Homemade Battery: Tsla’s key competitiveness in the next stage of TSLA

Homemade Battery: Tsla's key competitiveness in the next stage of TSLA

About pure tram, battery is a crucial factor. For these car companies, existing dependencies between products and batteries are relatively favorable in facing competition in the market..

As we know, TSLA’s pure tram is extremely dependent on battery manufacturers, so so far. However, the opposite is that other car companies that form a competitive pattern with TSLA have gradually get rid of such dependencies, including Volkswagen, Toyota and BYD, etc..

Usually, when I analyze TSLA, there are two views to distinguish between: one is a technology-oriented perspective; one is the perspective of financial data-oriented, and this article analyzes my angle for battery technology Oriented. The demand for lithium-ion batteries is always rapidly rising. The rise in new energy vehicles has no doubt that the boosting effect of its supply chain is undoubted, and the demand for lithium-ion battery as a “heart” will naturally show the outbreak of upward trend.

. Chart 1 Source: McKinsey, Doodle Research Institute TSLA Previous Advantages or Core Technology is its battery storage technology, and chooses the model and trustworthy battery manufacturers in the production and manufacturing. This is in line with Mask in accepting interviews.

When I said “I want to see this market has more company participation and come in, change the world together.. “Concept.

The company signed a contract with more than 35 gigabit batteries in Super Factory and Panasonic in Nevada.. At the same time, TSLA also chose Samsung SDI and LG chemical cell products for energy storage.

. However, a single super factory has not been able to meet the currently agglomerated needs, and the super factory in Shanghai chose CATL (300750.sz) square phosphate battery, which is planning to deploy the European super factory will continue to take this.

cooperation method. So since the company’s demand for lithium-ion batteries is so big, why not choose self-research like other car companies, is this not more conducive to product gross profitability and company competitiveness? In the case of the Super Factory in Tsla Nevada, Elonask sounded the alarm. Shortly after investing $ 45 billion to the super factory, due to the lack of market demand in TSLA, Panasonic stopped the TSLA Super Factory billions of dollars in the investment plan.

The more sensitive relationship between the vehicle enterprises and the battery maker makes the TSLA decided to make changes.. The story of the story happened in 2019, TSLA has acquired MaxwellTechnologies, which is 55% per share of $ 4.

75, the transaction’s valuation of the latter reached 218 million US dollars.. We believe that TSLA is in the middle of MaxWell’s super capacitor and dry electrode technology.

The former is considered to be a more reliable and practical battery alternative, the latter, which enables energy density over 300Wh / kg, and predicts it More than 500Wh / kg or more. Because the supercapacitor and lithium-ion battery system differences have a huge problem, we believe that TSLA’s application direction of the dry electrode will be on a lithium ion battery..

The super capacitor is more likely that the TSLA is combined with a lithium ion battery + supercapacitor.. In addition, in addition to improving the failure efficiency, it is also conducive to the ability to perform in low temperatures in low temperatures, improve battery life.

. In other words, TSL has finally found its “true life emperor”. In addition, the TSLA battery R & D team staff and the former employee also said to me that they are currently focusing on designing and manufacturing advanced lithium-ion batteries, including new equipment and new processes, combined with the last month TSLA also announced battery design engineers, Related information about battery production equipment and battery manufacturing processes.

Signs directly point to TSLA to introduce the possible lithium-ion batteries of homemade mounting dry electrodes, but the specific implementation and the progress of the progress is expected to be around 2021, and now the epidemic is affected, I think this time may postpone until the end of 2021 or even 2022. Obviously, the relying on battery manufacturers will have a greater advantage in the future..

Recognizing that this is not just TSLA, the public is conducting an extremely important strategic cooperation with Northvolt, as a return worth 9 billion euros batteries, the public will acquire about 20% of the shares of Northvolt, in addition, public this year plan Established a joint venture company that accounted for half of the shares, built a 16-kilowatt battery factory in Europe. The company’s production facilities are the first in 2020, and the battery production of Volkswagen is expected to begin in the end of 2023/2024..

This case is undoubtedly unpleasant TSLA’s European Super Factory project, the German truck is more popular in Europe, which is more popular in Europe; plus the public gets rid of the dependence of other battery manufacturers, the product is more competitive. Advantage; the intensity of competition in the European market may cause TSLA to fall into the difficulties of the enemy. However, I have to declare my point of view is that in the face of the problem of demand and excess production, TSLA is now the least factory.

. Refer to my previous forecast of TSLA2020, GAAP’s loss is likely to erase the consolidation profits of the third and fourth quarters. This point is now affirmation of MorganStanley: March 12th, MorganStanley The expected adjustment of TSLA dropped to $ 480 and adjusted earnings for loss.

. Chart 2 Source: MorganStanley.

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