High nickel ternary battery supporting universal Wuyang Aoyang Shunchang charging lithium battery business welcomes

High nickel ternary battery supporting universal Wuyang Aoyang Shunchang charging lithium battery business welcomes

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the third batch of new energy car recommended catalogs in 2018, marking the NCA system three-yuan cylindrical lithium-ion battery started to support passenger car companies in the domestic market.. It is understood that this time the NCA ternary lithium-ion battery is the Baojun E100, which is 250 kilometers under SAIC.

The battery system energy density is 142Wh / kg. It is supplied from Tianpeng Power Supply Core, and Warm Power Manufacturing Battery Pack. Fully showing the market’s affirmation of Tianpeng Power NCA technology.

According to the public information, Tianpeng power supply is an Australian Shunchang Holding Subsidiary. It is a company that has selected a three-yuan system for electric tools for electric tools. And manufacturing related experience.

Starting in 2013, Tianpeng Power entered the R & D and manufacturing of automotive power lithium-ion batteries, and successfully entered the CITICS Automotive Battle Battery Industry Standard Directory and became the core supplier of many electric automotive manufacturers.. Tianpeng power supply is also the first major supplier of lithium-ion batteries in China, high-magnification tool products to do the first domestic first.

It is reported that Tianpeng Power supply The NCA battery supplied by Tianpeng uses the same technical system as Japan, which is NCA positive silicone carbon negative electrode material. The company has completed the single 18650 cylindrical battery of the company to reach 3500mAh, and The overall energy density of the wandering power lightweight battery pack system package can be easily improved to 160WH / kg, which can meet the energy density of electric vehicle subsidies to continuously improve the energy density in advance, this technology and TSLA synchronization. Baojun E100 officially listed on July 21, 2017, under the support of SAIC, in just half a year, E100 sales, thousands of vehicles, lasted in April, a pure electric car sales volume nationwide first, becoming a real Electric car explosion model.

With the improvement of the 2018 models, the upgrade of this battery pack system, Baojun E100 sales or once again. The market is not allowed to open Australian Shuichang’s deep tillage for lithium-ion battery business in Australian Shuichang. The 2017 lithium-ion battery sector has progressed smoothly, and there is a big improvement in production, R & D and sales, business scale and profit continues to rise.

. In 2017, the lithium-ion battery business achieved revenue of 678.5345 million yuan, up 91.

68% year-on-year; achieving net profit of 18,5344,600 yuan, up 197.61% year-on-year; contributing home net profit 87221 million yuan, accounting for 24.61% of the total number of returns, the profit contribution of listed companies is constantly increasing, and it is a major profit source of listed companies.

. With the first phase of Tianpeng Power Supply, the three-yuan cylindrical battery project successfully completed construction and started to invest in operations, hardware and software, making the company have international competitiveness in the lithium-e-sports, and there is already a quantitative NCA, NCM811 New product capabilities such as the negative electrode of silicon charcoal. In terms of product structure, the company’s automobile and tools are driven together, and most of the power lithium battery supply related models are mainstream models of related car companies.

. In 2018, the company will strive to put into production in the second phase of the new plant, and will consider the expansion of 1.8 million lithium batches according to the time of business development.

. In a high-speed rise in the new energy vehicle market, with the completion of the new production base of lithium-ion batteries, the mass production of high nickel-three yuan lithium-ion batteries, Australian Xunchang dynamic lithium-ion battery will usher in the outbreak rise. .

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