How long is the life of the charging lithium battery? It is completely dependent on these two factors!

How long is the life of the charging lithium battery? It is completely dependent on these two factors!

In the 1970s, M.S.Whittingham proposed and began to study lithium-ion batteries.

Since the chemical properties of lithium metals are very lively, chemical reactions are particularly prone to chemical reactions, so that the processing, preservation, use, and environmental requirements of lithium metal are very high.. The same lithium-ion battery storage environment greatly affects the performance and life of lithium-ion batteries.

1. Self-disciplines of lithium-ion batteries are well known that lithium-ion battery life is limited, generally 300-500 times. In fact, the life of a lithium-ion battery must be counted from the factory that it is factory, not from the first use start.

. The lithium-ion battery is in the self-discharge process before use, and the self-discharge phenomenon of the lithium-ion battery itself is a phenomenon of all lithium ion batteries..

The self-discharge of the lithium-ion battery is affected by the ambient temperature and humidity, high temperature and low temperature accelerate the self-discipline of the battery. It is recommended to store the battery at 0 ¡ã C ~ 20 ¡ã C drying environment..

So to see a lithium-ion battery life to see the production date on its packaging. 2. The chemical decomposition of lithium-ion batteries is a complex chemical reaction system inside the lithium-ion battery, which is important to consist of materials such as positive, negative electrode materials, electrolyte and diaphragm.

. In addition to the main reaction of lithium ions, there are some other side reactions, such as electrolyte decomposition, active substance dissolution, etc..

Lithium-ion batteries that have long been put on hold, the internal balanced state will be affected. In general, do not mix the batteries and metal objects, so that the metal object is touched to the battery positive and negative poles, resulting in short circuit, damaging the battery or even dangerous. Lithium ion batteries should be stored in a ventilated dry, away from high temperatures and fire sources, prevent high temperature and high humidity affecting lithium ion battery performance and corrosion surface.

Understand the impact of the storage environment of the lithium-ion battery on its performance, so that the manufacturer and dealer can better control the production cycle and sales cycle of lithium-ion batteries, but also to make customers more reasonable use of lithium-ion batteries, manufacturers and distributors must The impact of long-term storage of lithium ion batteries on its performance is particularly concerne.

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