrated.

. my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association Power Lithium Battery Application Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Power Lithium Battery Application Branch”) Data Display, Jiu Ye.com, my country.

In the power lithium battery company, CATL, BYD and Guoxuan’s high-tech three companies have the sum of the power lithium battery installed, occupying nearly 70% of my country’s powered lithium battery installed capacity market in June 2018.. Small and medium-sized power lithium battery companies are more and more “difficult to breathe”, and the “collar set” as soon as soon as possible is the uniform voice of small and medium-sized power lithium batteries.

. From Jiu Sen, 2018, my country’s installed capacity ranked top ten battery companies have the total amount of installed installed installed: The Dynamic Lithium Battery Application Branch Research Department has a good service to optimize the industry’s prospects “card neck” is in the power lithium battery industry. , Insufficient high-end production.

Liu Yanlong, secretary-general of my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, said that as of the end of 2017, the output of the power lithium battery company was about 140GWH, up 36.61% year-on-year, with an effective output of approximately 115GWH, but the installed volume is only about 37GWh, yield utilization Only 35%. It is expected that the production utilization rate of lithium battery in 2018 will remain further, and the medium and low-end output will face phase-out and integration.

. “The production utilization of the second-line battery company is 30%, the small and medium battery factory is only 15% or even less. “However, capital does not give up, but very confident.

Wang Rongjin, the capital partner of Shanghai Jinbang Stock Co., Ltd., said that although there are some fluctuations in the current stage, for a long time, the investors still maintain an optimistic attitude toward the power lithium battery industry.

. “The company is like cars opened on the highway, or may encounter accidents to affect other cars, but they will not fully hinder traffic..

“Bohai Huamei (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. Director Liu Wei also held the same point of view.

He believes that the overproduction in the market is only surface phenomenon, essentially insufficient high-end production, or the quality of production does not meet the ideal state.. “The power lithium battery industry is very large, not to do TOP1 companies is the best, but in terms of the development trend of future industries, we are very confident as investors.

. “In recent years, there have been a lot of power lithium batteries have gained financing..

Wu Kai, general manager of Tianjin Life Battery Co., Ltd., said that the power lithium battery industry is a fund-intensive industry, and the help of capital is conducive to the company “practice internal work” and expand the scale.

. Holding a diamond effort effort is a powerful self, BYD and other companies can rank in front of the country, on the one hand, these companies have become a stable supplier of car enterprises, and on the other hand, it has already been in high energy density battery products. Preparation for technology research and development, test production, more easy to adapt to market demand.

Zhang Haiwang, Chairman of Zhejiang Electric Cae Auto Technology Co., Ltd., believes that on my country’s powered lithium battery industry, in the quantity winning is the result of stage sex, how to continue to improve in quality and technology is the key to the future.

“The power lithium battery industry is a technology-intensive industry. If you want to develop, you have to have a skill.” Wu Ji said.

In fact, the investor also has more favors companies with comprehensive competitive companies.. Wang Rongjin said that the investor is more concerned about the core competitiveness of the small and medium-sized power lithium battery company, or the advantage of the primary and medium-sized power lithium battery company.

. “Small and medium-sized power lithium battery companies in product technology research, development, quality control, production and manufacturing, etc., we value more.

“Liu Wei also believes that from the perspective of long-term development, small and medium-sized power lithium battery companies should focus on core technology and product quality.. Holding the words, the competing status is the post-subsidy era, the relationship between the dynamic lithium battery company and the vehicle enterprise is no longer a pure supply and demand relationship, and the small and medium-sized power lithium battery company deepens the cooperation with the car and enterprises.

More words. Zhang Hai Liang suggested that more small and medium-sized powered lithium battery manufacturers have intervened from front-end, and the vehicle factory communities and research and development, so that battery manufacturers fully understand the supporting needs of the host factory; vehicle companies should leave the vehicle factory and supply The inquiry relationship of the merchant, turns a close-fitting partner to promote iteration and evolution of battery technology..

Summary with Chen Qingtai is that the production scale is only a shallow competition, and the most important thing to continuously improve its competitive position is to master core technology, and have the ability to create core technology. The power lithium battery company must produce one generation in the global vision. Develop generation, pre-research generation.


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