How far is the battery cost will happen again?

How far is the battery cost will happen again?

According to foreign media reports, Tslaceo Elon Mask has recently said in the European battery conference that TSLA’s long-term goal is to reduce the cost of the battery pack to $ 50-55 / kWh. As far as it is, the cost of the battery pack is still high. By the end of 2019, the average cost except TSLA is about $ 156 / kWh.

TSLA has been confidential for its actual cost of its battery pack, but Mask has previously revealed that the company will be less than $ 100 at the end of 2018.. The new 4680 battery, new information displayed, relying on new battery technology and the production process that is controlled by TSLA, the future can increase the endless mileage of TSLA models by 54%, and each kWh battery cost is 56%, each The investment cost required for KWH is 69%.

This can be estimated that after 4680 batteries in the future, TSLA or can reduce its cost to about 50-55 US dollars / kWh. Masque said that TSLA is currently capable of producing a long-lived mileage, fast charging car. However, in order to make these cars get cheaper, the company must continue to reduce battery production costs.

At the same time, reducing the production cost of the battery will be the key to the pricing of electric vehicles and the key to the pricing of internal combustion engines.. Edit Comment: TSLA has made multi-wheel price cuts in my country.

It is to rely on the cost of components including the battery. Lower the pricing of electric vehicles, can even be lower than the fuel truck, to achieve better competitive advantage and sales profit. Do you think electric cars and the same level of fuel truck far are far from the same price? How can it be realized in about a few years? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment area.

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