GM and Honda joint ventures set fuel power battery system production company

GM and Honda joint ventures set fuel power battery system production company

A few days ago, General Motors (GM) and Honda announced the establishment of a joint venture, giving a hydrogen-fuel power battery system, which is the first joint venture company engaged in fuel-powered battery system production business in the automotive industry.. The fuel power battery system produced by the new company will be applied to their respective products in the two companies.

. New company FuelcellsystemmanuFacturing, LLC (hereinafter referred to as FCSM) is located in a battery pack plant in Brandstown GM, Minzhi, Michigan, USA. The total investment of new company is $ 85 million, 50% of the joint ventures, plans to start the production of fuel power battery systems in 2020, will be available from about 100 new jobs.

. Honda and GM works in cooperation based on basic cooperation in July 2013 to jointly develop a new generation of fuel power battery systems and hydrogen storage technologies..

In order to introduce a lower cost fuel power battery system and hydrogen storage system solution, two companies integrate the development team to share intellectual property rights related to fuel power cell technology, and cooperate to promote R & D activities.. Honda Business Director, North America, Honda North America and USA Honda President, Shenzi Chai Shouzhao said: “In the past three years, Honda and GM supplied proprietary technology and related experience in their respective fields, two companies In an integration of personnel, we will work together to develop a new generation of fuel power battery systems for low-cost miniaturization.

. It is found that there is such an excellent team spirit, and the two companies have walked to the stage of mass production of fuel power battery systems. In the future, this results will be applied to the fuel power battery trucks of both sides, create new value for customers.

. “The two companies respectively specify three directors to form a board, responsible for the management of the new company FCSM, the president of the board of directors and the company’s president. GM and Honda are already recognized by world-recognized leaders in fuel power cells.

. CleanenergyPatentgrowth Index shows that So far, GM and Honda have more than 2,200 patents related to fuel power batteries..

From 2002 to 2015, the total number of patents for fuel power batteries, GM and Honda are all listed and third. Senior Vice President of GM, responsible for global product development, procurement, supply chain, Markreuss, said: “The two leaders’ innovation cooperation in fuel power batteries will drive fuel power batteries to become an important source of motivation, this Is an exciting initiative. The fuel power battery is applied to the car, which will supply a more personal and more friendly mobile tool for customers.

. “Fuel power battery technology can solve numerous key topics in the current automotive industry, such as dependence on oil, exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, endless mileage, filling, etc..

The fuel power battery vehicle is sources of hydrogen, while hydrogen is derived from the renewable energy of wind energy, biomass, etc., and the emissions are only water vapor..

Based on the performance of the fuel power battery system, GM and Honda is committed to reducing development and production costs with measures such as scale efficiency and joint procurement.. In addition, in order to allow people to accept fuel power battery vehicles from the long-term perspective, the two companies will continue to improve the indispensable hydrogen station construction of fuel power cells, continue to meet the government-related departments and other stakeholders.

Common coordination. At present, GM is performing performance effective verification in the extensive field of fuel power cells in a wide range of sectors, etc., and the driving distance of fuel power battery vehicles has reached millions of miles in the actual use environment.

. GM Director, responsible for the global fuel power battery business, Charliefleece, said: “New generation fuel power battery system jointly developed by GM and Honda realizes low-cost mass production, greatly reduced precious metal Usage. In addition, the development team improves the design of the battery system, and has also developed advanced production technology.

. Finally, realize small, lightweight, low-cost fuel power battery system. “Honda started to sell new fuel power battery car Clarityfuelcell in Japan in the spring of 2016.

In December of the same year, it also began to serve the US customers.. The US Environmental Protection Hall (EPA) evaluation said: ClarityFuelcell achieves the highest record of the filling capacity: 366 miles (about 589 km), which is equivalent to the EPA integrated fuel consumption of ordinary fuel vehicles (city street) , High-speed synthetic value) 68 miles per gallon driving 68 miles (about 28.

9 km / liter). Honda Standing Director Automobile Business This Minister Guankou said: “In the process of jointly developing a new generation of fuel power battery systems in combination with GM, Honda’s special technology accumulated in the first generation of Clarity fuel cell systems, as a valuable related Experience can be applied. The hands of the two companies, fully played their respective strengths, is the opportunity to promote fuel power battery vehicles as soon as possible.

“GM and Honda began to work together in 1999, providing power systems. Honda supplied 50,000 V6 engines for Saturnvue, the 50th bell car, which served as GM affiliates, serves Diesel Engines for the European market for Honda.

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