Heavyweight! Honeycomb energy global first four yuan and cobalt material battery

Heavyweight! Honeycomb energy global first four yuan and cobalt material battery

On July 9, the honeycomb energy in Baoding held a brand strategic planning and product announcement of “Leading Agentian Guard Safety”.. At the meeting, Yang Hong, general manager of Honeycomb, further clarifies the concept of stacking the times: “The Activity is a new technology, new materials, new processes, new standards characterized by laminated process, and has emerged in electric vehicles.

. “Today’s raw cobalt-free material, four-yuan material battery is representative of new materials. In response to the two difficulties and costs of the power lithium battery industry, the honeycomb energy is given to the two new products, leading the industry.

. Electricization Trend Reversing Power Lithium Battery Technology Innovation “Electricization, Intelligentization, Netting, Sharing” has become an important direction of the transformation and upgrading of the global automobile industry, and enters superimposed fusion, mutual empowerment, and accelerating new stages of development. The automotive industry is welcoming a big change in a hundred years.

. Electricization is the first step in the journey of the four-way car transformation. At the 2019 World New Energy Car Conference, the world’s automobile industry has reached a consensus: striving to 50% in the market share of new energy vehicles in 2035, the global automobile industry basically realizes electric transformation.

To achieve such a goal, from the perspective of power lithium batteries, confidence and pressure coexist, on the one hand, including energy density, life, fast charge, low temperature and other core performance indicators are being broken by one by one, enough to support electric vehicle performance transcending tradition vehicle. On the other hand, the safety and cost of the power lithium battery is the industrial pain point that needs to be solved in automotive electricity. Safety is the bottom line of electric vehicles, and it is also a major event of consumers concerned, and the cost can decline, directly affect electric vehicles.

Can you really and fuel trucks in the market PK. Under the high pressure of safety and cost, the reverse power lithium battery and industrial chain company constantly explores new directions on the basis of existing materials..

Honeycomb energy announced the world’s first non-cobalt battery existing three-dimensional system, the cost of positive electrode materials reached 30% to 45%, which in which the 523 system was used, and the proportion of cobalt in it. 20%, as a strategic resource, cobalt price fluctuations will directly affect the cost of the final battery. Therefore, under the premise of the high-nickel system, including Panasonic, LG, CATL and other international mainstream power lithium batteries are in the development direction of low cobalt and cobalt-free batteries as the next generation of power lithium batteries.

. Based on the above background, as the power lithium battery expert who knows the car, the honeycomb energy is based on forward-looking research and development on the materials system, officially announced the world’s first non-cobalt-free-free material-free battery..

Honeycomb energy introduction, cobalt-free material performance can reach the same level of NCM811, 5 to 15% of material cost, the corresponding battery BOM cost can be reduced by about 5%, and the material will not be affected by strategic resources. There are two key technologies for cobalt-cobaltization. One is to dopically, the specific elements of electron spin, reduce the phenomenon of electronic super exchange, reduce Li / Ni mixing, improve electrical performance; Elements, slow down the volume change, stability structure, and improve cycle life and safety.

Around the two key technologies, honeycomb energy has completed R & D research. It is reported that the cobalt-free battery core products of honeycomb energy is officially established in March 2018..

Through doping techniques, the reversibility and structural stability of the cobalt-free material in charge and discharge are improved. The voltage platform is 3.87V, which is 0.

04V higher than 811 (3.83V)..

In the product plan, it is expected that the material development will be completed before the end of the year, and the further optimization of the materials system in March 2020 is completed, and the material is realized in the self-test in April, the August system is constitutive. In November 2021, the cobalt core will be achieved. SOP.

The world’s first quarter-based battery complicates energy density and safety host factory pursuit of electric vehicles, so that the high nickelization of the power lithium battery has become industry consensus, but how to balance the safety performance after the energy density is improved, it is the current industry chain Question. Professor Tsinghua University, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Ming, clearly pointed out that the most urgent task is how to increase the safe balance point to the energy density of 300Wh / kg. Based on the above trend, the honeycomb energy is the first to develop four-dimensional positive material, and the world’s first four-dimensional material battery is announced based on the material.

. It is understood that the tetram material developed by the honeycomb energy is doped on the basis of the NCM system, and the MX doping will enhance the boundary strength between the primary particles, thereby reducing the formation of microlapse during the harmful phase transition..

Make the circulating performance than NCM811 materials, and can achieve better heat resistance, less gas production and higher safety.. Finally, it is more capacity on the power lithium battery, longer life, and better safety.

. Honeycomb energy introduction, its four-yuan material battery has also been processed in September 2018 will be completed by the material development before the end of this year, and it is expected to achieve material SOP in December 2020 will be achieved in November 2022. Four-dollar material battery SOP.

About honeycomb energy honeycomb energy is the Great Wall Auto Power Lithium Battery Division, from 2012, the pre-research work of battery cells, in February 2018 is the honeycomb energy, headquartered in Jiangsu Wuxi, is a professional car power lithium battery material New energy technology company, battery, module, pack, BMS, energy storage, solar development and manufacturing. Honeycomb Energy is located in Seven R & D centers around the world. At present, the R & D center in Baoding, South Korea, Shanghai and India has been put into use, the US, Japan and Wuxi R & D center are under construction.

. In terms of our construction, it has been built in the North Baoli, which is currently produced. It is currently under construction in Changzhou Factory, Eastern Jiangsu Province, and implements SOP at the end of 2019.

. In yield planning, honeycomb energy is located in the first phase of Changzhou Jintan, the first phase of the project, which is expected to mass production in October 2019, and the second phase project plan 8GWH, and also jointly jointly divided into the Salt City to build 3GWH soft boiled lithium batteries. project.

In the technical route, the honeycomb energy is innovatively launched by square laminated cells, and the first mass production product is adopted by NCM811 material system.. Honeycomb energy is the world’s first high-speed laminated square battery manufacturer, truly let the power lithium battery bid farewell to the “volume” era, enter the “stack” era.

High-speed laminated process is a new generation of battery crafts that break winding battery bottlenecks. The first level of honeycomb is 0.6sec, the second phase is 0.

45sec, and the three goals are 0.25sec..

Compared with type winding process, energy density is increased by 5%, and the cycle life is increased by 10%, and the cost is reduced by 15%.. In May 2019, the amount of honeycomb energy PACK installed is 207.

9mWh, up 1305% from the previous month, ranking 6th. The amount of loading is 6078, which is supplied to the Great Wall Auto Supply..

In addition, honeycomb energy is also negotiating with BMW and PSA.. Honeycomb energy is currently 1750 employees, including 1030 R & D staff, 350 external / foreign experts; R & D investment 2016-2020 is approximately 2.

93 billion yuan. According to the plan, by 2022, the honeycomb energy source will log in to the Branch, the global factory is investing more than 260 billion yuan in 2025, and the domestic planned production reached 76GWH in 2025. It reached 100GWH in the world.

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