Guoxuan Gaoke Li Wei: Drumming for iron charging lithium battery to do real safety products

Guoxuan Gaoke Li Wei: Drumming for iron charging lithium battery to do real safety products

The city’s high-tech market share in the field of iron phosphate is steadily. In the highly competitive power lithium battery market, despite the two major super giants of CATL and BYD, the label of Guoxuan’s high-tech is still clear. In order not to compete, it is the founder of Guoxuan’s high science, and the Chairman Li Wei’s WeChat name is also a certain extent, represents the development of the National High Class.

. “Guoxuan has always adhered to the ‘product as the king’, the product decides how far. “Li Wei said in an interview with the reporter reporter that the company has emphasized the safety of the product, and I hope that I can get a little stable.

” I really do a long process.. “About the power of the powerful dynamic lithium battery technology line (iron lithium VS three yuan), Li Wei believes that the application field of the power lithium battery is very wide, the key is to do the product well, win the market with cost performance.

From the big trend, the new energy automobile industry is in the ascendant, plus the energy storage industry is still in the starting stage, diversified, multi-scene application more powerful lithium battery industry’s future development of the lithium battery industry.. Stick to the reward.

According to the statistics of third parties, in the first half of this year, Guoxuan’s sales volume exceeded 40,000 sets, the installed volume rose by 97% year-on-year, in addition to the rapid rise of the logistics car and the special car market, some passenger vehicle power lithium batteries were also from the ternary battery Steering iron lithium, high-quality iron lithium production has no supply in a short period of time. “The orders in December this year are already full, and this year’s shipments will increase, and market share will also increase significantly..

“Li Wei introduced. Tilting, the market, the market broke the subsidy. Survey is a focus topic of this year’s new energy automobile industry.

Not long before the Pacific Securities announced a “resurrection of iron lithium”, it is considered to upgrade and The resurface of government subsidies, the market will gradually return to rationality, the “Fighting Machine” in Guoxuan High-tech will usher in new development opportunities, becoming one of the greatest development companies. According to the third-party institutional data, the top three of the phosphate lithium-loaded machine in 2018 is CATL, BYD, Guoxuan. According to industry insiders, in the past two years, in the field of lithium phosphate, the most important.

“Guoxuan does do a good job, even if there is no subsidy. “Li Wei responded that the reporter said that the logic of the researchers may be, after the subsidy, rational principles, more car companies choose the lithium iron phosphate ion battery. From this level, Guoxuan’s high-tech has indeed advantageous, and it can work with more car companies to carry out real product cooperation.

. At this year’s Shenzhen Lithium Summit, as a company’s Li Wei, a special speech entitled “scientific and artistic distance”, the industry is a sensation. “The whole industry must scientifically, from the industry to find the direction of the industry upgrade, save resources as self-demand, give product verification payment time; scientists should be careful, make the market to make judgments; Policies, it is also necessary to coordinate resources and truly promote the progress of the industry.

. “Li Wei said to the reporter. Although Li Wei did not speak, it is enough to cause the industry to resonate in the industry.

. “Comprehensive considering safety, cost, practicality, etc..

“Can’t deny that Li Wei always has the heart of iron lithium. After all, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has a safe and cost advantage compared to the ternary battery..

And this is also the advantage of Guoxuan’s high school.. The company is the first company in China for a carousel of iron phosphate ion batteries.

The company produced the phosphate lithium cell monomer energy density breaks through 190Wh / kg, and the system energy density reaches 140Wh / kg, leading the world. “The identity of domestic and foreign car companies on lithium iron phosphate is also constantly improving. “Li Wei introduced, in the field of electricity flow, there are many three-yuan batteries, and now they have allocated lithium iron phosphate.

In the first half of this year, orders from special vehicle areas are far more expensive.. In addition, in the field of passenger cars, some A0-level, A00-level models are also changed from the previous three-yuan route to a fermenting iron.

. In addition, the safety performance, the number of cycles is required, and the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is also widely used in performance..

According to independent third-party statistics, it has benefited from the demand of the iron lithium market. In the first half of this year, the sales volume of Guoxuan’s high-tech (battery system), the installed volume rose by 97%, of which the installed volume of the special car increased year-on-year increase More than 5 times. “Our orders have been covered in the second half of this year.

