How do adventurers survive in the new energy Dark Forest after the dual-energy?

How do adventurers survive in the new energy Dark Forest after the dual-energy?

Recently, Guoxuan’s high-class announcement announced that the strategic cooperation agreement has been signed with Jianghuai Automobile, and the two sides will jointly develop costs in accordance with the post-subsidy era, the whole vehicle and powerful lithium battery products, in the new energy passenger car and commercial vehicle field. , Develop a variety of energy density 140Wh / kg or more pure electric vehicle power lithium battery system, and fully upgrade the lithium iron battery core products to meet the annual subsidy policy. It is reported that in 2010, the two parties have cooperated and jointly realize the mass production production of the energy density of 95Wh / kg lithium iron phosphate, launch 585 first generation Jianghuai IEV new energy electric vehicle demonstration operation.

. In the past ten years, cooperation has been developed for seven-generation technology two generations of vehicle products, and the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is increased to 190Wh / kg..

Guoxuan High-Science: Dynamic lithium battery business production and sales double-increased one of the leading lithium batteries, Guoxuan Gaoke predecessor was established in 2006, 2015, the company name is “Jiangsu Dongyuan Electric Group Co., Ltd.” Guoxuan Gaoke Co.

, Ltd. “and landed in the A-share market in the same year. The company’s important business is divided into two major sections of the power lithium-ion battery and the output of power distribution equipment.

. Guoxuan’s high school is one of the earliest research and development of new energy vehicles in China. It is important for companies that produce and produce and sell, and important products include power lithium-ion battery cells and battery packs, lithium iron phosphate positive materials, etc.

. In recent years, the company’s focus on the development of lithium-ion batteries, its recovery is expanded year by year..

Guoxuan High-Science In recent three years of collection: (Dynamic lithium battery business proportional expansion) Sub-variety recovery situation: (data source: company 2017) gross profit margin, according to Zheshang Securities related data Show up, the company’s battery pack business revenue is 2.25 billion yuan in the first half of this year, up 8.71% year-on-year; due to the impact of market prices, the market gross profit margin decreased by 5.

44 percentage points to 32.5%..

Compare the CATL, Rilevo Canvas, Yipi Lithium, AVIC (Chengfei Integration) and other companies, and the company’s gross profit level is in the leading level in the industry.. Comparison of battery business gross profit margin of Guoxuan High-Tech: (Data Source: Company Notice, Zheshang Securities Research Institute) The company’s main product battery pack, production and sales and inventory data have shown a continuous rise in the past three years, as of In 2017, the data showed that the production of the national high-tech unit in 2017 was 96.

676 million, up 52% ​​year-on-year, and the importance of the new production line was released in the previous period; the inventory increased by 483.37% year-on-year, an important reason for Added in the fourth quarter, the amount of deposited is added accordingly..

The production and sales and inventory of the National High-tech Battery Group: (production and sales and inventory data increased year by year) Currently, in the company’s power lithium battery products, the phosphate ion battery cell energy density exceeds 180Wh / kg, leading domestic leading , Success is passenger car supplies for customers such as Jianghuai, Beiqi new energy.. The ternary 622 battery cell energy density exceeds 210Wh / kg, reached 140Wh / kg or more; Qingdao and Hefei have an annual production line of 1GWH three yuan production line has been upgraded into 622 production line, will accelerate the release performance in the second half of the year; Hefei The four-year annual output of 4GWH Sanyuan 622 production line will be built within 2018 and is expected to form effective production in the second year.

. According to Zheshang Securities, the company’s battery pack business will achieve sales of 4.39GWH (power 3.

79GWH + storage capacity 0.60GWH), up 79.02% year-on-year, up to 5.

701 billion yuan, up 40.4 %. If the relevant construction is progressing smoothly, the output of the end of 2019 will reach 7GWH, 14GWH, and the output of the three-yuan battery will reach 2GWh, 6GWH.

