Hangjia Technology Banguang Board Listed: After charging lithium battery post-processing equipment faucet national market occupies 20%

Hangjia Technology Banguang Board Listed: After charging lithium battery post-processing equipment faucet national market occupies 20%

On July 22, Hangjia Technology officially listed in the cranks, distributed price of 27.43 yuan / share, a total of 41 million shares, total raising is 1125 million yuan. The price-earning price corresponding to the issuance price is 39.

8 times, lower than the same industry, which is compared with the listing of listed companies.. Hangjia Technology is a supplier of lithium-ion battery after processing equipment.

It belongs to the industry leader. With strong product development capabilities, Ningde New Energy, BYD and other well-known customers, the national market share is 20%. Lithium-ion battery post-treatment equipment leading market share 20% “Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan”, with the attention of environmental protection, new energy vehicles have been vigorously promoted in recent years, further driving the development of lithium-ion battery industry.

In the production of lithium ion battery, the post-treatment process is a must-have, after processing, the battery can reach the available state, and the lithium-electricity cell and battery pack of high manufacturing consistency, good stability, excellent performance are key use. Hangjia Technology is a lithium-ion battery post-treatment equipment producer, important production charge and discharge motor, internal resistance test instrument, etc. The core equipment of the lithium-ion battery production line after the internal resistance tester is important to consumption, power battery equipment.

. In terms of production power, Hangjia Technology has strong machining capacity and electrical component assembly capabilities, can produce mechanical parts and assembly integrated electrical components, achieving high-customized production. At present, Hangjia Technology is one of the post-treatment equipment manufacturers who have a minority of the whole unit that can be exported to the whole unit, and in Japan, South Korea and other important lithium-ion batteries.

. With professional technology and quality services, the company has won Ningde New Energy, BYD, South Korea Samsung and other well-known customers..

In terms of market share, it is estimated that in 2018, my country’s post-treatment equipment was 6.2 billion yuan, Hangjia Technology has a settlement of 1.1241 billion, and 20% of the national market share.

. Fundraising and construction of a lithium-ion battery intelligent production line presentation showed that Hangjia Technology’s funds raised in this listing will be investing in the “Lithium Ion Battery Intelligent Production Line Manufacturing Expansion Project” and “R & D Center Construction Project”, of which the core project is lithium ion. Battery intelligent production line.

Hangjia Technology Plan introduces the production line of advanced lithium-ion battery equipment, combined with the lithium-ion battery production line, expand the company’s production, meets the downstream customer needs. According to reports, the total investment project of lithium-ion battery intelligent production line has a total investment of 426 billion yuan. 1.

5 years of construction, and the initial production of the project construction will be put into production.. After the project is completed, the annual production of intelligent lithium-ion battery production line post treatment system.

With the completion of the fundraising investment project, it will be apparent, the company’s production will be significantly improved, and the existing production is limited.. When he was interviewed by reporters, the establishment of Kob & Chopphon is another historic breakthrough in the development of my country’s capital market, and has supplied powerful support for the birth and growth of Komantui.

. Hangjia Technology as the first batch of listing companies that can participate and witness this process,. The successful landing of the Board is a new opportunity in the company’s mileage.

. Take the Dongfeng of the Board, the future, Hangjia Technology will continue to pioneer, and strive to become a lead company with international standards in the field of lithium equipment..

Hang can always go to the times, and make a greater contribution to the manufacturing of my country.

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