. “Li Wei introduced to the reporter that Guoxuan’s current production is based on lithium iron phosphate. With the continuous expansion of market demand, there will be multiple bases in the second half of this year to put production, and the output of the year will be further expanded, of which lithium iron phosphate Still account for most.

High quality production is always available, and it is known that the power lithium battery industry, and a large number of company’s production utilization rates are extremely low.. According to the high work of lithium electrical statistics, 2018, the production utilization rate of the entire industry is less than 30%.

So so fast production expansion, can the market are digestive? “From the corner of the product quality level, we believe that the current power lithium battery industry, production is not over, but is serious. “Li Wei responded, there is no phenomenon in which production cannot be digested in the market, but excellent products are always in short supply..

As a company, the most crucial is to truly do the product well, the industry has a good company in the future.. Guoxuan has always adhered to the business philosophy of “product is king, talent, users”, and continuously promotes product upgrading, and has a good quality battery product for social supplies.

. For the prospect of the new energy automobile industry, Li Wei has faithful. “From 2020 to 2030, my country’s new energy vehicles will rise from 2 million to 20 million, which will bring tremendous growth to the power lithium battery industry.

. “Li Wei gave three reasons for his prophecy: First, the social development needs and policy driver; the second is the key technology of new energy vehicles such as battery-centered, battery technology, system integration technology, etc. The progress and improvement; the third is that the real demand for the new energy market has been opened, these are a good foundation for the industry.

. “There must be a human factor behind the good products. In order to gather talents, we have established 7 R & D centers around the world, and there are 8 major production bases in the world.

We have a conscious training of technology and management teams, which are the late expansion reserve talent team.. “Li Wei introduced,” also asked me, built so many research and development platforms, did there any effect? My reply is: We don’t seek time, but according to scientific spirit, respect the scientific laws to do battery research.

. I believe that holidays, these research will become the company’s true core competitiveness. “Li Yu said fullly.

Li Wei likes to explore talents, cultivate talents, reuse talents, this also became a signboard of Guoxuan. Annual report showed that by the end of 2018, the R & D personnel of Guoxuan’s high school have more than 1700 people..

“Now we have 150 doctors, (R & D staff) is 70%. “Li Wei said that such talents guarantee that the company is in the industry..

The whole industry chain builds the core competitive Guiguo high-tech pursues the full-industrial chain layout, which establishes a vertical layout of the entire industrial chain from the material (positive material, negative electrode material, diaphragm, electrode) to the battery terminal, which is entirely There are not many industries.. Li Wei introduced that Guoxuan has invested a positive, negative, diaphragm, etc.

. At present, the company has achieved self-confession of dynamic lithium-ion battery positive material, and provides conditions for subsequent battery costs by extending the extension layout of upstream raw materials..

“The real technology must be the whole industry chain. “Li Wei believes that material technology is the core of battery technology, accounting for more than 50%, and Guoxuan High Class has always attached great importance to talents and technical investment in materials..

According to reports, as of the first half of this year, Guoxuan’s high-tech cumulative application for 3,132 patents, including 1508 invention patents, and 50% of the patents in the present invention.. Li Wei believes that Guoxuan’s lithium-vertical industrial chain layout is the performance of National Xuan’s core competitiveness.

It is also the choice based on future rapid development.. “No matter what product, we still hope that every link can be verified, and each process is in his heart.

. There is always some people in the market to care about the three yuan of progress in Guoxuan. In fact, we have been doing research and development, we want to finally introduce things to the market, is a real safe product.

“Li Wei introduced that the company’s three yuan 622 products have realized mass supply, 811 soft bag lithium battery is expected to realize the loading in 2020, in addition to the development of three yuan 811 hard shell cells, the company is also docking international first-class car companies. “The current position of Guoxuan is a strong iron lithium, force the three yuan. “Li Wei said that excellent product should be tested, excellent companies also have to experience long-term tests, in the next few years, the market competition may be more fierce, but Guoxuan has prepared, confident, and strength Create quality battery products that meet market needs, contribute to the development of new energy industries.


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