Guanghua Technology: Power Lithium Battery Recycling and next City accelerates to grasp the industry’s first advantage

Guanghua Technology: Power Lithium Battery Recycling and next City accelerates to grasp the industry's first advantage

Guanghua Science and Technology Notice: The company and Nanjing Jinlong signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Waste Dynamic Lithium Battery Recycling Process”. The agreement includes: the two sides conduct cooperation in the field of waste dynamic lithium battery recovery, Nanjing Jinlong will meet the company’s recycling standard waste electricity Core, module, polar, retired dynamic lithium battery pack to the company, jointly establish a waste-saving lithium battery recycling network to ensure the orderly recycling and standardization of waste power lithium batteries. Previously, the company and Beiqi Penglong signed relevant cooperation agreements.

First, the power lithium battery recycling cooperation will then next urban power lithium battery recycling cooperation and then next city, running the horse to accelerate the industry’s first advantage. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles in my country, my country is about to usher in a large-scale retirement of the power battery. According to Evtank, the market will reach 8 billion yuan in the next five years, and the recycling market will reach 5.

1 billion. Yuan. The company relies on the separation and purification technology of the main industry PCB chemicals to cut into the field of power lithium battery recycling.

The first batch of pilot companies in the “New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry”, proved its technical capabilities. The company has treated a regenerative utilization line of 1,000 tons of scrap dynamic lithium batteries in Shantou. In the second half of the year, the renewable utilization project of 10,000 tons of scrap dynamic lithium battery in Zhuhai Gaotang Port Economic Zone; the company and my country Tower Guangdong Branch and other signed strategic agreements, expected to explore the technical specifications and standards of establishing a dynamic battery in communication and other fields.

On November 13th, the company and Beiqong Penglong signed a cooperation agreement, planning to build a recycling network in important regions such as Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and cooperate with Nanjing Jinlong, further verification of industry trends.. As the first batch of pilot companies in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the company’s centralized trend begins to appear.

The process of running the race is accelerating. In the construction of “scrap batteries and battery waste, the raw material reconstruction – power lithium battery materials reconstruction” circulating system seizures first advantage, guarantee Future waste battery feedstock supply. Second, the lithium-electric material project continues to advance in the continuous advancement of lithium battery materials, will become the second main business in the future.

The company is based on separation and purification and synthesis technology, and makes full use of products and raw materials such as nickel, cobalt, manganese, etc., and cut into the field of positive material materials..

Cobalt salt project successfully industrialized, annual production of 1,000 tons of three-yuan precursor demonstration line has begun. In addition, the company uses a new process to prepare iron iron to produce lithium iron phosphate, which can effectively reduce costs..

Phase I 10,000 tons of phosphate and 05,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate have been completed construction, and it is currently in the product certification stage.. In addition, the company plans 50,000 tons of three-yuan material project in Zhuhai base, which is expected to apply salts such as nickel-cobalt manganese after lithium electric recovery to three yuan materials production, forming industrial closed loop.

. Future positive material will be built into the second main business of the company, injecting new motivation for development. .

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