GM announced software update release BOLT charging and parked restrictions

GM announced software update release BOLT charging and parked restrictions

According to foreign media reports, general representation will release charging, parking and battery life on Chevrolet Boltev and EUV soon, before these vehicles have been recalled by the presence of battery boom. The 2019 Bolt owner that has not yet replaced the battery module can obtain a software update from the dealer. This update has been restricted from November 19th.

. GM is in a mail statement that the company will supply software to 2017, 2018, 2020 to 2022 Bolt within 30 days..

The company said that the new software will automatically limit the highest charging level of the vehicle at 80%. Although the vehicle’s battery life is lowered, the owner is no longer to follow the previous provisions, that is, the vehicle will not stop the vehicle indoors, not Evening charging, and guarantee the remaining endless mileage over 70 miles (about 112 km). The new software also includes diagnostics, you can detect rare battery abnormalities.

Generally speaking, 2019 Bolt owners who have not replaced batteries should arrange service appointments with dealers as soon as possible to install new software.. Other years of production Bolt electric car owners will receive a universal notice letter from the future, and their vehicles will be able to use new software.

. General Motors recommends that they follow their previous announcement during this period..

Previously, Generally, the 140,000 BOLTEV and EUVs have been recalled. The cost of this recall may be as high as 2 billion US dollars, and the general battery supplier LG program undertakes most costs..

Generally speaking on November 18th, in the remaining time this year, its Orion assembly plant in Michigan will continue to shut down, the factory is the production of Bolt electric cars.. The company said in a statement: “This decision allows us to continue to prioritize recall and repair.

. We will notify our employees at the beginning of the 20022 production plan at the beginning of the appropriate time, we will continue to focus on battery modules..


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