How is the global economy decline Korean battery company?

How is the global economy decline Korean battery company?

This year’s global economy is not very good, LG Chemistry and SDI have announced Q3 performance, come and see. The sales of LG chemistry Q3 increased by 1.6% to 7.

3 trillion won. The operating profit fell by 37% year-on-year to 380.3 billion won, up 42% from the previous month; net profit was 137.

2 billion won. Affected by the overall influence, it is normal to decline in Korea’s performance from the entire company in LG Chemical..

Q3 battery service sales is 2.2 trillion won (approximately 13.25 billion yuan), business profit is 71.

2 billion won (about 430 million yuan), and the total battery sales in June 1- September is 5.869 trillion won, before LG. There are nearly 4.

13 million won in 2019, there are nearly 4.131 trillions. This gap is difficult to make up in the next quarter.

From the total operating profit, the loss is 204.7 billion won..

On the issue of profits, the currently seen report is important to have such a few: a) This year, LG chemistry has lost a lot of money in the country’s ESS business, and the one-time expenditure is relatively high. According to the assessment, this loss is 100 billion won; It hasn’t seen that South Korea’s domestic storage ESS business has recovery. The previous Samsung’s transformation module and system design also hopes to drop this impact.

B) Added in European demand, but European factory output is not In the South Korea’s securities report, there is a statistical to assess the production of Poland batteries based on the amount of battery from South Korea’s batteries to Poland and Europe.. At present, the production of Poland is very slow.

On the one hand, this issue is limited to the production preparation of Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen brand. On the other hand, it also limits the 2020 process, from Samsung to establish a battery in Hungary Factory, go to LGChem, may have no way to move skilled workers to Europe. I am very curious about how CATL in Germany solves the human hand problem.

. c) KoreaHerald’s statement, Q3’s profit is important to increase through overseas sales through the energy storage ESS system. In 2019, sales increased by 50% over last year, LG chemistry Q4 is important to supply TSLA in my country What is the case of the situation?.

There is a domestic analyst to judge the production preparation of LG in China by the gross profit of the diaphragm manufacturer.. 2) SDISDI is the third quarter turnover of 2567.

9 billion Wan, and the operating profit is 166 billion won.. The battery service has a sales of 1.

95 trillion won, an increase of 1.5% over the same period last year, and there is not much surprise from the actual situation of Q3. Important is the need for PHEV battery.

At present, SDI’s biggest problem is almost no more harvest on New BEV project in Europe. This year, Samsung SDI is akasol supplier car battery and module) B. SDI is currently seeking shipments in ESS.

This quarterly shipments have recovery. The next quarter can push (Essequipped, OversSgusgrowthtosustainMainlyInusau) C) Samsung’s small battery business, At present, there is a competition of domestic companies. Plus did not get the demand weakened in Tsla’s demand; Samsung mobile phone will slowly affect SDI’s small battery shipments last SK innovation at October 30 Announced performance, but due to small shipments, the status of the current lithium-ion battery service is more difficult to speculate.

Summary: Korean battery companies have different attitudes in this wave of downward economic cycles, and two are far more than the domestic faucet’s money, the third quarter of BYD’s net profit is also very scared ^ _ ^.

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