How is lithium iron phosphate how to rise in three yuan?

How is lithium iron phosphate how to rise in three yuan?

The type and performance of the positive electrode material compares the three-yuan material fire from the output. At present, the three-yuan material has become a sub-segment of the positive material growth. According to statistics, the national positive material production in 2017 is 210,000 tons, up 3% year-on-year.

Among them, the three yuan materials are 86,000 tons, 58,000 tons of lithium phosphate, 45,000 tons of cobaltate, 210,000 lithium manganate, 2 yuan materials to replace the phosphate iron, bismarite, the highest-growth positive material, benefit by Use a car to take a passenger car to become an important increment of new energy vehicles. Domestic positive material production In 2017, my country’s positive material production structure was from raw material. Since 2017, metal cobalt prices have skyrocketed, and cobalt with three yuan batteries has become the fastest growth in cobalt, the largest demand field.

. Three-yuan positive material should rise, in the face of rapidly climbing cost pressures, battery manufacturers use positive material technology to collaborate, and buffer the original material price increase, and master upstream resources. The three-yuan materials compare the lithium iron phosphate profit space, and many companies have layout three-yuan materials.

. How to open a meridian? 1. Technical breakthrough, solve the lithium-iron phosphate ion battery with low energy density, refers to a lithium ion battery with lithium iron phosphate as a positive material material.

Trimer material lithium-ion battery refers to a lithium ion battery using lithium nickel-manganese acid as a positive material, graphite as a negative electrode material. Unlike lithium iron phosphate, the ternary lithium-ion battery voltage platform is high, which means that the specific volume of the three-dimensional lithium ion battery is greater in the same volume or weight..

In addition, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery has great advantages in terms of high-rate charging, and low temperature resistance.. As can be seen from the above figure, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate is the lowest.

In the latest subsidy policy, the passenger car is 120Wh / kg, the passenger car 115Wh / kg becomes an important waters, only satisfied can get a double compensation. Under the stimulation of the policy, the promotion technology is one of the key. In the operation of improving the energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, the improvement of the negative electrode material is also a key link.

. In addition to graphite, other materials that are likely to improve the performance of the negative electrode material, including silicon, and various oxide additives to add to the current traditional graphite, this is currently a more feasible method, and now many companies have Adopt. 2, cost control, fast charge technology breakthrough, breaking the three-yuan passenger car to lift the ban on three yuan in 2016, the lithium iron phosphate became mainstream in new energy passengers, thanks to the rapid development of new energy passengers, in 2016 Among the year shipments, lithium iron phosphate occupied more than 70%.

In 2017, with the unity of safety standards, the passenger car began to lift the ban, but the adopter still almost. But with the launch of the 2018 subsidy policy, three yuan re-enter the declaration list. Does this mean that the three-yuan roll is coming? In fact, the answer is not clear.

After the relevant standards are determined, the three yuan security issues do not have to worry, but they are inertia of cooperation and technology, and then with the limitations of the bus market, the development of new energy bus industry has gradually encountered ceiling.. Moreover, regarding the commercial vehicle, the energy density is not the first concern, cost, operational efficiency, etc.

. In the lithium-ion battery company, the two-level differentiation, CATL, BYD, Watma, etc. occupied the important share of the market, and the three companies, in the new energy passenger car, the special car market occupied the absolute dominance, from the market share, Lithium iron phosphate still has a lot of space.

3, the ladder is used, solving the problem with the difficulty of recycling, with the end of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery life, recovery becomes a big problem. Compared with the ternary battery, the lithium iron phosphate recycling rate is low, lacks a profit point, and even recycling of regeneration materials is in a loss, which causes lithium iron ion battery recovery not only not to bring efficiency, but also be dragged down..

In 2018, the new regulations for the recycling of powerful lithium batteries clearly clarified the subject and responsibility. The battery company was actively studying more green and economically recycled technology. Only the short board was supplemented, and lithium iron phosphate can be on the road of sustainable development.

Go further. And at the same time, the tradder utilization, and the urgency of developing the new market to become battery companies..

After the subsidy, cost, efficiency becomes the core of market attention. .

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