How can the winter electric car reduce the impact of the power lithium battery attenuation?

How can the winter electric car reduce the impact of the power lithium battery attenuation?

Many electric car owners do not open air conditioners in winter, do not open other major power consuming equipment. In order to maintain more endless miles. So how do you use the winter electric car to reduce the effects of power lithium battery attenuation? Winter external ambient temperature is low, the power lithium battery chemical reaction of electric vehicles will become slow.

This can cause the charging speed of the electric vehicle to slow down, the life is shortened, the external temperature is about 10 degrees lower, the power lithium battery can attenuate 30% endless mileage. And the lower the temperature, the more attenuation. Precautions for using electric vehicles in winter first: Try to “insulation” is both powerful lithium batteries because low temperatures are attenuated, then as long as the temperature does not reduce the impact?.

We can start from these aspects: 1: Try not to park outdoor, winter outdoor temperature and the temperature in the room difference. If the conditions are allowed, it is best to park indoors..

2: Do not charge out the open air, low temperature, charge efficiency will be reduced, and it may cause damage to the battery.. If the conditions allow for the chamber charging, or the temperature is high.

. 3: Air conditioning temperature should not set too high, so you can save power. It is preferred to reduce the setting of a little temperature when driving.

. Second: Charging, it is best to charge every time, it is best to charge it. At this time, the temperature of the power lithium battery is high, and the charging efficiency will be relatively large.

. When charging, it is recommended to use slow charity, so charging will be more, nor will it damage the power lithium battery..

In winter, if you don’t drive for a long time, it is best to meet electricity every 3 days, which keeps battery activity.. Winter electric car life has dropped seriously, and use the heart to use the heart to use the snack.

When traveling, the charging plan will be placed in advance, so that the power is added faster.. To minimize the use of electric vehicles to travel for a long way, there is too much life, and the chances of halfway anchor will add.

The above is about the attention of the use of electric vehicles in winter.. Although it is possible to prevent battery decay, it can also reduce the impact of attenuation.

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