. Company Power Lithium Battery Statistics and Prediction: (Data Source: Company Notice, Deep Interaction Easy, Qingdao Evening News, my country Electric Network, Zheshang Securities Research Institute) After the era is coming to a new job or a cold winter? On February 13, 2018, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Development Reform Commission announced the “Notice on Adjusting New Energy Automobile Promotion Application and Financial Subsidy Policy”, 2018 subsidies in 2017, two The stages of resurface adjustment, in the absence of national subsidies, local subsidies may also change accordingly, thereby affecting new energy vehicles sales prices, which may cause consumers to reduce the willingness, which affects battery shipments and future profitability..

After four months of policy transition period, June 12, 2018 new energy car subsidy policy officially implemented. The new subsidy policy is clear, that is to guide the vehicle factory and power lithium battery manufacturers to accelerate the pace of technology upgrade, and the industry analyzed generally pointed out that under the new rules, the low level of the industry will prevent the industry from blindly expand..

Although the subsidiar salary, the whole vehicle and parts manufacturing companies will shift a big shift, but this is also a strong strength to do the core components and upstream industries.. As various manufacturers have improved battery energy density and expansion yield, the power lithium battery is one of the new energy automotive core components, the market competition is also increasingly fierce, not only the original old battery manufacturers continue to seize market share, new entrants pass Direct investment, industrial transformation or acquisition and acquisition has entered the participation and competition.

According to research, at present, the domestic power lithium battery competition pattern shows the excess production, the faucet concentration effect, and the yield utilization rate is 20-30%.. From January 2018, the three-dimensional lithium battery supply is concentrated in CATL, BYD, Fu Can, Lifan, Bik, 10,000, CR6 is 82.

9%; lithium iron ions The battery supply is concentrated in CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Haoke, Yipi Lithium, Beijing Guoba, CR5 is 92.3%. From July 2018, the amount of installed capacity: (data source: certificate, Oriental Fortune Securities Research] 1- July, Iron Ion Battery, 1-July, ionic battery, loading: (Data Source: Certificate, Oriental Wealth Securities Research Although the power lithium battery is overprically, it is still insufficient in yield utilization and high-end yield, especially the power lithium battery leading company is inadvertently, and the high-end production is insufficient.

. CATL said in its prospectus, “existing production cannot meet potential market demand”, and intended to use more than 60% of the fundraising funds to expand; BYD also illustrates that there is no power supply in the 2017 shareholder meeting. The gap, and intensifies the expansion of the phosphate dynamic lithium battery production line and Qinghai dynamic lithium battery production line; Guoxuan High Class has also said that the planning of 10GWH production on the basis of the original production in 2018, by the end of 2020 Reach 30GWH production level.

Guoxuan High Texture: Tongjiang Qiangqiang teamed up with new opportunities for new opportunities in this and Guoxuan High-tech, Jianghuai Automobile, which is a collection, manufacturing, sales and service and related multi-business in one integrated car company. In the new energy vehicle field has many years of iterative research and development, production and marketing related experience, pure electric vehicle market insurance has resumed the leading level in China, and the Hefei National Xuan has formed a good strategic cooperative relationship, and both parties achieve energy together in 2010. Density 95WH / kg phosphate ion battery mass production, launch 585 first generation Jianghuai IEV new energy electric car demonstration operation.

(Guoxuan Gaoke Qingdao base 4GWH high-grade energy three-yuan battery project starting ceremony) has been developed for seven generations of technology, two generations of car products, the energy density of ferrite lithium iron phosphate is increased to 190Wh / kg. Hefei Guoxuan has achieved strong joint strategic cooperative relations with its establishment, and will provide important strategic opportunities for the company’s technical progress and sustainable development, and a positive impact on the company’s future results..

Both parties through marketing model innovation, joint practice such as battery rental models, explore the vehicle and battery sales model of non-subsidy era, and jointly promote the marketization of new energy vehicles in the non-subsidy era.. The powerful linkage of the power lithium battery manufacturers and car companies ensure that the product sales is guaranteed.

On the one hand, it can also promote the development of products toward higher performance.. This model may help the company better develop and powerful in the dynamic lithium batteries.

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