How do I get the country Xuan Gaoke ‘?

How do I get the country Xuan Gaoke '?

Referral to the power lithium battery industry, many people will think of China and South Korea three points, CATL / BYD leads to our country, but in fact, in addition to CATL / BYD, there have been many domestic battery companies to rise rapidly, go out of the country, and grow up The world’s leading power lithium battery supplier. Recently, in my country’s 2019 new energy subsidy policy has not yet clear, Guoxuan high-tech frequency layout, the foundation for further development of the 2019 lithium-ion battery market. On February 13th, Guoxuan High-Tech Notice said that all the subsidiaries Hefeng Guoxuan and BOSC have recently signed “procurement agreement” in Hefei recently.

. Hefei Guoxuan as a BOSCH qualified supplier, will supply lithium-ion batteries, modules and battery packs (parts, products), etc..

On February 15th, Guoxuan High-class and Zhongtai Automobile held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly explore the research and development of new energy automotive batteries, battery and other product technology, and achieve in-depth cooperation in new product development..

On February 18, Guoxuan Quanke’s answer on investigators on the interactive platform, said that the company’s soft bag line has productivity in January this year, and then the process verification and product verification are required, and it is expected to implement soft bag by 2020. Lithium battery mass production. Signing Bosch, teamed up with Zhongtai, layout soft bag, in just one week after the Spring Festival, Guoxuan’s high school completed international orders, partners and technology.

Obviously, as the top three high schools in the 2018 domestic power lithium battery installed capacity, in 2019, we will have to “dry one” in 2019, further enhance the market share. According to the data, Guoxuan’s high school is an old powered lithium battery provider in 2006, which has been focused on the research and development and production of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries. As the three-yuan battery is widely used by passenger cars, Guoxuan also Started to actively lay out of the three-yuan lithium-ion battery technology route.

In the beginning of this year, the three yuan 811 soft bag sample prepared has passed the mid-term inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the energy density reached 302Wh / kg, and the number of cycles exceeded 1500 weeks.. According to 2018, 2018, Guoxuan’s high-tech was taken at 3.

09GWH full year, followed by CATL, BYD’s third, while in January 2019, my country’s powered lithium battery installed total power supply is about 4.98GWH, and its national Xuan High-tech continues to maintain the market status of the top three in the industry with 187MWH installed power. It is worth mentioning that in the 2019 new energy car recommended directory announced in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are a total of 106 models, and our country’s high-tech model is 12 models, accounting for 11.

32%, the second, and important supporting North Auto. New energy, Jianghuai, Zhongtai, Chery, Shanghai Vientiane, Tangshan Safety models. Regarding the 2019 company development strategy, Guoxuan high-tech highly recognized the market prospect of the lithium iron ion battery, and also optimistic about the development space of the three-dimensional ion battery, according to its own technical strength and market proportion according to its own in the field of ferrite.

, The main melody of “Iron Lithium, Sitial Triple”. The Passenger Truck LFP Half Mountain Energy Density Towards 200WH / KG as a representative of lithium iron phosphate, Guoxuan high-tech, has a highly advantageous lithium iron phosphate technology, especially in the field of passenger cars, 2018 National Xuan Quanke Take 1.57 GWH’s installed volume, exclusively, “half-waters”.

As early as 2018, Guoxuan’s high school has completed the energy density of iron phosphate monomer energy density by 170Wh / kg to 180WH / kg production line, and can meet the new energy vehicles more than 400 kilometers of battery life.. With the development of new materials for new materials, the company plans to increase the energy density of ferrite monomer cells in 2019 to approximately 200Wh / kg.

Guoxuan’s high-tech believes that with the subsidy, the high-cost, long-life, high-security, etc. of lithium iron phosphate will appear in the passenger car, and the lithium lame is lithium The dominant position of the passenger car market, as well as the application of lithium iron phosphate ion battery in the energy storage market, the future of the lithium iron in the future is very broad. It is worth mentioning that in 2019, the first new energy car recommended directory, the Quanxuan high-class phosphate ion battery is 695km, 715km, which is 695km, 715km, which is supported by Ankai bus supporting.

For the two special car types for Jianghuai, the only two endless miles exceeded 400km.. Incentive three-yuan lithium ion battery 2020 output 811 soft boiled lithium battery With the rise of new energy passenger car market, the three-dimensional ion battery has gradually escalated kettate and electricity market share, battery company If you want to make a big stronger, you must lay out the high-energy density ternary lithium-ion battery.

. The three-dollar layout of Guoxuan’s high-tech started the three-yuan material development department established in 2015, from the beginning, the direction of industrialization. From experimental forward-looking research, to 622 three-yuan battery, then to 622 upgrade version 50ah complete research and development, Guoxuan Haoke in the strategic attack of the three-yuan battery, continues to increase.

On November 16, 2016, the annual output of 1GWH in Guoxuan’s high-tech is officially put into production in Qingdao Lai New Energy Industry Park.. In 2018, China Xuan was in the application of three yuan battery industrialization, and the original two 111 production lines were directly upgraded to a three-yuan 622 production line, and it has been stable and batch.

. At the same time, the new 4GWH upgrade version of the three-dimensional output line is built. The battery energy density has reached 210Wh / kg.

The energy density of the system reaches 140Wh / kg, the company currently develops and puts into production as key core business, and fully promotes. It is worth mentioning that the three yuan 811 soft bag sample prepared in January this year has passed the medium-term examination of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the energy density is reached 302Wh / kg, and the number of cycles is more than 1500 weeks..

At present, production power is already available, and then the process verification and product verification are required.. Rapid expansion in production 2019 Yield expected to reach 21GWH With the rapid rise in the new energy market, global dynamic lithium battery companies are actively expanded, and they should compete with more intense markets.

. In 2018, the 2GWH phosphate ion battery project of Guoxuan Gaoke Qingdao Phase II, Hefei 4GWH three yuan lithium battery has been put into production, Tangshan Phase II 2GWH lithium iron ion battery item is also in an orderly construction. Plus the yield line of Guoxuan, the effective output of Guoxuan’s high-tech in 2019 will reach 14GWH, of which 2GWH ternary production, 12GWH iron lithium production.

In addition, at the end of 2018, Guoxuan’s high-tech also announced that it is recommended to raise 200 million yuan to build Nanjing 15GWH power lithium battery project and Lijiang 2GWH power lithium battery project.. If all the project progresses smoothly, according to the new news of Anxin Electronics, the number of nominal production of Guoxuan high-tech may reach 21GWH in 2019, of which the cylindrical iron is expected to increase 10GWH production, and the three yuan is expected to 5GWH production.

Long-term plan 20GWH production at the end of 2020, 2022 reached 50GWH production. At the same time, Anxin Electronics also said that the current Guixuan has reached 12GWH in hand, including long-term cooperative customers such as Shangqi, Jianghuai, Chery, Zhongtai, which is expected to reach 10GWH (three yuan expect 1-2GWH). Editor’s Summary: Guoxuan High Class has become a lithium-e-electric giant that is second only to CATL and BYD in the field of lithium iron phosphate.

Research and development, mass production and supporting of three-dimensional lithium-ion battery. After all, with the gradual expansion of the new energy passenger car sales, the market share of the three-way technology route will determine the industry status of the battery company.

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