High-yield high quality new energy vehicle into maturity

High-yield high quality new energy vehicle into maturity

“Developing new energy vehicles is the only way to move from the auto big country to the strong country, to increase research and development, serious research market, use well-useful policies, develop products to adapt to various needs, making it a strong rise point. “May 24, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping was arrested in the development of my country’s new energy automotive industry during the investigation of the SAIC Group..

The data released by my country Automobile Industry Association showed that my country’s new energy automotive production and sales completed 3023 million and 29.9 million, and rose by 1.7 times a year-on-year.

. The market penetration rate reached 12.7%, higher than the first 10 months.

This data marks a historic breakthrough, which has become one of the important milestones on the development path of my country’s auto industry.. Today, my country has become the world’s largest new energy vehicle production and sales market.

. The rapid rise of independent brands, the number of new energy vehicles continues to rise. Up to now, there have been about 200 new energy vehicles in China, 150 of which were born in nearly 3 years.

. Among them, not only FAW red flag, Dongfeng, Chang’an Avita, Beiqi Fox, SAIC, Wuli, Guangqi Ean, BYD, Great Wall Ou La, Geely pole 氪, etc. New energy car brands, but also like 蔚Come, Xiaopeng, Ideally, which is equal to the new power of the car to grow rapidly, and the monthly sales volume of the head company has been over 10,000.

. So far, autonomous brand new energy vehicles are not only occupying important markets in China, but also become a strong power in the global market..

In the top 20 list of new energy passengers in the world, my country’s car companies occupy nearly half. BYD, SAIC GM Wuling, Shangqi Aquarius enters the top 5, Great Wall, Guangzhou Automobile, Dongfeng, Xiaopeng, Wei Si, Changan ranks in the top 20. In addition, foreign-funded Brand Tesla Shanghai Factory has highlighted “my country Speed”, and now she has begun to build my country Second Factory, my country has become an important production and export base of Tesla.

. At the same time, multinational brands such as Volkswagen, General, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and its joint venture brand with domestic car companies have also have a place in our market..

“It seems that it is often the most, the most, it is easy but hard”. Since 2015, my country’s new energy auto production has launted the world’s first. The data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been shown that my country’s new energy automobile production and sales have rapidly increased, from 2017, it has broken 750,000 units, and it has exceeded 3 million units in 11 months this year.

It is 4 times in 2017.. At present, my country’s new energy vehicle market accounts for more than 10%, and the innovation of product innovation is constant.

. Looking back, from high subsidies to subsidies, gradually slope, from measures to improve policies, from technology insufficient to industrial chain, basic improvement ..

. my country’s new energy car has passed through rough, welcome spring color. In terms of industrial policies, my country has established sustainable development as a national strategy since the 1990s, coupled with the challenge of global energy crisis and environmental protection, and under the promotion of “double carbon” goals, my country vigorously promotes new energy vehicles development, Change, innovation becomes the main melody of development.

Among them, developing new energy vehicles have been written in my country’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, “13th Five” and “14th Five-Year Plan”. In terms of core technology, key technologies such as new energy automotive batteries, motors, and electrical control “three electricity” are continuously innovative. The dynamic lithium-ion battery industry has risen rapidly, and the technical level is ranking in the forefront of the world.

The model has also been “oil modified” from the initial “oil” To a new platform, new design, attracting the majority of consumers. The fire of the new energy car in my country has gradually entered the growth period from the cultivation period..

However, it is still necessary to recognize the reality. my country’s new energy vehicle development is still in a critical period of climbing cross. It is necessary to grasp the opportunity to achieve “changed to overtake”.

Strengthen the user experience, continue to expand the international market, build my country’s characteristics, the world brand, let our country new energy car not only be the new engine that pulled my country’s economic rise, but also became an important force to lead the transformation of the global auto industry, “To” clean the beautiful world , Promote the constructing a bigger contribution of the human fate community. .

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