Heavy weight! Cobalt acid charging lithium battery is in the No. 5th!

Heavy weight! Cobalt acid charging lithium battery is in the No. 5th!

Figure: my country’s Aerospace Science and Technology Group Eighth Hospital power supply is an important support for the continued operation of the spacecraft in the wide space.. In the No.

5 mission, my country Aerospace Science and Technology Group Eighth Hospital 811 has undertaken the development task of rail, collars, orbit, returning 4 platforms in the four platforms of the rail, landulifer and elevated power supply products. The power supply system consists of power controller, lithium ion battery pack and solar cell array. In order to ensure the best performance to ensure the task, my country Aerospace Science and Technology Group 811 develop personnel, “Power Controller Supreme Power The highest domestic, international leading, lithium-ion battery space application is the highest energy, the solar cell area is the highest, “is the satisfied answer to them.

. how did you do that? Development personnel have their own secrets. Keywords: Reform Adaptation to Multiple Status of Multi-Multi-Flying Stage Includes Carrying Launch, Jury Transfer, Near Moon Brake, Running Operation, Monthly Drop, Month Work, Rising Month, Docking Waiting for the month, moonlight transfer and re-enter the 11th stage, landolic, rising, orbit, return in flight state, how many combinations and separation methods are used, how to adapt multi-flying multi-flying in the best state Multiple states in the stage, the development personnel carry out changes.

The power controller is the “brain” of the detector power system. In order to solve the problem of energy tight, weight resource resource, the controller has experienced an upgrade from the PCU to PCDU during the flying process of Chang’e Fourth Act..

“From the PCU to PCDU, from a single function to multi-function upgrade. In the No. 3, the power controller only includes the power regulation module, and the No.

5 is concentrated in the power regulation module, the power distribution module, the fireworks control module, the smart interface unit, etc., this is The first application of the exploration project “, the Director of the No. 5 Power Product Product Product Director Zheng Lei.

Inside the stand-alone, it has also experienced a reform of a rebellion. After referring to foreign related technical information, weighing the relevant pros and cons, bold challenges, China’s first multi-high integration technology, allowing power controllers to reach the highest domestic, international international Leading level, achieving the leapfross performance of performance. Xu Zefeng, the head of the No.

5 power supply product technology, said, “For the problem of the original circuit board integration density, we have passed many trials, abandoned the in-line craftsmanship used in the domestic satellite model, and used large-scale table stickers for the first time. Process, this first leads the new situation of this technology in subsequent other model applications; , Greatly reduced volume and weight. “By comparison with the No.

3 products, the original front-in-line process is replaced with double-sided patch, and the circuit board integration density is greatly improved; the circuit board that is filled with dense label wire is now neatly distributed. Have a few clear lines, the product density is improved; the number of single modules is compressed from the original 5 successful compression, the volume reaches 1/3 of the volume of the No. 3 controller.

. These technologies have achieved more than 20 patents. According to the working mode of Chang’e, after arriving in the moon ball orbit, the contigure of the returns and the returns of the riser and the returns of the returning, the landolic and the paging of the riser fall to the surface of the moon, carrying out the sample work in the monthly acquisition.

After taking into account the time and power product of the mission, after the working mode of the power supply, the political personnel is optimized in the energy design of the landolic and the multi-substantia.. Xu Zefeng said, “The landed power supply includes solar battery array and power controller, and the power supply of the riser includes solar cell, power controller, and lithium-ion battery.

. Prior to separation, the solar cell circuit of the landing in the flight stage and the moon is taken to power the power supply; when the composition is separated in the moon, the rising rapid conversion character, by the solar cell circuit Powering itself in the lighting period. In the non-photolithography period, the trace and the paging shared a group of lithium ion batteries, supplied by the battery supply power supply.

“Key words:” winding, fall, back “combination of aggregate, and final goals, in the moon detection task, the energy required for detectors is much tight than traditional satellites.. 嫦娥 5 is the design of the four-acts assembly, and the three goals of “winding, fall, back” are required in one time.

The energy required is more than any moon detection in my country, deep space detection tasks.. Therefore, improving the energy supply capacity of the solar cell array and lithium ion battery pack is an important issue to be solved by the development personnel.

. “In order to improve the power generation of solar battery, we set our own goals. In the front of the solar battery array, ensure that the patch area is maximized”, “Chen Cheng, the head battery circuit technology,”.

However, in the exploration mission, the solar panel area is seriously restricted. At the same time, it is different from the ordinary satellite, the configuration of the detector itself determines the irregular shape of the windsurfing, and the solar battery of the No. 5 is triangular and polygonal.

Many shapes. The substrate is small, and it is strange, what should I do? “General satellite model, we design only single-size solar cells when the solar cell circuit is designed. In response to the No.

5, we break the routine ideas, use a variety of batteries to make a mixed fabric, so that the tandem efficiency has reached more than 91%, which is 5% -10% higher than conventional products.. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the highest efficiency of solar cells.

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar battery in Chang’e II and Chang’e No.4 is 28.6% and 30.

84%, and the No. 5 reached more than 31%. “.

After unremitting efforts, the output power under the unit area of ​​the No. 5 solar panel is not only in product development, but is the highest level in China even now..

A large performance indicator of the lithium ion battery, the higher the value, the more energy, the unit volume or weight can be stored.. At the beginning of the attack, the domestic lithium-ion battery cells were up to 155WH / kg, the international highest 165Wh / kg.

In response to the short life of the No. 5 lithium ion battery products, the extension of discharge is high, the development of the political index carefully analyzes the feasibility of technical indicators, and has answered a large number of literature, after investigation, after the technical information of the lithium battery, the research method has been developed..

“We used the lithium cobalt positive material and graphite negative electrode material than energy, and the high molecular weight binder material reduced the amount of binder, and optimized the content of the electrode formulation to improve the content of the active material”, and No. 5 lithium Ion battery supervisor designer Wang Xiaoleng said. Introduction to the decentralization, behind a large number of process tests, new electrode materials, new materials ratios, and the process of complete different physical and chemical parameters in the past, there is a major change in the process of mixed powder, pulping, but the development personnel A footprint, a step-by-step verification, each process.

After eight months of efforts, they increase the weight of the battery to energy to 195Wh / kg.. This value is the highest value for the current aerospace lithium ion battery.

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