High-end diaphragm technology of charging lithium battery needs to be broken

High-end diaphragm technology of charging lithium battery needs to be broken

Currently, the Sword of the United States refers to the trade war of “my country Manufacturing 2025”, “ZTE” triggered the industry strong vibration. Recently, the United States seems to point the spear to the global communication equipment giant, once again touched the pain points of my country’s manufacturing lack of core technology..

In the battle of trade, the United States is striker, multi-wire fire, my country’s powered lithium-ion battery industry must also beware of similar risks. It is understood that there are currently more than 200 powered lithium battery production companies in my country, which is the world’s most powerful lithium battery companies..

According to data, my country’s company accounted for 7 companies in 2017. According to the Forbes News Network, it is expected that the share of my country’s battery market in the global battery market will exceed 70% by 2020..

Although my country has formed a relatively perfect power lithium battery industry chain, the scale is already “big”, but it is not “strong”, some key core technologies are still subject to people, there is a risk of Zhongxing “queen”. Among them, lithium-ion battery diaphragm technology is currently a pain point for my country’s powered lithium battery industry..

In the lithium-ion battery material, the positive and negative electrode material and the electrolytic solution are currently substantially realized, while the diaphragm starts late, domestic company has no technical maturity. Although my country’s lithium-ion battery diaphragm is constantly improving in recent years, it is an important importance that the low-end 3C battery diaphragm market, the high-end diaphragm is still very low, high-end 3C battery and power lithium battery separators are still large Dependence on import. According to the “Energy Saving and New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2011-22020)” issued in accordance with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2020, my country’s pure electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle production capacity reached 2 million / year.

According to this estimation, the demand for high-quality vehicle power lithium battery diaphragm in my country will reach hundreds of square meters in the future.. It is well known that in the structure of the lithium-ion battery, the diaphragm is one of the key inner-layer components, which should prevent positive and negative contacts, but also to ensure that electrolyte ions pass.

. Therefore, the quality of the diaphragm will directly affect the characteristics of the battery, cycle, and safety performance, and the quality of the septum is important to improve the overall performance of the battery..

It is reported that the diaphragm is a high value-of-value material with the highest technical barriers in the lithium electrical material, accounting for about 15% of the cost of lithium ion battery, and its technical difficulties are the engineering technology, matrix materials, matrix materials, and manufacturing equipment.. The problem of the currently existence of the domestic diaphragm is not high, and the important manifestations are irregular defects, the porosity is not up to standard, the thickness, the pore distribution, and the uneven aperture distribution is unequal.

. The one-way stretched domestic PP diaphragm is relatively close to the porosity and the aperture distribution; the porosity of the PE diaphragm of the bidirectional step-by-step stretching is usually low, and the aperture distribution is not ideal..

These problems are the potential risks of the industry “being subject to people”. If it is not good, it may curb the healthy development of my country’s lithium industry..

It is understood that the PP diaphragm of Celgard Diagrant Co., Ltd. And the PE diaphragm of ASAHI represent the highest level of the current diaphragm industry.

. Since ASAHI acquisition of Celgard since 2016, the best diaphragm products are from ASAHI..

Several Japanese companies, such as UBE and TORAY, have a high level. my country has a tremendous gap between PP diaphragm and PE diaphragm technology, and Japanese state has a huge gap in a passive position in the industrial chain..

At present, the preparation method of lithium-ion battery diaphragm is important moisture and dry method.. my country’s lithium-ion battery diaphragm has achieved significant breakthroughs in the dry process, but in the field of wet diaphragm, domestic diaphragm companies are limited to process, technology, etc.

, the product level is also low, and the production equipment is substantially dependent on import.. As with the same chip, high-end diaphragm technology has a relatively high threshold, not only to invest huge funds, but also have a powerful R & D and production team, sake of cooked process technology and high-level production line, and non-short-time can break through.

However, China and the United States trade war, ZTE Huawei has already knocked the alarm for my country’s manufacturing industry. About the entire powered lithium battery industry, breaking through the high-end diaphragm technology of lithium ion batteries as soon as possible. It’s gratifying that there have been a major breakthrough in high-end diaphragm technology in China.

. I believe that in the near future, my country’s powered lithium-ion battery industry can break the foreign technical monopoly and will work in their hands..

Changyu is in hand, in order to bind Canglong. In particular, in the case of my country’s manufacturing, the international economy “anti-wind” is only mastered, it will not be subject to people, in order to prevent the “Zhongxing” crisis can become a real “market king”!.

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