How many companies have a chance to limit this fire that ignited the charging lithium battery sector?

How many companies have a chance to limit this fire that ignited the charging lithium battery sector?

After two days of adjustment, the Shanghai Index fell below 3,000 in 14 days.. However, this plate is fired.

. That’s right, it is a lithium ion battery sector. Despite the full-scale hotspots on the 14th, the plates including Guancheng Datong, Xingyun Shares, Daily.

. It is worth mentioning that the turnover of many employment companies has reached the highest value in nearly half a month, among which the turnover of the Lithium Lithium Lithium Industry is even more sincere..

What is the logic of the battery market? Xiaobian grouted for you. Logic 1: The new increase in the production of electric vehicles to expand the output of electric vehicles, which is undoubtedly the most important factor leading to industrial fires..

In the late 2018, with the foundation of the TSLA Shanghai factory, domestic electric motor companies also opened a new round of production expansion.. Including domestic brands, Great Wall, Haijia Auto (2.

570, -0.12, -4.46%), and FAW Toyota, Guangqi Honda and other joint venture brands have announced the production of new energy vehicles.

. German Volkswagen will invest 30 billion euros to develop electric vehicle Volkswagen Group CEO Dis 13th, the electric vehicle will become the future of the group, and it will invest 30 billion euros in the next five years (about 227.856 billion yuan), the next 10 years.

Plan to produce 22 million pure electric vehicles. Disrestened that by 2028, the public will launch about 70 new electric vehicles, and the mass group will be transformed into a pure electric vehicle factory in Germany..

At the same time, the Volkswagen Group is located in Anting and Foshan, will also be transformed into electric cars.. FAW Toyota 120,000 new energy vehicle projects public information show that Tianjin FAW Toyota Automobile Co.

, Ltd. TEDA Factory was approved by Tianjin Development Reform Commission in the second half of 2018, the construction fund is 1.762 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​5.

87 Ten thousand square meters. It is understood that the project uses the existing TEDA line to conduct technical transformation, and proposes to transform the existing 5 of the process factory and production line. Add 120,000 new energy vehicle capabilities, including 110,000 PHEV models, EV models 10,000, It is expected to select and purchase related equipment to the end of 2018 to early 2019.

. Guangqi Honda New Energy Vehicle Yield Expanded Construction Project Guangzhou November 1 November 1, the company’s 5th Board of Directors adopted two motion related to the production line of new energy vehicles..

The first is the establishment of a new energy vehicle production workshop and assembly workshop in GAC Honda, and the project is expected to increase by 120,000 units / year. The total investment of project plan is 2.99 billion yuan.

. In addition, Guangqi Honda also plans to transform the original general assembly area as a new energy vehicle assembly workshop and expand the renovation and transformation. At the same time, the new energy car supporting facilities, the project is expected to achieve 50,000 units / year.

Project plan total investment of 276 million yuan. Hippocampus new 50,000 electric car production capacity Henan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision Commission has brought to Hippocampus New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

. Project construction includes five1 sets of joint plants such as the original assembly, car body, painting, welding and other combined plants and other production facilities, new purchase production and test testing equipment, newly increased 5 in the case of the total output Wan electric car production power, other passenger cars and N1-cargo cars have been adjusted to 10,000 vehicles. The total investment of the project is 612 million yuan, of which fixed asset investment is 460 million yuan.

. Logic 2: Industrial chain supplier does not require the power of the power lithium battery industry to have the law of “Heng Hengqiang”, in order to meet the needs of major automakers in the future, including CATL, Guoxuan Haoke, domestic mainstream battery merchant launched a new one Round production expansion. The reporter learned from the upper reaches of the industry chain that companies have a good qualification company since last year.

. Tianqi lithium industry: Lithium salt products continue to supply reporters from Tianqi lithium industry, although the prices of lithium salt products are low due to competition, the company is still in short supply..

The company’s person in charge said, although the high-end output of the lithium salt market is intensified, the high-end output of resources and quality assurance is still nervous, the company’s products are in a state of supply, in addition to supplying large customers, other customers have to pay goods. In terms of production, the company will further expand production based on the big order and downstream large customers, and the company will reach 50,000 tons at the end of this year, and in the next three years to 100,000 tons..

锋 业: Expand the global carbonate production of lithium carbonate, the March 2019, in order to ensure the smooth investment of the Argentine Cauchari-Olaroz Lithium Salt Lake Project, listed companies through the owner of the Lithium Salt Lake project through subsidiaries Mineraexar “$ 100 million (about 671 million yuan) financial funding. According to disclosure, the project is expected to start camp, mine and yanfang construction, booking important equipment, etc. In the first half of 2020.

Nebula shares: Lithium-ion battery testing equipment procurement As a battery testing equipment supplier of CATL, BYD, Guoxuan high-class, Nebula is also the beneficiary of this new energy vehicle production expansion.. According to disclosure, in addition to the above battery manufacturers, Dongfeng Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile, Juanluo, Qi Shi Auto and other vehicle companies are also company customers.

Nebran Shares recently said that the market demand and new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery installed in the company, the new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery installed volume, and the product of battery manufacturers is closely related, and the purchase of corresponding equipment will be added as customers.. Logic 3: Industry Chain Acceleration to my country Transfers BMW, Mercedes, Audi, TSLA, etc.

, has a new energy production base “immigration” my country, which is the best certificate of the global new energy industry chain toward my country’s mainland.. In addition, car import tariffs in the second half of 2018 have also highlight the determination of my country’s auto industry to actively embrace competition and challenges.

. SAIC Volkswagen Anting New Energy Factory was put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2018, covering an area of ​​405,600 square meters, the planned annual output of the annual output of SAIC Volkswagen New Energy Plant officially started in Shanghai Anting. It is reported that the total investment of the project is 17 billion yuan, which will be officially put into production in 2020.

. According to the data, the Anting Factory after the completion of the transformation will become the world’s first factory specializing in the production of MEB pure electric vehicles..

The MEB platform is called “electric vehicle modular platform”, which is a platform for pure electric automotive models.. Great Wall Motors and BMW Joint venture factory was put into production reported on behalf of the reporter who interviewed the Great Wall Auto President Wang Fengying, I learned that the New Factory of Great Wall Motors and BMW in Zhangjiagang will be put into production in the first half of 2021.

. It is reported that the plant’s standard annual output is 160,000, the maximum annual output of 250,000 vehicles..

By then, the product produced by the factory will face the global market.. At present, the planar layout of the plant has been completed, except for BMW MINI electric cars, it will also produce a full-brand electric vehicle.

Li Shufu into the share of DaiHimler, although Geely Automobile and Daimler has not been disclosed, but the outside world has believed that both parties will negotiate the production of Mercedes-Benz “Smart” in Daimler.. In 2018, Li Donghui, Vice President, Geely, has been revealed that Geely has been discussed with Daimler’s three major fields of electricization, automatic driving technology and future automobiles, and established several projects for communication.

. It should be pointed out that Li Shufu, Chairman Geely, is currently the largest single shareholder of Daimler..

In 2018, Li Shufu acquired Daimler 9.69% stake through the secondary market. At each time, Li Shufu once announced that Dai Merle was electrified, intelligent, unmanned, and shared the advantages of various fields.

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