Hyundai Kona R & D special thermal management system prevention battery overheating

Hyundai Kona R & D special thermal management system prevention battery overheating

According to foreign media reports, the charging time is too long, which leads to a major reason for the promotion of electric vehicles.. In order to address the problem, electric truck manufacturers such as RIVIAN are developing vehicle batteries fast charge technology and thermal management technology.

Today, modernity also follows, actively developing a special thermal management system, aiming to prevent the US version of the Kona model car battery to overheat the battery overheat. Unlike the European version of Modern Kona model, the US version of modern KONA does not battery cooling and preheating function. Modern is only available for a 5.

5 kW resistive cockpit heating system. Canadian users will configure an advanced heat pump system when purchasing vehicles, used for cockpit heating and battery preheating. When driving in a cold climate, the US Modern Kona will utilize the heat of the electric power system to heat the battery pack because the model is not configured with a dedicated battery heater.

. Modern makes this design decision for costing costs. Modern hope to make the US KONA’s price more competitive in the US market.

Modern announcement, the US version of Kona’s starting price is $ 36,450. If the US federal new energy car purchase tax is reduced, the price can drop to $ 30,000..

Contemporary means that the model will only be released in the ten states of zero-emission vehicle policy in the United States. Modern believes that California’s sales should be good. After all, the state is the largest electric car market in the United States.

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