How do my country charging lithium battery manufacturers and companies participate in the future competition ‘big show?

How do my country charging lithium battery manufacturers and companies participate in the future competition 'big show?

my country’s lithium-ion battery manufacturer and company how to participate in the future competition “big show”? Under the strong support of the country, my country’s lithium-ion battery company has developed rapidly in the past few years, and has achieved fruitful development results, and has taken “going out” pace of. Due to my country’s huge market, foreign lithium-e-electric giants have been invested in my country, and they want to seize the market..

Under the double pressure of domestic price warfare and foreign companies, how do domestic lithium-ion batteries? my country’s lithium-ion battery manufacturer and company will participate in the future competition “big show”? After years of development, my country’s lithium-ion battery industry chain rapidly rises, including upstream raw materials, four major materials, batteries, equipment and other fields have a batch of energy and Excellent lithium-ion battery manufacturers competition in international companies, the discolity rights in the international market. It is worth noting that although my country’s lithium-ion battery material has strong market competitiveness in the world, there are also many problems in the industry..

Important reflection is in terms of over-production, good quality, large price, fierce competition, the company’s intellectual property awareness is weak, etc.. Want to show your hands in the lithium-ion battery industry, stand firm, the following suggestions: First, the market concentration is continuously improved, the head company is more competitive.

my country’s lithium-ion battery manufacturer must establish its own technical patent system, transforming from the manufacturing company to the technology company;. Although the current domestic battery production continues to expand, high quality production, efficient production, high-grade production will be core competitiveness; the third is that electric-core safety is not the target, electric vehicle and energy storage system security is the goal..

New generation battery technology innovation is the core, such as blade batteries, CTP, solid state batteries, etc. will make security problems become history; four is the material system will lead to changes in revolution. Optimization of lithium-electric material system will enable the ability and status of lithium-ion batteries to improve, and the entire industry pattern will have a giant change; five is that lithium-ion battery intelligent manufacturing is still in the primary stage.

. Future intelligent technology will have a systematic application in a lithium-ion battery manufacturing, from data collection to the application, from the problematic traceability to prevention; Sixth, electric vehicles and lithium electricity enters globalization, domesticization has passed. At present, my country’s lithium-ion battery manufacturers have continuously deepen the trend and level of global competition.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the regional concept, enhance the global strategic thinking; Z7 is my country is a new energy vehicle, the biggest market of new energy vehicles, energy storage, and the wolves have come.. In the face of foreign batteries and foreign-funded mainframes enter into our market, domestic and foreign joint ventures cooperate to accelerate, my country’s lithium-ion battery companies must unite should not lose the opportunity.

In the future, the overall trend of battery manufacturing and development is: “high quality, efficiency, high stability” and “informationization, no humanization, visualization”. Battery companies should accelerate the intelligent manufacturing of the battery industry through technological innovation, production automation and management standardization. Only in this way can you get survival in the fierce market competition and develop.

my country’s Lithium Coal’s future competition pattern future The demand in the world’s lithium-ion battery industry in the field of power lithium battery will be upgraded from 93GWH in 2018 to 973GWH in 2025. It is expected that by 2021, Panasonic, LG chemistry, and CATL production will exceed 50GWH, which is absolute incremental source. The future global battery market oligarch will be further strengthened.

. Upgrading of dynamic lithium-ion battery demand will turn to the equipment company to increase its own technology development and process, so that equipment companies such as small and medium-sized technologies are accelerated, and industry concentration will continue to improve..

Future lithium-ion battery equipment industry competition will be upgraded from a single element of competition to companies, technology, talents, etc.. Overall, as the market competition exacerbates and subsidizes the surge, lithium-ion battery companies are actively looking for new segments, targeted product products.

. As lithium-ion battery costs have fallen sharply, the technical performance is greatly improved, and the lithium-ion battery will go to more and more application scenarios, segment, fine development will be an important opportunity for lithium-ion battery companies.

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