Hydrogen station exploding modern Toyota stopped fuel power battery car?

Hydrogen station exploding modern Toyota stopped fuel power battery car?

According to foreign media reports, an explosion occurred in a Hydrogen station in Sandvika, Norway, and caused two people in a nearby non-fuel power battery car injured.. According to the police, the power of explosion is enough to open the airbag in the car without impact.

. After the explosion occurs, the HS operator Nelhydrogen has suspended operations in other outlets..

The current explosion is still not announced. However, Toyota and Modern have stopped selling fuel power batteries in Norway..

Does this mean that the hydrogen fuel power battery vehicle will be ended as the “zero emission” alternative model? Jonandr¨¦lkke, CEO Jonandr¨¦lkke, said that now, what is the problem?. The company’s primary task is to ensure the safe operation of the hydrogen station. As a preventive measures, the company has suspended other 10 operating operations to make a decision after further investigation.

. Due to the network paralysis, Toyota and Modern have announced the suspension of fuel power batteries. Espen Olsen, Manager, Toyota Norway, said that the company is still unclear that the uno-x explosion causes, nor does it speculate.

Before you have failed to understand the truth, Toyota will continue to sell hydrogen-fuel-powered battery models.. In fact, the company has made a stop decision for actual reasons, because now, it can’t get fuel replenishment.

. In addition, the company will supply replacement vehicles to the Mirai owners who are affected to solve practical problems..

Toyota insists that the incident does not change the attitude of the company’s hydrogen fuel power battery car, and point out that this type of car is at least the same safely. The hydrogen storage can itself is very strong, and it can even achieve the strength of the shooting..

However, analysts have been alternative to hydrogen-fuel power battery power systems as alternatives to battery electric vehicles. This explosion accident occurred in Norway is not the first hydrogen explosion..

Although the industry is more concerned with the efficiency of the power system and the entire supply chain, not the simple and energy efficiency of electricity and battery electric vehicles, but the carrying and storage safety of hydrogen fuels can not be ignored.. This is a huge blow that has always adhered to some car manufacturers (important Toyota and Modern) for all electric vehicles.

. Although the efficiency of battery electric cars is several times higher, modern cars still insist. “Before the hydrogen fuel power battery bus station is stable, the company will only produce electric plug-in cars.

. “Another small partner in the field of hydrogen fuel power cells, Toyota has invested billions of dollars, but has not launched a full electric car..

These companies are lobbying in many markets, hoping to supply strong subsidies for hydrogen fuel power batteries, some or even more subsidies obtained than battery electric cars.. However, while the sales of electric vehicles rise rapidly, the rise of fuel power batteries is in trouble.

. Norwegian explosions undoubtedly put the hydrogen fuel power battery car to add snow, although there is no data indicate that this type of vehicle is more dangerous than other types of cars, but in the original number of fuel power batteries and hydrogenation stations Class event itself is worthy of attention.

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