Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Localization Perception Emerging Industry Layout Continued Promotion

Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Localization Perception Emerging Industry Layout Continued Promotion

The Tayros employees located in Nanhai Danzao Town, Foshan have been tested in fuel power battery bus recently, officially signed project investment agreements in Nanhai District Government and Edison Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province.

. The signing of the agreement marks the official launch of the Edeman Guangdong Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Production Project. This is an important step in realizing the localization of hydrogen fuel power batteries in Foshan.

It has effectively promoted the development of Guangdong hydrogen energy industry.. Foshan Fuel Power Battery and Hydrogen Energy Industry Innovation Alliance is also formally established on the same day.

The hydrogen fuel power battery has introduced that Edman Hydrogen Energy Equipment Company is a fuel power battery manufacturer, through the introduction of German technology, achieving complete independent intellectual property rights, complete country production, and several technical indicators reach the international advanced level. On December 6, last Decend, Edman and South China Sea signed a project cooperation framework agreement, reached an investment agreement of Edan Guangdong Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Production Project. The reporter learned that Edman Guangdong Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Production Project is located in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, will build a hydrogen-fuel power battery and power assembly production base, plan to invest 3 billion yuan, annual output of 80,000 hydrogen-fuel power Battery, divided into three phases, in which the first phase of the project will be put into production this year, after all the projects are reached, the annual output value is more than 20 billion yuan.

. The project is another hydrogen energy industry heavily in Nanhai, Guangdong Changjiang Automobile, Production and Hydrogen Work R & D Center..

“Hydrogen fuel power battery is the heart of the hydrogen fuel power battery car, also the core of the hydrogen energy industry. The land of Edmman Guangdong Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Production Project marks a big step in the maintenance of the core link of the South China Sea Hydrogen Energy Industry, and it has been consolidated to the Nanhai District as the pioneer of the hydrogen energy industry in South China..

Huang Zhihao, Standing Committee of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee, and Nanhai District Party Committee, said that the project will accelerate the improvement of the new energy industry and hydrogen energy industry chain in Foshan and Nanhai District, build hydrogen energy industry chain cooperation, accelerate hydrogen energy and fuel power battery products Industrialization application and promotion in the market. On the day of the event, Edman Guangdong Hydro Energy Equipment Company, Zhejiang University Fluid Power and Mechanical System State Key Lab, Dongfeng TC (Shiyan) Bus Co., Ltd.

, Nanhai District South China New Energy Automotive Industry Promotion Center and other 14 companies and The representative of the agency and the Nanhai District Government jointly initiated the establishment of “Foshan Fuel Battery and Hydrogen Energy Industry Innovation Alliance”. It is reported that the Innovation Alliance will vigorously introduce high-end talents, establish “Academician Workstation” and “Postdoctoral Workstation” in Nanhai District, vigorously promote the construction of Nanhai fuel power battery production base, and use fuel power battery as the core, to create Edman’s big data support New logistics service platform to help logistics companies optimize innovation logistics service model. At the same time, the Innovation Alliance will also establish a Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Fund based on the development strategy of the Foshan Municipal Government, fully support the development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Foshan City.

. The development of the whole industry chain is challenged. At present, the technology innovation of hydrogen fuel power cells is the important direction of the global energy technology revolution.

In the field of car energy, the hydrogen fuel power battery is considered to be “zero emissions” and full life cycle of the vehicle usage stage. ” It is an important technical approach to low emissions, which is a high-rise. In 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Energy Administration and other joint announcement “Energy Technology Revolutionary Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030) One, the hydrogen energy industry is officially incorporated into my country’s national energy strategy.

“Currently, many domestic manufacturers have begun to lay out of a hydrogen-fuel power battery automotive industry, but the related industrial chains have a certain distance, just entered the stage of industrialization ‘testing.. “Gong Jing, executive president of Edman Company.

