Guoxuan Gaoke Li Wei: The company’s semi-solid battery life has exceeded 1000 kilometers

Guoxuan Gaoke Li Wei: The company's semi-solid battery life has exceeded 1000 kilometers

Li Wei, Chairman of Guoxuan High-Tech, said that Guoxuan High School will form 300GWH battery production in 2025. In addition, the company has a domestic high-end pure electric vehicle supporting semi-solid battery to achieve endless mileage over 1000 kilometers..

It is understood that the current national high-tech semi-solid battery is important for security-oriented, performance can achieve 610WH / L, 300WH / kg, and the level of 1000 cycles can meet the needs of high-end customers.. By 2023, Guoxuan’s high-tech entered the development stage of high-performance solid state batteries.

The goal is to make energy densities over 800Wh / l, more than 400Wh / kg, and a total solid state battery for circulating 800 times after 2025 years.. In the past, Xu Xing, Vice President of Guoxuan Haoke, said that completely relying on solid-state battery, the conductivity has not reached the level of liquid, and the interface is difficult to solve, so it takes a discount method.

. More than the mandatory approach is the electrolyte mixed by solid-liquid, or is a semi-solid battery, and most of the company’s solid-state batteries in the industry are in this stage..

Li Wei also mentioned that battery cost decline and performance improvement, it is the key to driving electric vehicle development. The production of automotive batteries is high, and the company has recently been related to the technical research, the power consumption of the previous production of 1GW battery has dropped by about 50%..

At the same time, the company is also looking for other energy-saving production methods, such as battery negative electrode materials with the highest energy consumption, 10 billion power consumption per million tons of negative graphitization process. Guoxuan’s high-tech plan to form 300GWH battery production by 2025, then 300,000 tons of negative electrode materials, that is, electricity consumed by more than 3 billion degrees..

The company is intended to build a graphitic negative plant in Wuhai. It is planned to use 40 square kilometers of land to do solar power, just 3 billion yuan, which can meet the company’s graphitized material all negative electrical demand..

According to Li Wei, “There is no material scientific progress, there is no battery scientific progress.”. Nearly 1,000 researchers in Guoxuan Haoke, nearly 1,000 researchers are the research of materials science.

. Materials science will become new energy car main body. “The company is a domestic high-end pure electric vehicle supporting semi-solid battery to achieve endurance of more than 1,000 kilometers, which is 1 times higher than its first model.

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