Hubei Zhijiang: Sheng Charging Lithium Battery Billion Industry ‘First Gun’

Hubei Zhijiang: Sheng Charging Lithium Battery Billion Industry 'First Gun'

It is an important layout of the branch of the Yangtze River in the branch of the Yangtze River, which is adjacent to the Yangtze River.. In 2018, Zhijiang has landed Jiang Shengxin materials, Jiangyu new energy, Jiangui new materials and other lithium-ion battery materials production companies.

. At the beginning of the new year, the Hubei Daily, the whole media reporter rushed to Zhijiang, visiting one of the “Sanjiang Brothers” – Hubei Jiangsuchin Materials Co., Ltd.

(this newspaper has followed the land of Jiangsheng Company last year). The eleventh month of February 15th, the rain is rainy, the cold winds. Wear a mask, put it on a clean suit, put on the shoe cover, enter the production workshop, reflecting the shadow of the eye.

The workers stand on the production line, and the company deputy general manager, the technical director Zhao Haiyu came back and forth in the workshop, and sometimes the operating equipment, sometimes communicating with workers.. “At the beginning of the first month, the equipment launched for 2 days, and everything is running the indicator.

. “Zhao Haiyu introduced that the first quarter is the off-season of the new energy automotive industry, but the company’s order has been covered for 1 month, and the horsepower production is being opened..

Jiangsheng Company is important to produce the core material of lithium-ion battery – diaphragm, first phase project design 4 wet separator production lines and 6 coated separator production lines, all put into production, annual output reached 260 million square meters, annual sales can be reached 1 billion yuan. The project takes place from landing to put into production, and it takes a year before and after..

Among them, device debugging is only 6 months, far below similar companies 12 months to 18 months.. In October 2018, the first production line of the company was officially put into production.

At present, there is only one wet diaphragm production line being commissioned (expected to put into production in May), and other equipment have been put into production.. The reporter saw that the wet diaphragm production line introduced from Japan, South Korea is all automation equipment, an annual production line of 50 million square meters of diaphragm, only 4 workers.

The diaphragm is produced in a closed device, which can only be “identified” through the relevant data indicators, and after molding, it is sent to the closed clean room to prevent it from contaminated dust.. Zhao Haiyu explained that clean room is constant temperature control, reaching 10,000 dust standards, namely 1 cubic meters space, dust in diameter below 2,000, is the highest clean standard in chemical companies.

“The less dust, the better the battery performance.”. “Entering the door of office area, personnel and sales department is closed, knocking in no one.

“The first month of the first month, the people in the two departments will go out.. “Hong Laishi, executive deputy general manager of the company, is introduced that the company’s equipment production has exceeded expectations, leading to more than 40 shortcomings, colleagues in the Department of Personnel, recruit in Yichang, Zhijiang, and the Yang and other places; 10 colleagues in the Sales Department, General Manager and a deputy general manager lead, go out to visit customers, develop new markets.

Hong Lao Shi introduced that on the first month of February 13, at the third-level cadre meeting of Zhijiang City, Jiangsheng Company was rated as one of the 15 excellent companies in the city, and received a smart technology renovation project award 1 million yuan.. On the work desk of Hongliang Shi, a investment plan has been included in the second phase of investment.

. He pointed out a short air point: “The development of new energy vehicles is in full swing, we are very confident in the future, looking forward to Hubei Daily reporters to follow the second phase of project construction next year..


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