How to charge the lithium battery to become awarded award

How to charge the lithium battery to become awarded award

When you use the mobile terminal to browse the latest news, you will think that the power of the mobile terminal in your hand – the lithium-ion battery is this year’s award results! Beijing time on October 9, the Swedish Royal Academy announced that The 2019 Nobel Chemical Awards awarded Professor John Gudinar, Professor Stanley Weitan and Dr. Ji Najun to recognize their outstanding contributions they made in lithium-ion batteries..

Why are there a lithium-ion battery in everyday life, why be a new award? This has to be said from the study of “battery instead of oil”.. In 1973, the fourth Middle East War caused the first oil crisis, developed countries such as the United States realized the importance of getting rid of oil-dependent, and they have begun to invest in battery research – the battery can not only replace oil into automobile new energy, but also the solar energy , Energy storage device such as renewable energy such as wind energy.

Therefore, the enthusiasm of the country has developed such a battery. The first breakthrough is Stanley Weitan. He drafted the initial design method of lithium-ion battery: the titanium sulfide is a positive material, and the metal lithium is a negative electrode material – which proves to be charged and discharged battery.

. It is also solved by Weiting Han..

But over time, people find that the negative electrode is not safe with metal lithium.. The lithium ion battery will continue to analyze the dendritic crystal as the number of use times, eventually causing battery spontaneous combustion.

Is there a way to solve this problem? At the age of 97 this year, Professor Gudarnaf in the history of Note in history. In 1980, the ancient Danf team proposed and found a lithium oxide positive material – lithium cobaltate, which is still used in various mainstream consumer electronics, coupled with the negative electrode of lithium aluminum alloy, he will Humans bring the era of portable mobile phones and laptops. In 1997, the 75-year-old ancient Denaf and his team have developed another more stable and safe positive electrode material lithium iron phosphate.

. It is the mainstream material of electric vehicles, electric bus, electric ship, large-scale energy storage, communication base station, data center, etc..

Only more extensive applications can promote further development of lithium-ion batteries. How to set the battery material in the experiment to the available devices, really applied to small objects? Japanese scientist Ji Ying is done. In 1990, after 10 years of research, it was also a company researcher’s Ji-life, successfully replaced the lithium alloy as the negative electrode of the battery, combined with the lithium cobalt acid positive electrode, such a battery became safer.

, Greatly reduced self-ignition risk. According to Ji Niki, Sony officially launched the world’s first commercial lithium-ion battery in 1991..

Subsequently, they replaced the carbon positively to graphene, which enhanced the safety, energy density and cycle life of the battery.. Compared with lead-acid batteries, nickel silicon batteries, the lithium ion battery has the advantages of high energy density, long life, no memory effect, and is a battery with excellent performance.

. I want that year, the invention of electric vehicles is far from the invention of the internal combustion engine..

However, with the continuous improvement of internal combustion engine efficiency, the battery is filled with electric vehicles due to low energy density.. Now, the electric car returns to people in the field of vision, an important premise is that in order to replace the lithium-ion battery in the oil, now I finally assume important historical mission.

. At present, the global lithium-ion battery industry is close to $ 50 billion, and is rising at a rate of more than 10% a year..

Lithium-ion batteries have infiltrated the role of human life, and its invention is more supported by the continuous development of human social high-tech.. Obviously, the lithium-ion battery has become a promised results, and it is well deserved!.

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