How does electric car batteries guarantee ‘safety first’

How does electric car batteries guarantee 'safety first'

“Battery Security” is a recent hot topic in the new energy vehicle field.. Previously, TSLA, Wei came, BYD and other electric vehicles were connected to the fire event, and the survey results of the event involved battery safety issues, and triggered public concerns.

. Why does the electric car suddenly enhanced? Is battery technology safe and reliable? Reporter launches investigation. Some electric vehicle battery safety hazards on April 21, a community of Underground garage in a community in Xuhui District, Shanghai spontaneously.

Video surveillance shows, the vehicle chassis suddenly appeared in a white smoke, just a few seconds, the white smoke became more and more, and the fire was knocked and the fire was booming.. The accident also caused two cars parked by the vehicle next to the vehicle to be burn differently, fortunately no casualties.

In the next two months, the model of the ES8 model has spontaneously in Xi’an, Shanghai, Wuhan, a BYD E5 model is also fired in Wuhan.. Electric cars frequently fire, causing public concerns about electric vehicle safety, and involving companies also respond to relevant events.

In addition to BYD declares that the power lithium battery in the chassis position of the train is intact, TSLA indicates that the self-ignition accident is caused by a single battery module fault in front of the vehicle.. It is also because of the risk of self-containers in Shanghai, the auto-combustion accident is caused by hidden dangers in battery safety.

. Since some models have battery safety hidden dangers, it is a total of 4,803 units, which is called ES8 vehicles produced by NEV-P50 module battery packs produced from April 2nd to Nature, 2018, and replaced the battery for users. Bag.

Available battery module supplier CATL said that the recall of battery pack box and its supply of module structure interfere, in some extreme conditions, low-voltage sampling line beam short-circuit risk, there is a safety hazard. Is electric car battery security guaranteed? In recent years, the news of electric car batteries at home and abroad will often appear. The United States, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, etc.

also have a similar incident.. The State Market Supervision Statement said that according to the information of the mastery, from January to October 2018, the new energy car fire incident exceeds 40.

Why do electric cars are related to the battery? LURC, the relevant person in charge of Hui Can science and technology, said that the electric vehicle battery has short-circuit, puncture, overcharge, impact, etc., the electrolyte inside the battery will quickly accumulate thermal energy. When the internal temperature of the battery core reaches 110 ¡ã C, it will arrive at the heat.

The starting point, it may be a series of chain reactions, resulting in the heat and temperature, and the probability is probably caused by safety accidents.. Zhao Xinghua, Zhao Xinghua, Zhao Xinghua, believes that there is currently a lithium-ion battery, and lithium-ion battery technology itself is more secure and reliable.

. However, when designing some models, the vehicle factory, in order to save battery pack space, improve the battery life of the vehicle, there are some safety hazards in terms of battery pack line arrangement, and it is easy to initiate battery spontaneous combustion phenomenon..

It is understood that consumers generally have certain requirements for consumers to have certain requirements for the battery life of electric vehicles, so that the vehicle enterprise will sacrifice part of the stability when pursuing high energy density of the battery.. However, this situation has changed, and the market’s requirements for endurance have become more frank with the improvement of charging infrastructure.

. According to industry insiders, from the past statistics, the self -ustrability rate of electric vehicles is not high than the self –ustrability of traditional fuel vehicles. With the development of technology, consumers should have confidence in electric vehicles.

. How to achieve “safety first” in the electric car battery in recent years, the production and sales of new energy vehicles continue to rise, prove the continuous improvement of its market recognition. The industry believes that eliminating consumers’ safety concerns about electric vehicles is a task that needs to be solved, especially as a battery problem that the main cause of vehicles.

. Wang Yao, deputy secretary general of my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, said that my country’s powered lithium battery industry has entered the “shuffle” period after experiencing early policy subsidies, the product quality is not up to standard, and it is difficult to achieve profitable companies gradually eliminated. Development is transformed from “large scale” to “fine quality”.

The country has a corresponding electric vehicle safety warning and supervision, hoping to continue to strengthen the emergency response system of new energy vehicles and power lithium batteries.. While battery production technology, supervision is constantly strengthening.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry Development, published “Notice on the Investigation of New Energy Automobile Safety Safety Trims” on June 7th, and clarifying the company’s first responsibility of the company to assume new energy vehicle safety, requiring new energy automobile production companies At the end of October, the new energy vehicle safety hazard investigation work was completed, and a written report was formed.. The State Market Supervision, General Administration, before, will continue to carry out special investigations in new energy vehicle fire accidents, conduct research on information sharing mechanisms, further enhance defect judgment technology and ability, strengthen recall supervision.

At the same time, it will promote standard system amendment, product quality guarantee and other systems, and urge the production company to improve product quality and safety, protect the healthy development of industries, and ensure new energy vehicle safety operation.. Zhao Xinghua pointed out that the industry is constantly improving, more and more traditional automotive manufacturers join the “battlefield” of electric vehicles, these companies have accumulated the quality of product quality, and also promoting the safety of electric vehicles.

. The new “player” also in the growth, Hua Chendong, vice president of Evan Electric Engineering, said that the company has established a cross-sectoral action team, and the joint-related supply chain partners continue to optimize the product quality management system..

“In the long run, we must also create a perfect battery recycling system to ensure the safety of gradually increased electric vehicle batteries.. Wang Yao said.

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