Green Mu high-tech intertwined three board fundraising 80.72 million yuan main charging lithium battery electrolyte additive

Green Mu high-tech intertwined three board fundraising 80.72 million yuan main charging lithium battery electrolyte additive

On October 23, Green Mutan High-tech (832640) announced the report of stock issuance. According to the notice, Green Mu high-tech successfully issued 80.72 million yuan of RMB ordinary stocks in the way, raised funds 80.

72 million, and the issuance price is RMB 10 per share.. The funds raised by 80.

72 million yuan, of which the funds raised in cash is 30.72 million yuan, of which 3 million yuan is used to repay bank borrowings, 27.72 million yuan for supplementary flow funds.

. Green Tree High-tech is a fine chemical company specializing in the development, production and sales of high-end fine chemical materials, integrated functional chemical materials..

The company has supplied and produces various electronic-level functional chemical materials and functional chemical materials solutions for special emerging industries.. Important products include additives, electrolytes, and solvent materials related to lithium battery electrolytes, and other functional chemical materials applied to electronics industry.

Yumu High-tech announced in the first half of 2017, as of June 30, 2017, the company’s operating income was 46,1097 million yuan, up 12.82% from the same period of the previous year; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listing company was 35.457 million yuan, more than The same period was 1896.

35% in the same period last year; the basic earnings per share were 0.13 yuan, and the same period of last year was 0.01 yuan.

. Yumu High-tech shareholder subscription arrangements Qingmu High-tech in the shareholder Shandong Qingmu Investment Co., Ltd.

, Tan Xinhua, Hao Xiaoming, Tan Yong, Sun Pengbo subscribed 4.4 million shares with a non-cash asset (), the subscription amount is 44 million yuan. This stock issued a new issuance of 3 legal investors, Shandong Haomai Xinxing Equity Investment Fund Partnership (limited partners) subscribed 3 million shares in cash of 30 million yuan; Qingdao Equity Investment Fund Partnership (limited partnership ) 72,000 yuan in cash, 72,000 shares; Weihai Henglong Investment Consulting Co.

, Ltd. subscribed 600,000 shares with 6 million yuan. The total number of shares is 36.

72 million shares, the total amount is 36.72 million yuan. After the stock issuance, Shandong Qingmu Investment Co.

, Ltd. holds 40.57%, which is still the company’s largest shareholder, which is the company’s controlling shareholder.

. Due to the actual controller, Tan Xinhua died on Sunday, 2017. The actual controller of the company was controlled by Tan Xinhua and Tan Yingjun.

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