Great Wall Auto Stripping Power Lithium Battery Technology Helping ‘Honeycomb Energy’ Independence

Great Wall Auto Stripping Power Lithium Battery Technology Helping 'Honeycomb Energy' Independence

Although it is late on the road of new energy, the Great Wall Motor is ready to come to the horse whip.. On New Year’s Day, Great Wall Motor announced that the company sold 123 patents, non-patented technical assets and partial assets to Honeycomb Energy and Honeycomb Source Baoding Branch, respectively.

. This means that the Great Wall Motors will further help the independent operation of the powerful lithium battery company to improve its competitiveness..

Notice pointing out that 123 company patents, including 76 utility models, and 47 non-patented technologies that have been declared have not yet obtained certificates.. It is obtained from the Great Wall from 2015 to 2018 to independently developed by the company.

The company is held, the above patents and non-patented technology are important to battery management system, battery manufacturing, battery packaging, automotive component production.. Promoting “Honeycomb” independent honeycomb energy technology Co.

, Ltd. was established by Great Wall Car last February 12, which was established several days before the BMW Great Wall announced, and its registered address is established before the BMW Great Wall (February 23). In No.

168 Huacheng Middle Road, Jintan District, Changzhou City, the address of the BMW Great Wall Cooperation Project is the same as Jintan District, the distance between the two is about 7 kilometers.. The range of honeycomb energy business is important as the development and sales of lithium-ion dynamic lithium batteries and its positive material, energy storage batteries, and new energy automotive charging piles, battery use recycling and other research and development and operations.

. Prior to this related transaction, Great Wall Motor signed an equity transfer agreement on October 26, 2018, and the company sold 100% stake in the Great Wall Holdings 100% Baodao..

At the end of the Great Wall, it said that the importance of transferring honeycomb energy is to save capital expenditures, concentrate on the core of resources, improve profitability, and improve their product competitiveness. The transfer of 123 patents, non-patented technical assets and partial assets were transferred to hive, meaning that Great Wall Motors further helped their independent operation of their powered lithium batteries..

It is understood that the construction of honeycomb energy is more than 3,000 mu, and the project is divided into two phases. The first phase of construction is 1,600 mu, and the second phase is more than 1,000 acres..

In July, the first phase of construction has completed the flat land stage, and the cable is being laid.. The second phase of construction is in the flat land stage.

It is reported that the factory is expected to be completed in the second half of next year.. With the promotion of new energy vehicles, domestic power lithium battery companies have developed rapidly.

As currently, the maximum power lithium battery company CATL has shown that the camp has risen by 60%, which makes a car enterprise to see the opportunity.. The marketization of the bee nest energy is obviously able to play the “open source throttle” to the Great Wall car.

It also meets the “focus strategy” mentioned by the Great Wall Auto Chairman Wei Jianjun, and will also enter the new Energy market. The Great Wall has to say to the whole industry chain layout, Great Wall Motors have realized the change of industry changes that may cause policies and market environment, which makes it the first time to open the layout of the new energy market..

On September 29, 2017, the Great Wall Motor announced that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary billion new developments were $ 145.864 million, and the latter had no more than 3.5% of the share options of Australia, which has located in Hendlan, Western Australia.

100% interest in the port PilGangoora. It is understood that the first phase of the project expects the production scale of 300,000 tons / annual lithium-giite concentrate, which is the layout of the Great Wall car in the upstream. In the middle, Great Wall cars have investive 1 billion yuan for the development of power lithium batteries, built a battery, mechanism analysis, PACK, BMS trial test room, and battery trial workshop, test center, analysis center, etc.

, its power lithium battery production base Also in tight preparations. As early as 2006, Great Wall has entered the new energy field, and the battery project group has been established in 2012, the project group is rising in 2016, which is a powerful lithium battery business department, and ultimately develops an independent energy technology company..

It is understood that the current Great Wall Automobile Power Lithium Battery R & D team has reached around 2,000 people, all over the United States, India, Japan and South Korea.. In August last year, Great Wall Motors announced the new energy car brand Ou La Ora, and then set up a new electric car company with BMW, and Yuscheng jointly invests in the establishment of a pockery, followed by the owner of the share of the stocks, and there is at the same time Zhejiang factory project for producing 50,000 new energy automobile manufacturing capabilities.

In the field of new energy research and development, it has opened a number of stronges of honeycomb energy technology Co., Ltd. (a registered capital of 1 billion yuan), Honeycomb Easy Technology Co.

, Ltd. (registered capital of 1 billion yuan) and Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Baoding Branch. It is worth mentioning that in March 2018, Great Wall Motor became the first to enter the International Hydrogencouncil, my country, and Audi, BMW, Daimler, General, Honda, Modern, Toyota and other famous multinational cars. Together, the company develops hydrogen energy.

The national first test, trial, and hydrogen energy technology center of all core components of FCEV, and the hydrogen energy technology center of the whole vehicle integration and testing capacity have also been built and put into use.. From the sales performance, Great Wall Motors will continue to ushered in a comprehensive rise in the city’s four brands;.

The latest data shows that Great Wall Motors sell 132,489 new cars last November, which rose by 1.09% year-on-year, up 20.35% from the previous year; the total sales volume reached 919,200 last year, 2018 overall sales broke through millions of no suspense.

At the same time in the traditional fuel truck ushered in a large rebound, Great Wall cars have been in the new energy sector, and the new energy brand launched in August last year, Ou La IQ, the first model of Ou La IQ, has accumulated 2460 sales; last year Beijing The first plug-in hybrid model listed during the auto show – P8 has reached 3072 accumulated sales at the end of November last year.. At the beginning of the new year, the Great Wall car began a new mutant layout.

. On December 28, 2018, the Great Wall Auto Chairman Wei Jianjun visited Changan Automobile, and the two sides on the resource sharing, industrial collaboration, overseas expansion, and reached a number of consensus..

With the expansion of the circle, the business map of the Great Wall is also expanding.

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