As a manufacturer of metal bipolar plate electric stack technology, Edman also has its own troubles. “We currently use imported materials because their technology is more mature, which also means higher cost. “Gong Jing believes that” as a product in the market, the price is very important, such as film, catalyst, manufacturing, hydrogen pump, humidifier supporting facilities, we hope that my country’s domestic process is a little faster, the cost can be reduced A little low.

“Hydrogen energy automotive industry is difficult to achieve long-term development in a single company, should battery – car – Hydrogen station full chain development. “Shanghai Tongji University Automobile Engineering Center Fuel Power Battery Research Institute, Dr. Zhou, said that lack of hydrogenation infrastructure is the major obstacle to the development of hydrogen energy industry, the government should continue to increase the construction of hydrogen storage stations.

Support and promotion, research and formulate the overall planning layout of Hydrogenstone development, encourage national and social capital ginseng and hydrogenation stations in financing business. Legislation issues in the hydrogen energy industry are also concerned by the company. “At present, the development of hydrogen energy industry has slowed slowly, and hydrogen this energy is still used as a chemical industry without energy products.

. Zhang Ruiming, general manager of Guangdong Tayros Automotive Power System Co., Ltd.

, believes that the government should start from the perspective of industrialization, solve the relevant laws and regulations related to the whole industry chain.. The emerging industrial layout continues to advance “Nanhai gathers a lot of hydrogen energy companies, layout multiple hydrogen stations, hardware environments in the country, the development of hydrogen energy industry is in the forefront, this is the most important reason for our choice and Nanhai cooperation.

“Xu Liming, chairman of Edison. As Xu Limin said, in recent years, South China Sea will cultivate the development of hydrogen energy and fuel power battery technology to raise the height of the strategic emerging industry, and proposes to build a domestic leading hydrogen fuel power battery car core component in China in 2015. base.

Last year, the South China Sea issued the first support policy specializing in the development of new energy automobile industry in the province.. In April this year, the South China Sea has introduced “Nanhai District, Foshan City, promotes the operation of Hydrogen Station and the operation of hydrogen energy vehicles (provisional)”.

At the platform construction level, the South China Sea has built a fuel power battery and hydrogen source technology National Engineering Center South China Center, Self-Lubricating Power Machinery Technology, Self-Rubricating Power Machinery Technology, National Bureau of China, and other hydrogen fuel power battery industrial research and development platform, promoting research and development platforms continue to high-end. On April 1 this year, Foshan Green Development Innovation Research Institute also officially unveiled in the South China Sea, which will focus on five green development platforms including “New Energy Industry Services”, promote green transformation and upgrading of Foshan and Nanhai Equipment manufacturing industry..

At the construction level of the base, 8200 mu of new energy automotive industry bases in Danzao Town, undertake new energy vehicles and hydrogen energy industry development, one of the 900 acres of the first phase has been basically constructed, introduced Guangshun New Energy, Guangdong Thai Rose and other companies, research and development of core components such as key components, compressor, hydrogen circulating pumps, and hydrogen-fuel power battery power system assembly, which have been listed by the Guangdong Provincial Government as the Guangdong Provincial Strategic Emerging Industry Region One of the pilots, in 2014, the provincial government was identified as the second strategic emerging industry base in Guangdong Province.. It is worth mentioning that the Ruihui Hydrogen Station in the base is officially put into operation on September 7, 2017, which is a hydrogen station in the country’s first commercial approval operation, created a national commercial hydrogenation station.

Primary river. At present, the hydrogen energy industry in the South China Sea covers the development of hydrogen-rich materials and hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen production, hydrogenation to hydrogen fuel power battery core components, power assembly and vehicle production..

In the future, the South China Sea will rely on existing automotive industrial bases, focus on technological innovation, promotion and application, develop new energy vehicles, especially hydrogen fuel power battery vehicles, is committed to become a vehicle and power lithium battery, drive motor, electricity Control and other key components in all-round development new energy vehicles and hydrogen energy industry bases. .

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