High energy density is black technology? Marketing is not advisable, analyze those things behind the battery!

High energy density is black technology? Marketing is not advisable, analyze those things behind the battery!

With the gradual popularity of pure electric vehicles, the shortcomings of its long-term and long charging time are also increasingly highlighting. In order to highlight the long-life capacity and performance of their own products, many manufacturers often use the battery energy density as a propaganda. However, for consumers who are unfamiliar, it seems that high energy density has been linked with black technology, and the industry is concerned that the battery energy density seems to constrain the future development of pure electric vehicles.

. So what is the energy density? What is the energy density? Different battery differences should be understood whether energy density will restrict pure electric vehicles future development, first to clarify what energy density is. The energy density refers to the size of the storage energy in units of space or mass substances.

. The energy density of the battery refers to the electric energy released by the battery average unit volume or quality..

In general, we divide the battery energy density into weight energy density and volume energy density.. As long as the energy density of the battery is higher, the more electric energy stored in unit weight or in volume.

. At present, the battery used by new energy vehicles is important for lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, fuel power batteries, lead-acid batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, etc., wherein the energy density of battery pack systems for three yuan lithium is positive.

Lithium iron phosphate battery pack system. Among them, the limit of the material is involved, in addition to this, the process level of production will also affect the battery energy density..

The extreme limit is about new development. It is difficult to break through a short time. In the current point of view, does existing battery energy densities have a limit? The answer is affirmative, especially subject to cost considerations and production technology, currently 200mAh / g of ternary lithium-ion battery with high energy density.

The current energy density is also limited to increasing the battery size, etc.. So, the battery energy density is difficult to break through whether the pure electric vehicle has received restrictions? In fact, it is not entirely.

Taking Tslamodel3 as an example, it is use 21700 battery array, although the structure seems simple and rude, the advantage is to take into account the energy density and cost, the disadvantage is natural, it is safe Sexual proposes higher requirements. Optimized design to make up, ideal is the key to actually in addition to TSLA practices, many car companies are also trying to increase the battery energy density or by optimizing the design. For example, start from the dimensions, optimize the internal arrangement of the battery parts to achieve the battery occupation space, so that the battery is more compact and efficient.

. Or by using new materials to reduce the weight and volume of the battery case, thereby lift the end of the pure electric vehicle..

Either way, at this point of view, high-energy density index represents a part of the power of car companies, but the battery is an important part involving vehicle safety and production costs.. It doesn’t sacrifice safety for the so-called high energy density, and too high cost is not conducive to mass production.

. As the vehicle component, the energy density is not the only standard for the battery or even electric cars, it also needs to be considered. Summary: Perhaps in the future, the battery problem of pure electric cars can be improved in other ways, and its battery life and charging will also be resolved.

. However, as far as it is currently, improve the most effective way to endurance, or add battery use, and increase energy density under the premise of ensuring safety and cost..

As for the bottleneck of the energy density is a pure electric car, there is actually a good or bad, it is difficult to give accuracy!.

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