How does the car enterprise have in the Malaysian Battery Factory?

How does the car enterprise have in the Malaysian Battery Factory?

The power lithium battery is related to the use of electric vehicles and the cost of the vehicle. With the decrease in new energy car subsidies, more and more automotive car companies are added to this industry, and now the cost of the battery accounts for 20 of the entire vehicle. To 35% of the cost, the price and car cost of the vehicle, such as TSLA, Volkswagen, Daimler and other foreign giants and Geely Automobile, Great Wall Motors, etc.

have chosen self-construction battery factories in recent years, of course about car enterprises. How do you respond to the battery factory? First, the battery manufacturer with technology and supply chain advantages, in terms of technology, research and development of high-tech battery products, and give full play to the market dominance and industrial chain, reduce cost and improve production efficiency..

To achieve high cost-effective battery products, you can use your own products and some car companies to join the company’s battery factories, which not only cooperates with car companies, but also enables its own business to achieve rapid expansion, thereby preventing autonomous research and development batteries. Regarding some of its own impact. Second, in the development technology of the battery, it is necessary to prevent the emergence of impact.

About battery manufacturers can prevent such situations in whole, in addition to improving the technology level, from some services From the perspective to find its own breakthrough, of course, from reducing power lithium battery costs, switching mode, electricity separation, or try battery rental, with some new models such as rent purchase. Join the back market service of the battery Not only can it dimly fade battery costs, but also make the advantages of new energy vehicles easier to be seen by consumers..

In order to see if you are looking for your own road, you can steadily develop in the competition.

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