High proportion of renewable energy ginseng and electricity market review

High proportion of renewable energy ginseng and electricity market review

1. The research on the background renewable energy has strong uncertainty. Increased renewable energy ratio in the power system, not only can be flexible, but also the active ginseng and demand side of the power grid and demand side to achieve supply and demand.

The interaction between energy, information, and transactions, and the sufficiency of supply and demand interaction are the key to determining energy Internet operation efficiency.. A sound power market can optimize the configuration of power resources, and ensure that the market entity will be profitable by fair competition, thereby caring for supply and demand, the clean, efficient operation of the energy network, and the platform.

. 2. The paper focuses 2.

1 Items of the power market below the renewable energy ginseng (1) Abandoning the wind, abandoning the lack of lightning, the interconnection and transaction of the surrounding area of ​​the grid (such as Ireland, Spain); the market lacks effective gas distribution Resource mechanism. (2) Negative electricity price and electricity price volatility have lacking on flexible hair, electricity resources, the traditional unit start and stop cost, renewable energy power generation, and has a subsidy, and there is a negative price in the power market operation; Volatility is enhanced due to large-scale renewable energy, and the financial risk in the market has been added. (3) The low-efficiency trading window of the price signal is too single.

The market is often closed at the time of the trading day, although some areas (such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Nordic) have launched the Japanese market, but the liquidity is still low. The market lacks the mechanism of incentive prediction information in time, flexible configuration resources. (4) The competitiveness of renewable energy market is weak and cannot be accurately declared in the market, which may have a punishment; uncontrollable and restrictive ability to strategically bidding in a multi-time scale market.

. (5) Balanced renewable energy costs high global power market operation And more restrictions on the auxiliary service market. 2.

2 Existing renewable energy grid Incentive policies and trading models (1) grunge incentive policy politics: From the national or regional level, it is proposed to renewable energy development goals, supervising market specifications and ensure energy supply safety.. Finance: Establish funds and low-interest loans that support renewable energy industry investment, and reduce support for traditional power generation forms.

Financial policy incentives also have important uses for technological progress. Financial: Availability and Renewable Energy Investment Related Tax Countries. Typically, some taxes are used to support the development of renewable energy.

Environment: Establishment of Carbon Emission Markets and Climate Funds. (2) Bilateral transactions in the trading model: price and centralized bidding price, enhance the flexibility of renewable energy transactions, but it is difficult to obtain the lowest purchase price due to lack of direct competition, it is possible to reduce the large-scale bilateral transaction System scheduling efficiency, new demand for assistance services. Centralized bidding: renewable energy participation in national markets and recent markets, real-time markets, supply auxiliary services, unbalanced power settlements, predictive cost assessments, etc.

See the references in this article. 2.3 Special issues of renewable energy ginseng and electricity market (1) Cost feature renewable energy generator sets have high fixed costs and the marginal production cost is low.

. Taking the average data of the large wind farm in Danish as an example, the investment construction cost is 1070000EUR / MW, fixed operation and maintenance costs of 25600Eur / MW / YEAR, and variable cost is only 2.8EUR / (MW˙H).

(2) Production of production characteristics renewable energy power generation exhibits strong intermittent, volatility, randomness, irrecontrolrability (can be reduced, but not increased), using small hours, etc., commercial applications are most mature Wind power is still often with anti-peak characteristics. (3) Probability renewable energy power generation from the drainage description cannot accurately predict, usually described in probability, and with the (transaction) time, the prediction accuracy is gradually improved.

. Thus, the description of the renewable energy power generation involves the information of multi-time and air dimensions, and should design a reasonable market mechanism to promote timely disclosure of information..

(4) Power risk Due to the existence of existence prediction errors, the renewable energy ginseng and electricity market not only faces the risk of electricity price, but also facing a larger power risk, most of the existing methods and tools are only designed for management price risks.. (5) External renewable energy power generation and traditional energy power generation, with energy saving and emission reduction, and new system balance and alternate costs such as new system.

(6) The development of the diversified renewable energy of the power generation introduces a large number of distributed power supplies, many traditional power users have power generation resources, should establish flexible and fair market mechanisms to adapt to the diversified development trend of power generation. 2.4 The development of the current-proportion of renewable energy power market research Status can be diversified by the power generation body, and the game behavior of power generation body is complex, market mechanism and transaction mode are diversified.

Figure 1 summarizes the research contents of the power market for high-proportionable energy-renewable energy and corresponding situations in this article.. The specific contents include: 1) The influence of renewable energy and on the power market; 2) The behavioral strategy of the market main body in the power market containing renewable energy; 3) Adapt to the high-proportion of renewable energy power market mechanism design; 4) Improved renewable energy market competitive power transaction products; 5) Mechanism and algorithm for promoting distributed renewable energy; 6) Planning issues in a power market environment including renewable energy; 7) Multivariate market interaction.

3. Further research key issues development facing high-proportion of renewable energy-based electricity markets to optimize the configuration of power resources, and build an energy Internet that promotes sufficient renewable energy..

Further research, especially my country’s development of high-proportionable renewable energy power markets should focus on the following issues: (1) Enhance renewable energy resource assessment and prediction technology. (2) Deep excavation of flexibility on both sides of the supply and demand, including flexibility, energy storage flexibility, multi-convert flexibility, multi-energy network coupling flexibility. (3) Designing market mechanisms and trading products that adapt to renewable energy power generation, establish flexible retail electricity price mechanisms, improve the interconnection of power grids.

(4) Improve the promotion of information interaction mechanisms, establish general communication standards from technical aspects, improve communication reliability and safety; pay attention to information effectiveness in the design of the electricity market, reduce information cost. (5) Development distributed algorithm, respond to computational complexity and market subject privacy issues on large-scale systems. (6) Establish an efficient operation mode of the grid, attach importance to the power network scheduling capacity and coordinated development of the power market.

(7) Improved multivariate market interactive mechanisms under uncertainty, comprehensive analysis of uncertain sources from multi-energy market interaction, establish appropriate uncertainty analysis models; explore multi-energy market coordination mode to enhance market stability , Comprehensive profitability and risk management means for market main supply. .

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