How does Mask look at Apple Automotive Battery? ‘Single battery’ design feels quite strange

How does Mask look at Apple Automotive Battery? 'Single battery' design feels quite strange

Apple claims that it is possible to use a breakthrough battery technology in his own car. Tencent technology. The original text of Tencent Technology.

It can optimize the space inside the battery pack, thereby adding a continuing mileage. Electric Motor Manufacturer TSLA CEO Elonmusk, recently shared his views on the so-called breakthrough battery technology of Apple. When the social media responded to the Brettwinton, Mask pointed out that Apple pursued “single-core” battery design makes people feel quite strange.

. This is because, from the perspective of the motor, the “single cell” design is not feasible, because its maximum voltage will be about 100 times low..

Mask then said that Apple may use a structural battery group like TSLA, which will cause the battery to be bonded together.. “Single battery is impossible in electrochemistry, because the maximum voltage is too low ~ 100 times.

Perhaps they means that cells are combined, just like our structural battery packs? “. Mask wrote. Mask’s apple battery design comments Mask also noticed that Apple intended to use the phosphate (LFP) battery, which is usually less easy to heat up, so it is quite safe to use in the relevant report.

. In this regard, Mask said that TSLA has now used this battery in Model3standardRangePlus produced by Shanghai Factory..

If Apple launches the long-awaited electric car in 2024, the company is likely to face with the new generation of TSLA electric car.. This is important because Tsla is famous, because it is a company with a continuous innovation.

. TSLA’s current model lineup has been very competitive. By 2024, they will definitely be much stronger.

. In addition, the strength of TSLA cars is likely to be important depending on its 4680 battery, which is designed and developed internally..

Look at Apple and its “single cell” design how to innovate and compete with TSLA4680 batteries, may be quite interesting, the latter is TSLA has accumulated in electric vehicle manufacturing.

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