Hong Kong media: my country is far ahead in electric car battery

Hong Kong media: my country is far ahead in electric car battery

My country is the industry giant for more than a century ago, Merin, the capital of Iowa, USA, is the Global Electric Automobile Center.. In 1912, the industry has produced more than 30,000 “horses’ horses” at the peak.

. In the subsequent century, this “automatic travel” (that is, vintage car) is replaced by internal combustion engine vehicles in Subject immigrants and chemicals William Morrison..

Now, the impact of exhaust emissions and its impact on climate change force governments to find alternatives for fuel cars, and the world will turn their attention to electric vehicles.. The passenger market that has just started in my country has just started in terms of the popularity and manufacturing of electric vehicles, but also in the world’s leading position in its most important parts batteries.

. Battery accounts for 30% to 50% of the total value of electric vehicles. Ryan Casty, general manager of Adamas Business Company, Dutch Rare Earth and Battery Metal Consulting, said: “my country is the current industry leader.

In the next 15, it will continue to develop rapidly and dominate every step of the value chain, Europe Followed by. TSLA will still be a giant in the electric vehicle, but in terms of the country, my country is also a giant..

“Europe and America is stepping up the chasing analyst, although its European and American competitors are stepping up, my country’s battery producers will maintain the leading position of the industry, and the production capacity of the planned construction may rise three times in ten years.. James Freis, the head of the energy storage department of Bloomberg New Energy, said that the next decade will “extra attention”, because Europe and the United States are trying to build their own battery life to challenge the current Asian warpage.

Peng Bo Xin Energy said last month, my country has the most competitive lithium-ion supply chain in the world, replacing Japan and South Korea’s leading position in this area.. Competitiveness of competitiveness, including domestic battery demand during 72 Jiwu, and the control of 80% of raw materials in the world, 77% battery production power and 60% components.

Although ranked 11th in innovation and infrastructure, my country’s industry is vigorously investing. The world’s second largest electric car battery manufacturer CATL is prepared to invest 33 billion yuan (about 495 million US dollars), built a professional research center with 1,000 employees within five years..

He is headquartered in Ningde, Fujian Province, said that its focus is next-generation lithium-ion battery, solid state battery and ion battery technology. According to the certification issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xiaopeng’s P7 medium-sized electric car uses the company’s battery, single charging maximum driving mileage is 706 km. Another competitive advantage of my country’s years of accumulation is to control the control of mass resources in the world and the mining capabilities of key materials needed to lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese and other batteries.

. my country’s motor vehicle sales have also exceeded all other places. According to Switzerland Credit Bank, the sales volume of electric vehicles in my country last year is 10.

5 million, which is equivalent to 54% of the world, 2.3 times higher than the second United States..

Under the promotion of the government’s policy support and battery cost, the rapid expansion of charging infrastructure, the sales of electric vehicles may reach 4.5 million vehicles in 2025. Battery cost will drop according to South Korea’s SNE research company forecast, the current electric car battery is likely to fall in a shortage of 2023, and the demand will reach 916 GW this year.

. The continued decline in battery cost will drive this increase in demand. According to Esin Huamai, the average cost of lithium-ion batteries fell by 82% over the past eight years.

By 2023, it is expected to further down to $ 100 per kilowatt, until 2030 will drop to $ 73.. Castty said that two years later ($ 100) will be an important milestone, which will make no subsidized electric cars compete with fuel trucks.

. It is estimated that the supply of global electric motor vehicle will be in the hands of my country, Japan and South Korea manufacturers..

David Meri Man, the battery and material analyst of the Rosekir Information Services, said: “Many of the production power built in Europe still belongs to Asian manufacturers.. “SNE Research Company’s data shows that South Korea’s LG Chemical Company and my country’s CATL have its own factory in Europe.

The former produced 24.6% of the global electric motor vehicle battery in the first eight months, and the latter market share is 24%..

With new electric vehicles and battery production, regional supply chains are gradually established to cut costs. Merriman said: “If you want to transport lithium concentrate to my country, transfer to South Korea, then transfer to my country, then transfer to Europe, then the cost is too high, it is not possible to maintain. In addition, the supply guarantee for important industries is also affected by some geopolitical.

He said: “Europe is now very nervous, because the power of internal combustion engine is gradually insufficient, and it is the main force of the economy.. We are striving to develop electric automotive technology in our region and enhance production to maintain strong employment and economic rise.

. “No horse car” (information picture).

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