Gross profit margin Declines the listed company performance power lithium battery business becomes’ hot hut

Gross profit margin Declines the listed company performance power lithium battery business becomes' hot hut

Under the strong driving of national poor policies, the sales of domestic new energy vehicles have climbed year by year, and their core part dynamic lithium batteries have also ushered in the explosive outbreak in 2016.. At that time, companies involved in the field of power lithium batteries have earned a lot of money.

. However, the good scene is not long, and as the subsidy is far, the power lithium battery hair rate is rapidly declining, and it has become the “culpricius” of the performance..

Since 2019, it is gradually increased, stripping, packaging and selling the powerful lithium battery business has gradually increased. On April 22, * ST integration announcement announcement, intended to transfer lithium-electric technology, China Aviation Lithium Electric (Luoyang) Co., Ltd.

, the sale of the transaction, the sale of the transaction, Changzhou Jinsha Technology Investment Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Huakai Technology Investment Co.

, Ltd.. Before this transaction, * ST integration directly holds 63.

98% equity of lithium-e-electric Luoyang, and indirectly holds lithium-electric technology 30% equity; * ST integration directly holds 35% 35% stake. * ST integrates 63.98% of lithium 电阳 阳 电 电.

After the transaction is completed, lithium-e-Luoyang and lithium technology are no longer included in the company’s consolidation report.. * ST integration, since the lithium-ion battery industry is currently in the adjustment period, the company’s lithium-ion battery service is in a loss state and has uncertainty in the future, so that the control of its lithium-ion battery services is usually transferred.

. Soon, * ST integration has been revealed that the company’s strategy has been adjusted, and the vision is “trustworthy international excellent automotive process equipment and parts partners”, gradually realizing the two major fields of business, there is no Referring to the power lithium battery used as its main business. In 2011, * ST integration passed the increase in capital of China flight, making the main business changing.

By 2016, the lithium-ion battery business has become the main business of * ST integration.. Thanks to the rapid development of lithium-ion battery business, 2015 and 2016 * ST integration completed the revenue of 1.

62 billion yuan and 2.2 billion yuan, net profit rose sharply to 88.1 million yuan and 138 million yuan.

. However, after entering 2018, * ST integration caused a loss due to the development of lithium-ion battery business. According to the annual report released, 2017 * ST integration achieves operating income of 1.

943 billion yuan, realizing net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies – 1.08 billion. In 2018, the business income was $ 2.

145 billion, and the net profit belonging to the shareholders of listed companies – 2005 billion yuan. In the case of years of loss, March this year * ST integration is implemented in the “returned risk warning”, and its stock is abbreviated as “Chengfei Integration” to “* ST Integration”. At this time, the person in charge of the company’s securities department said the company will actively promote and complete major asset restructures on lithium-ion battery business.

. Time is only over the past month, the reorganization of the announcement has been announced. Of course, * ST integration “encounters” is not an example.

In January of this year, the Norda Electronics and Evergrande Healthcaper, the domestic three-yuan battery leader Shanghai Ka Nai Xin Energy Co., Ltd., a total of RMSE Energy Co.

, Ltd., is 38.07% of the total price of RMB 1.

06 billion, transferred to Hengda Healthy company Evergrande New Energy Power Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd..

Ka Napokin energy is the domestic early market production of three-yuan laminated soft bag power lithium-ion battery company, the first batch of “Automotive Power Battery Industry Standard Conditions” Company Directory. Still the battery supplier of Shangqi Group, Dongfeng Automobile, Chang’an Automobile, Jiangling Group and other vehicles. The first ten powerful lithium battery installed in 2018, in the soft bag power lithium battery industry, top three.

However, although many radiobes are entangled, the profitability of card-nematic energy is not optimistic.. Data show that Qidagin Energy is about 508.

93 million yuan in 2017 and 2018, respectively, and 117 million yuan.. And this is undoubtedly a snow, which is undoubtedly in the snow.

. According to the annual report of Luo’an Electronics 2018, the reporting period decreased by 13.36% to 3791 billion yuan, net profit from the net profit to -12.

2 billion yuan.. Lu’an Electronics said that the transfer of Shanghai card maintenance is to focus on core main business, shrink investment and industrial chain lines such as new energy storage and smart grid, return funds, reduce financial investment and financing costs, and improve the company’s overall benefits.

. With the step-by-step slope, the power lithium battery area related companies have to face the increasingly fierce competitive environment and the shadow of overproduction, the net profit loss is uncommon..

* ST integration, loss of NPP electronic net profit, and loss of lithium-ion battery business is not related. Therefore, the power lithium battery business that is peeled off does not make money is also the beginning of self-rescue..

Industry insiders said that if you can’t achieve a profit, it is the best choice for timely stop.. Therefore, there will be no such peeling in the future, and the event of the driving of the power lithium battery business is large.

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