Honghai Group smashed 4.47 billion investment CATL layout power lithium battery

Honghai Group smashed 4.47 billion investment CATL layout power lithium battery

Hong Hai has recently announced the announcement, and the subsidiary of the subsidiary Fu Taihua has more than 1 billion yuan in RMB, and the CATL new energy technology (CATL) equity is approximately 7666,500 shares, and the shareholding ratio is approximately 1.19%..

Hong Hai said that this is a long-term investment project, the industry is interpreted, and Guo Dong is more than 4.47 billion yuan to enter my country’s battery large factory CATL, intended to lay out an electric car battery market..

In recent years, Honghai Group has actively actively in the field of electric vehicles in my country. In addition to two years ago, the “Internet + Intelligent Electric Motors” in the “Internet + Smart Electric Motors” is signed, and the innovation of networked smart electric vehicles in Zhengzhou, Henan. In addition to cooperation, Honghai Group has added a new shareholding of a harmonious car.

It is understood that the Honghai Group is already the second major shareholder of a harmonious car.. CATL is Ningde New Energy Technology (ATL) independent power lithium-ion battery factory independent, focusing on electric vehicle battery development, is known as the next show in the mainland battery market, 2016 battery total production has an annual increase Nearly 3 times the jump rising, up to 7.

5GWH, jumping the world’s third largest power lithium battery factory. CATL previously shouted to raise the output to 50GWH in 2020, and in the fourth quarter of last year, he took 10 billion yuan, and the annual output of 10GWH was built in Jiangsu, Jiangsu, was CATL success. Ningde And the third factory outside Qinghai Xining.

At present, the largest electric vehicle and energy plant TSLA in Nevada in Nevada is 35GWH. my country’s new energy automobile big factory BYD is planned in 2020 to reach 34GWH annual production..

Since the beginning of last year, CATL actively expands business and seeks cooperation resources, including the first and Dongfeng Automobile to sign a strategic cooperation agreement, jointly build a cooperation platform in the new energy automobile industry, this year, this year, announced the investment of 30 million euros in Finland Vitude Cars, and achieved its 22% stake, officially entered the European market; March and the national energy motor vehicle Swedish company (NEVS) signed cooperation intent, and both parties will launch in-depth cooperation with technology exchanges and research and development, and join hands with industrial ecology. .

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